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  1. Dunnow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Nov 21, 2017

    Dunnow , Nov 21, 2017 :
    That's not my question. In EU is practically impossible to not offer full refund within 15 days of the purchase without questions asked. So, I wanted to know, why are they marketing that as something they "offer" when they are legally binded to do so.

    And why they kept the minimum mandatory and not do a more "honorable" thing and offer 20, or 30.
    Just as a show of good faith, what is the logic behind 15 is what I mean.

    I feel 2 weeks is not enough to see if the device will fit my needs or not.

  2. dcmcc24
    KitKat Nov 21, 2017

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  3. Bdpavlic
    Eclair Nov 21, 2017

    Bdpavlic , Nov 21, 2017 :
    I realized that as soon as I asked. My fingers were working faster than my brain.

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  4. KoensSocialLife
    Froyo Nov 21, 2017

  5. Krishanu Bordoloi
    Froyo Nov 21, 2017

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  6. _DEDSEC_
    Jelly Bean Nov 21, 2017

    _DEDSEC_ , Nov 21, 2017 :
    if your comfortable with a 5.5' bezel display. You will have the same experience in 6.1 bezeless display

  7. sekoHarry
    Gingerbread Nov 21, 2017

    sekoHarry , Nov 21, 2017 :
    probably? .... 2
    Android O and
    Android P

  8. Carl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 21, 2017

    Stickied Post
    Carl , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Again, answering the first question to give others a chance.

    The flip cover works really well with the 5Ts face unlock feature. When you flip it open, the phone unlocked instantly. Everyone I've demoed it to have been surprised!

  9. VipulJadhav12
    Eclair Nov 21, 2017

    VipulJadhav12 , Nov 21, 2017 :
    According to me OnePlus is already on the way of becoming the new Flagship Products' company. And I firmly believe that OnePlus can #NeverSettle on low goals.

    I personally feel that OnePlus should not focus on Mid-Range products when they're capable of producing premium flagship KILLER!!!

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    Froyo Nov 21, 2017

    NL_MICHIEL_NL , Nov 21, 2017 :
    It's how tech works. What is new today is outdated the next day

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  11. meatandy
    Oreo Nov 21, 2017

    meatandy , Nov 21, 2017 :
    NO kidding :rolleyes:
    ↑About time you asked a question . :oops::D

    ↑ This please in Red !

    Beat me to it!!!!

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    Honeycomb Nov 21, 2017

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  13. Louis S.
    Product Manager Staff Member Nov 21, 2017

    Stickied Post
    Louis S. , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Including OIS would increase the physical size of our device, which would negatively impact the design and appearance of the phone.

  14. Deactivated User
    Nov 21, 2017

  15. rioben88
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2017

    rioben88 , Nov 21, 2017 :
    I'm new to this forum and I've never owned a OnePlus device before.

    I currently own a Sony Xperia XA Ultra and I'm going to buy the XA1 Ultra... or the OnePlus 5T next month. I don't need or use facial recognition or fingerprint sensors - the camera on the Sony isn't dual capture but has more megapixels especially on the front, the 5T has double the storage and RAM which is my main draw towards the OnePlus 5, the screens are the same size, neither phone has stereo speakers (which could've sealed the deal for me if one did) but the Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra is about 350 GBP cheaper with the deal I've found.

    Please sell me the OnePlus 5T over the Xperia XA1 Ultra. Why should I pay the extra? As a potential new customer I want to be impressed by your notoriously inclusive community as a new name on the smartphone market and your reputation for value for money.

    Thank you.

  16. Krishanu Bordoloi
    Froyo Nov 21, 2017

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  17. sekoHarry
    Gingerbread Nov 21, 2017

    sekoHarry , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Yes but Don't try it [e]1f602[/e]

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  18. NovinDavis
    KitKat Nov 21, 2017

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  19. Shrish.vvy
    Honeycomb Nov 21, 2017

    Shrish.vvy , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Basically there is no new hardware.Both the front facing camera of OnePlus 5 and 5T have the same Sony IMX 371 sensor also with same aperture.It is just a not good OEM decision which spoils the great user experience.

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  20. Jardani
    KitKat Nov 21, 2017

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