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  1. rarog Lollipop Senior Moderator Dec 7, 2017

    rarog, Dec 7, 2017 :
    Honestly, thank you, because you are one of the first of the people who knows what Treble is for and how it works. After so many pages trying to explain it, it's very refreshing!

    I wouldn't fear that much. It took about a month to make first Oreo ports for it. There are many developers using those devices and once LineageOS full switches to Oreo (v15) builds will be generated automatically. As of now ALL OP devices have 14.1 builds and weren't abandoned, even OPO.
    But yes, for futurproof development Treble would indeed be a great help and would make upgrading easier.

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  2. LORDLP Cupcake Dec 7, 2017

    LORDLP, Dec 7, 2017 :
    Hi! I read your answer on this petition. And I have a couple of questions. Why do you release almost no different smartphone in the same year and do not provide support for innovations Android Oreo.But you know that you will update the new smartphone and could lay partition into it... You are talking about updates, but with an exit in 2018 onePlus 6, do the same as with OnePlus 3.How do you not understand that they like apple for example the long support of fresh updates for all of their devices. Not patches of security, but new versions.For example, you do not rush to improve the quality of images by onePlus 5 .Hearing dynamics at 100% loudness. We love your smartphones, but do not want you to forget about users who bought your devices last year. I understand that you are afraid of the risks of breaking down the device. But I think that in 5T you had to build partition for the future use of fresh OS updates as it is intended.I hope you will always listen to your users.:)

  3. G1510859392661 Cupcake Dec 7, 2017

    G1510859392661, Dec 7, 2017 :
    You are a OnePlus fanboy. They are shafting their customers. They want to give less number of updates and you eat this shit up. You think they will make you CEO by blindely defending every action, but you are just shilling. Sure it makes sense for them to unify the devices just as much as it makes sense for them to release a device and never update it again. That isn't how you treat customers and this isn't how you should treat customers either. If a device was released 6 months later it should receive 6 more months of support and the expectation is that a device that was released several months after a major update should at the minimum should at least have the ability to have full functionality whenever the device does get updated. OnePlus 5T could have been released with Oreo, but it was intentionally launched with Nougat so that they wouldn't have to update their partition table. Don't bother responding. You're just a shill.
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  4. anupritaisno1 Jelly Bean Dec 7, 2017

    anupritaisno1, Dec 7, 2017 :
    I hate oneplus for what they did to the oneplus 2 and oxygenos is by far the worst ROM I've seen. The way they even manage security is terrible. They lie openly about security patch dates too
    But here's my issue right now, what you're doing is basically going after oneplus for a feature they said they won't implement and you, I bet you read the spec sheet. You know what you paid for and you got what you paid for. If you will create a change.org petition for something you never paid for (remember, you read the spec sheet before buying this) then you should expect me to show you the real shit. If you think you can openly just say bad stuff about a company when the company isn't even wrong (and mind you, you're the one who's wrong), then I will have to protect them. I supported the oneplus 2 thunderclap because oneplus promised but fast forward just 4 months later and now you're just going after oneplus for something they never promised

    Still want to argue, just go read the spec sheet. You never paid for treble. Don't understand? Learn some English then

  5. anupritaisno1 Jelly Bean Dec 7, 2017

    anupritaisno1, Dec 7, 2017 :
    Also @rarog less updates are honestly better for devs

    The way oneplus murders the kernel source on each update, it's just fantastic

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  6. GraveDigger176 Cupcake Dec 7, 2017

    GraveDigger176, Dec 7, 2017 :
    As far as i know uses Essential and Huawei a Seperate Vendor Partition out of the Box and OnePlus not. Maybe the risk is to high to bricked Devices for OnePlus when they release the Ota which repatitioned the Devices and then the Devices are bricked. And when the Devices are bricked everybody screams "They bricked my Device with the Ota" :D:D:p:p

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  7. gpolydoros Gingerbread Dec 7, 2017

    gpolydoros, Dec 7, 2017 :
    My thoughts exactly. If they had wanted to, they would have shipped the 5T with Oreo. They would have left an empty partition on the 5 as well - they had more than two months to plan for that. They didn't. I understand that they're a small company that can't compete with the likes of Samsung software-wise, and I would be perfectly OK with them saying so. I didn't expect a Samsung 'cause I didn't pay for one. But coming back now to say sorry but there's no partition and we're doing this for the community when they should have known about this requirement 7 months ago is bullshit. It's one thing to be called a small player, quite another to be called a liar.

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  8. netllocke Honeycomb Dec 8, 2017

    netllocke, Dec 8, 2017 :
    If our statement does not make sense does your really do mean what it's suppose to !!!
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  9. G_juan_sebastian_caicedo Donut Dec 8, 2017

    G_juan_sebastian_caicedo, Dec 8, 2017 :
    my question is how some old pixels and nexus will be inside treble ...and us not? because those guys leave all the support to the community. is amazing release a phone like the t...accepting that bullshit about the 5....came without the partition....why? coz you lazy asses were thinking well are the same phone so we will just have to work in one oos. good luck with the lava 5t and the stars wars edition , I wait ppl have the info and don't buy a phone like this just because that stupid and no sense stuff in a phone. one plus should be clear , they won't treble because is the perfect excuse to make us buy the 6....and because Devs and all will leave those devices in a corner , and will work in others with treble , so the support will go down...so the community will left those phones , and is normal and natural. the preview is this....the 3 and 3t were in Oreo before their new flagship and now this new one is happening the same. so we know now the scenario. I am selling mine or trying to trade it for the essential. and that one who is claiming shit about u have what u pay and one plus didn't promise blabla....listen the 90% of costumers don't spend time looking a forum ...ppl see the spects and few more and decided . that's why Samsung and Apple are top sellers, they sell for all, no just for pros.

