Join the "Be the Change" Challenge and win a OnePlus 7T!

    Eclair Sep 22, 2019

  2. I1567745609559
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

    I1567745609559 , Sep 22, 2019 :
    As our world goes with much improved technology,we should bring new technology to make our ecosystem pure as our world is skyrocketing the rate for global warming
    No new technology have been introduce on the basis on environmental related issues.we people have to talk about this and share our ideas inorder to invent to ideas which will benefit our mother earth

  3. Nizamuddeen Usman
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

    Nizamuddeen Usman , Sep 22, 2019 :
    Since I am in Health Industry, I believe in giving back to the society as my company grows.

    So we have many initiatives like providing free products to the flood effected areas, weekly free diabetes checkup camps.

    Also I give free training program to uplift the young doctors and help them grow positively on their life.

  4. Murk Lynx
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

    Murk Lynx , Sep 22, 2019 :
    As the OnePlus community is a great and strong community we could use this great energy for the betterment of the neighborhood and environment.

    So i thought of an idea that we could bring a change in people's minds about waste management.

    India often faces a great cleanliness issues, people without realising throw garbage on roads, empty plots or grounds and in a matter of time a great pile of garbage is formed which produce diseases and other risks.

    I think we need to confront and aware people around us about the danger they are creating by throwing waste like this, and collectively bring the change by cleaning around and establishing garbage bins.

    Let's show the world that how anyone can be 'THE CHANGE'.

    AMAN MISHRA(murklynx).

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  5. Flame1906
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

    Flame1906 , Sep 22, 2019 :
    That is a very nice idea from the company and as I have been a member of the community since I bought my OnePlus 3 back in 2016, I'd like to extend my support.
    As a part of "Be the change" campaign this would be my plan

    Well, as I am a medical student I will plan to plant trees and spread awareness about the global climate change and the impact pollution has on our lives and will have on our future generations. I will also help in health check ups, especially of old people, cause the health of our geriatric community is regularly neglected and our generation needs to see to that. If possible, go to old age homes for checking up on people and helping them in any way possible.

  6. sujithsamual
    Froyo Sep 22, 2019

    sujithsamual , Sep 22, 2019 :
    I think I should start from my family. I am one and only son for my parents and I have some health issues too related with ear balance and Sinusitis. Now I am recovering from it. My mom struggling alot to take care of me and Dad. Now I am almost healthy so I really want to start with helping my mother, On previous day I started working from home so I want to gift her nutritional food products. Also I will give a small amount of money to One blind person Who selling Kerala State government lotteries on bus stand near to my home at Kottayam District In Kerala State In India, I talked to him before and realised his sad situations and I really want to help him. So my plan is, If I selected in the list then I will sell my current phone and give the money which I got from it to that blind person. This I can do maximum from my limitations because I am also from a middle class family.
    Yours Faithfully
    Sujith Samual.

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  7. Prateek7568
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

    Prateek7568 , Sep 22, 2019 :
    15KM jog daily for a week!!
    That's ought to get a person motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle :)

  8. shapz
    Froyo Sep 22, 2019

    shapz , Sep 22, 2019 :
    Not many people realise that.

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  9. S1569063043266
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

    S1569063043266 , Sep 22, 2019 :
    Few more things I would like to say, These harmful electromagnetic radiations are not only effecting the health of the human beings but also it is having an adverse impact on the environment as well. the trees birds animals and many more species are coming under its influence drastically.


    See the pictures given



    It would be completely Revolutionary if an anti radiation chip can be added to each and every electronic devices that releases such harmful radiations, which causes damage to the environment in anyways. People can also keep anti radiation chips with themselves in order to protect themselves from any kind of harmful radiations.


    In today's world everything is possible and I am sure someday this Revolution will definitely take place. As we are living in a modern world and have been moving towards growth and development each and every step, technology is too vast and there is no end of inventions. For a better future such revolutionary changes must be done in order to protect the environment.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Arpita Chakraborty

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  10. E1567338434230
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

    E1567338434230 , Sep 22, 2019 :
    With a big community base this could do a lot for the world to bring changes that make the world a better place to live.

    I'll pick up a issue to deal with Taking care of environment.
    By keeping beach clean, spread awareness.

    Creating awareness needs public attention. To create awareness I'll takeup challenge to clean up the beach, have different posters for more awareness.

  11. Starcommander
    Lollipop Sep 22, 2019

    Starcommander , Sep 22, 2019 :
    Not necessarily. A website will store the ip address only if the developer wants to. Anonymous login, anonymous id can be used.

  12. YRJ
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2019

    YRJ , Sep 22, 2019 :
    How would you assure that to the users though?

  13. G_Raj_Malhotra
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

    G_Raj_Malhotra , Sep 22, 2019 :
    nothing to say but OnePlus 7 t and 7tpro series is for a new generation
    I love it
    I think OnePlus is best phone all over the market in India
    if I win OnePlus 7t ya 7tpro I think it will be the best moments of my life

  14. Starcommander
    Lollipop Sep 22, 2019

    Starcommander , Sep 22, 2019 :
    Even though IP address is visible, there are two ip address. A public and a private. The private may identify the persons computer. The public ip which the website can see will not represent an individuals identity.

  15. YRJ
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2019

    YRJ , Sep 22, 2019 :
    My approach to this is very simple. Do nothing that would jeopardize the project.
    I opted for a 'no website' policy after suggestions from peers.
    And even as we start, I believe in taking things slow. Twitter and emails are great to get this started and suicide is a very sensitive topic. No risks here. :)

  16. VishwarajShabadi
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

  17. Lokesh Dutta
    Eclair Sep 22, 2019

    Lokesh Dutta , Sep 22, 2019 :
    I will give up from riding my bike at least 3 months and choose to go via public transport and pool the car so that I will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide CO2 in the atmosphere as well as by giving up the bike ride I also contribute towards the consumption of fossil fuels and with this small change I will be able to contribute the fresh and clean environment to all the living beings in this planet. A small contribution will one-day become the greatest contribution as the #OnePlus story from failure to success.

  18. deb_ashish.x
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

    deb_ashish.x , Sep 22, 2019 :
    This is a very good idea.

    Firstly, To all the people who think OnePlus 7 T does not look good, well I don't know what's wrong with them. I think smartphone addiction is a major problem and people rarely find time for their family and friends.

    So, I take the challenge to have quality time with my friends and family:
    ZEN MODE for 48 hours (^_^)

  19. Starcommander
    Lollipop Sep 22, 2019

    Starcommander , Sep 22, 2019 :
    But whatsapp, email and Twitter will have more information than IP address. From whatsapp number, exact details of the person can be obtained, Twitter requires email id and from email id name and sensitive information can be obtained easily. However public ip address can give the approximate location from where the message has been sent. No one can obtain sensitive information from public ip address which is common in a network unless the person shares some private information.

  20. deb_ashish.x
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2019

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