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  1. ChrisFV9
    Cupcake Mar 24, 2021

    ChrisFV9 , Mar 24, 2021 :
    Hi, I'm really excited to get my first ever OnePlus device, even though the price of the Pro puts me off a bit. Anyways, my question goes to @Evan Z.
    Will the 8gb/128gb variant of the OnePlus 9 Pro be available for the US?

  2. J4t1np4r3kh
    Oneplus Co-Creator Award 2021 Mar 24, 2021

    J4t1np4r3kh , Mar 24, 2021 :
    @Raymond Z.

    Is the OnePlus Watch planned to be a 1 stop wonder, or are we to expect annual releases, with a newer hardware and further improvements #Squircle?

  3. R1597042920553
    Cupcake Mar 24, 2021

  4. Gillysixpence
    Honeycomb Mar 24, 2021

    Gillysixpence , via OnePlus 8 , Mar 24, 2021 :
    @GaryC I'd like to know if you guys have gotten the optimised charging working properly across the board on this model? I have the 8 and mines never worked while hubbies works flawlessly. Seems I'm far from alone too with multiple models. Great idea but doesn't work.

  5. Jakub Wardzała
    Donut Mar 24, 2021

    Jakub Wardzała , Mar 24, 2021 :
    @Hope L. I am intereted in Oneplus great decision to go back to sandstone texture on 9 PRO Stellar black. Oneplus One was the grippiest and best feeling phone ever. I miss that. Did you achive it with glass back on 9 PRO and how? Is it something we can look forward to in future phones?
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  6. whocares81
    Donut Mar 24, 2021

    whocares81 , Mar 24, 2021 :
    I have ordered the new Oneplus 9 Pro in pine green with 8 gb ram and 128 gb storage at Amazon (Germany). Officially, pine green isn't available with these specs. Is it kind of amazon exclusive or just a mistake by Amazon (and order will be cancelled)?

  7. dinamoski
    Honeycomb Mar 24, 2021

    dinamoski , Mar 24, 2021 :
    I've ordered the Pro9 in Stella Black. But can't find any photo's that show the finish and texture...

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  8. Jakub Wardzała
    Donut Mar 24, 2021

    Jakub Wardzała , Mar 24, 2021 :
    I've ordered stellar as well. I don't think there is anything out there, except for official renders. All media samples were in mist.

  9. toilahuy
    Cupcake Mar 24, 2021

    toilahuy , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Mar 24, 2021 :
    New phones have very good cameras. What if there is a major camera update to the earlier versions. especially 8 pro? and oneplus has lost its soul oxygen os?

  10. crakerjac
    Froyo Mar 24, 2021

    crakerjac , Mar 24, 2021 :
    @Aaron.W is the OnePlus 9 (not pro) available in an unlocked 12GB RAM/256GB Flash model in the USA? I don't see it on the pre-order page.
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  11. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Mar 24, 2021

    Bouncer71 , Mar 24, 2021 :
    @Raymond Z.
    First off..
    The watch looks gorgeous..🥰

    Will the OnePlus Watch offer pedestal navigation via Google maps..??

    I really like that function especially when going sightseeing at travel locations...

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  12. kamlesh77
    Cupcake Mar 24, 2021

  13. Isaac Bautista
    Cupcake Mar 24, 2021

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  14. Totzkie
    Eclair Mar 24, 2021

  15. jimmy45
    Cupcake Mar 24, 2021

    jimmy45 , Mar 24, 2021 :
    Hello Oneplus, reviews has comes out and more are to come from tech youtubers. Watched dozen of reviews and they all come to practically the same conclusion, the camera are good but not as great as the competition. A recent camera comparison done was between the Samsung S21 Ultra and the Oneplus 9pro and the clear winner was the Samsung despite Hasselblad getting involved in Oneplus camera development.

    So @Jimmy Z. and @Kinder L. will there will any software update for the camera to come in the future to further improve the camera and eventually be the best phone camera in the market. As I convince that Oneplus 9pro has all the capabilities to be able to give what they promise which is game changing camera experience as well as stunning photos taken on a phone as never seen before. The hardware is there, it just need A STRONG software updates to reach quality and to deliver what was officially announced

  16. deepankur19
    Honeycomb Mar 24, 2021

    deepankur19 , via OnePlus Community App , Mar 24, 2021 :
    @Raymond Z.

    My question to you,

    I mean how, what and where in 🌎, did Oneplus Smart watch limited Cobalt Edition draw inspiration from?

    There are some things in world that got appeal,

    But some others that infatuate you to the core...

    I accept i am in complete infatuation with that Green and gold looks of it...

    I mean if the photos looks so good how would the watch be a looker in real...

    When is the chance of getting it asap and at what price

    Oh you beauty

  17. camohan
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Mar 24, 2021

    camohan , Mar 24, 2021 :
    @Gary C. Will the OnePlus 9 series sold in India will come bundled with Google Communication Suite? I do not see it in specs sheet.

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  18. dinamoski
    Honeycomb Mar 24, 2021

    dinamoski , via OnePlus Community App , Mar 24, 2021 :
    This is the only picture I could find.
    Texture seems quite rough. Not sure if it's a real photo or a render.

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  19. gautamthapar
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus TV U1S Mar 24, 2021

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  20. gautamthapar
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus TV U1S Mar 24, 2021

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