  10. rarog Lollipop Senior Moderator Dec 8, 2017

    rarog, Dec 8, 2017 :
    Funny, how you praise Samsung, but all their already released phones also don't have and won't get Treble. I don't hear anybody scream at them and trying to sell their phones because they won't get Treble...

  11. rarog Lollipop Senior Moderator Dec 8, 2017

    rarog, Dec 8, 2017 :
    LineageOS doesn't test the builds. One day one thing can be broken and next day another. It's fixed quickly but also broken quickly. This is what's called "nightly build from trunk". LineageOS also doesn't have to certify its builds by Google.

    I honestly don't understand what you are trying to say with your second emphasised sentence within my quote.

  12. SJBoss KitKat Dec 8, 2017

    SJBoss, Dec 8, 2017 :
    I'm sorry.. but I just didn't got your point, it was all right (maybe :rolleyes:) until you Mentioned Samsung and Apple,

    can you please list all Samsung Devices which have project treble implemented?

    Also never compare Apple with any Android OEMs, why you'll say? because Apple controls everything from hardware to software for their devices, while Android OEMs rely on Google and have to follow Google's guidelines
    and that's it.... that sums it up.

    (I don't want to say too much or they'll label me as an Apple fanboy)

    but I support most of the people here
    OnePlus should've implemented project treble on 5/5t but if they keep their promise and supports both devices to the end of their respective lifetime it doesn't really matter.

    for me 5 is the Reason why 5t wasn't released with Oreo
    (and as a result without project treble) why? I don't want to hurt my thumbs ;) so not going to explain until someone asks why I think so.

    and regarding the Custom ROMs.. OnePlus Devices are the Most popular Devices on XDA, so when it comes to custom ROMs project treble doesn't really matter (of course it would've been better with project treble)

    saw you needed help :p ;)

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  13. subaash Gingerbread Dec 8, 2017

    subaash, Dec 8, 2017 :
    You don't even know what i'm even talking about. Read, understand and analyze the situation. You're not a customer you're a fanboy similar to sheep and slaves where they don't have brain to think just follow orders. Shut up and go play with your balls boy. Let the customers do the talking.
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  14. rarog Lollipop Senior Moderator Dec 8, 2017

    rarog, Dec 8, 2017 :
    No need to hurt thumbs, if it's about code similarity into direction of unification of source. This was already chewed on the past pages. :D

    Thx. :cool:

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  15. niko2931 Cupcake Dec 8, 2017

    niko2931, Dec 8, 2017 :
    Wouldn't it be possible to release a ZIP file that user could flash on their own, that did all of this?
    A zip file that user could flash if they chose to do that.

  16. SJBoss KitKat Dec 8, 2017

    SJBoss, Dec 8, 2017 :
    Exactly! And the fact.. that to implement project treble they'll have to rework their firmware adds to it
    so basically they saved themselves a lot of time and work, and used OnePlus 5 firmware instead ;) Clever
    Well thanks for the explanation, but I'm not buying it :rolleyes: Google Successfully implemented project treble on its older Devices (pixel and pixel XL) without any casualties so I don't see why OnePlus can't do that? Honestly i know the reason and I'm okay with it.
    Just don't feed me lies :rolleyes:

  17. rarog Lollipop Senior Moderator Dec 8, 2017

    rarog, Dec 8, 2017 :
    As XDA and anupritaisno1 said, Google used separate partition for /system/vendor which they repurposed for Treble. That way they didn't have to repartition.
    OP didn't do this and the folder is within the standard system partition.

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  18. SJBoss KitKat Dec 8, 2017

    SJBoss, Dec 8, 2017 :
    what about Essential phone, Huawei mate 9 and honor 8 pro?

  19. rarog Lollipop Senior Moderator Dec 8, 2017

    rarog, Dec 8, 2017 :
    They had this partition, too. Usage of separate partition wasn't mandatory from what I read in Android documentation. This was changed for Treble and made mandatory.


    There are several other mentions of it. Because it wasn't mandatory OP didn't implement it. That's the problem with non-mandatory recommendations.

    Short semi-on-topic anecdote time:
    In the past I used separate boot partition on my Ubuntu installations on PC but gave up, because it wasn't cleaned automatically and the partition became full really quick, so it was not practical for me back then as I didn't clean it up after every update. So I merged the separate partition with the root file system. Since some years Ubuntu changed the script and started to remove too old kernels automatically so the a separate boot partition wouldn't get full, but some more years ago it was just recommended but impractical for my daily use.

    Back to topic:
    Here OP (and Samsung and others) decided that a separate partition was impractical, those few who had it on the other hand could perfectly use it for Treble. But this isn't something that was obvious before Treble documentation was public.
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  20. SJBoss KitKat Dec 8, 2017

    SJBoss, Dec 8, 2017 :
    Didn't knew that, and thanx for investing your valuable time to explain it ;)
    (take care of your thumbs :p)
    I think in a way OnePlus's decision to release 5t with Nougat was right, and you Know what I'm talking about (saving my thumbs again.)

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