Join the "Be the Change" Challenge and win a OnePlus 7T!

  1. Omkar Rikke
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

    Omkar Rikke , Sep 29, 2019 :
    i just love the OnePlus 7t 90hz display and specially Zen mode i use it for rarely 2-3times a day for my study purpose ..
    love to use 7t with new andriod 10 pre installed..and it is lighter than my 6t

  2. E1569732476112
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

    E1569732476112 , Sep 29, 2019 :
    First of all - It's is very common now, we repeating and saying same word “SAVE ENVIRONMENT AND YOUR SURROUNDINGS”. We have to stop this kidish dialogues because if we don't really mean it we don't have any right to say such words because we are the only reason for the birth of such words.
    If we would have contorled our greed to take everything for our benifit this would not have happened. I may sound nonsense and I know use of the resources give from our environment was for the development for all us and our good future but what about those speechless animals living in the forests they are slowly and gradually reaching to extinction but what to do we all have a habit of keeping ourself first so that we can take the first advantage given nature to all of us even the animals.


    If we have to chang the conditions and situations of our MOTHER NATURE we have to give a limit to our requirements and useses. We have to also look for those animals and it's not just that making a wildlife century or a zoo will save them, no doubt it will but they will lose their natural habitat. Our moto should be “CONTROLE YOUR NEED FOR THE BETTER FUTRE OF MOTHER NATURE'S BENIFITS.”
    We all. the consequences of the work done for the development will cause in future to us and if not to us then to the coming generation but our thinking right now is like we'll see to it if something happens and when that something is happening then we don't have any solution to it. So we have to change that thinking also ....!!!!!!

  3. trevdawg
    Eclair Sep 29, 2019

    trevdawg , Sep 29, 2019 :
    I own a OnePlus 7pro in the United States so i don't actually need a new phone but it never hurts to have a back up phone but I'd have to think on a challenge since I've updated to Android 10 on my phone a majority of my games don't work so as far as phone addiction goes it helps some having the buggy os in that way but even after it gets fixed for this challenge i will continue to limit my game play on my phone and have more human interaction in my community!

  4. dishxnttttt
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

    dishxnttttt , Sep 29, 2019 :
    The one plus community
    Avails a lot of good creativity
    I want to be a small part of this community by giving my serve
    To bring the change we have to be the change.
    In countries like India
    Where technology has been a big stage for every one,
    There are still some regions where advancements in technology and services have not taken place .
    There are still many zones where people are illiterate .
    I wish to take this initiative by teaching the poor kids of my zone .
    I'll give my best to make them understand .
    I have a bunch of people who are interested in being a part of this journey .
    We will be starting this slowly and steadily by talking it twice a week for 3 hours and then increasing it by trice a week or more with increase in time .
    We will be trying to also include some extra curricular activities like yoga , meditation , dance and many other fun filled games which would help them grow mentally as well as physically strong and make them a better future of next generation .

  5. TanveerOP7
    Eclair Sep 29, 2019

    TanveerOP7 , Sep 29, 2019 :
    Oneplus as a company always been seen as people's company. Because of the quality and value it represents. The challenge is a brilliant idea for allowing environmentalists and the people who care for the world. I would also like to join the challenge to win this brilliant device and also to serve nature. For the challenge i will daily walk for around 1 km instead of using my two wheeler to go to my institute!!! In this way i can help the environment in two ways by decreasing carbon emission and also i can save petroleum!! Hope this challenge is appreciated and i can serve the mother nature!!!

  6. B1569752553913
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

    B1569752553913 , Sep 29, 2019 :
    OnePlus changed the dynamics of mobile phone globalisation by connecting with its customers to provide handsets that are innovative features and designs to aesthetically change mindset. Talking about mindset i will go to Mental Health events and ensure that I tweet pictures of how talking about it and bring it to the forefront of conversation will one day stop the stigma attached to it

  7. rbdmichael
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

  8. chaithu nani , via OnePlus Community App , Sep 29, 2019 :
    One of the greatest concern nowadays is environmental pollution due to Electronic wastes. So many members are using a smartphone for a year or twO year then they sell or damaged they will throW away but some will dispose them. we gather the all E-waste and use mobile manufacturing or any electronic device manufacturing it be very good. want OnePlus to use recycled partS in there upcoming mobiles

    And also providing a plant or sapling to every customer who will buy a new OnePlus device.

  9. PranavBikkina
    Donut Sep 29, 2019

  10. Crisle101
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

    Crisle101 , Sep 29, 2019 :
    A change in the world. For the world to change for the better, the people in it have to enjoy the way the world is without the assistance of technology. My challenge will be to get family, friends, and even strangers to witness how the world can be by spreading positive vibes only. In order for change to happen, people have to be apart of it.

  11. SwaroopBandari
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

    SwaroopBandari , Sep 29, 2019 :
    As to the competition prize is a One Plus 7T ,i got an idea 7T = 7 Trees .So, in my area will plant 7 Trees.

  12. BeardyBiceps
    Jelly Bean Sep 29, 2019

    BeardyBiceps , via OnePlus 5T , Sep 29, 2019 :
    Here is my idea for "Be the Change"

    To Make Sure We Have Enough Oxygen and Fresh Air For Our Upcoming Generations, not lnly Oxygen OS.

    For Every Single Person In This World Should Plant 2 Trees and tell other 2 of their friends to do the same. carry on the process.

    for the shake of our development we are cutting down so many trees without thinking twice. but its high time now.

  13. E1569762354397
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

  14. Jatinder_Singh
    Froyo Sep 29, 2019

    Jatinder_Singh , via OnePlus 5T , Sep 29, 2019 :
    I think this is a great initiative to urge people to do their bit for the environment. I take the challenge to provide food to the needy ones for an entire week. I think we can all contribute in small proportions to build up a helpful planet for everyone.

  15. whisky
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

  16. antoine_2702
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

    antoine_2702 , Sep 29, 2019 :
    If i win the oneplus 7t, i'm in to give my oneplus 6 to my mother because she deserves it and to thank her for everything she did for me and I have never been able to offer her such a beautiful gift as this phone. It's thanks to her that I could have my 2 oneplus.

  17. EdgA
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

    EdgA , Sep 29, 2019 :
    very cool thing! I would go garbage every day for 7 days, a sack full every day. outside in nature

  18. Cele17
    Donut Sep 29, 2019

  19. Yaaro Obba
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2019

    Yaaro Obba , via OnePlus 7 , Sep 29, 2019 :
    I would love to buy an electric 2 wheeler. this would greatly reduce the petrol consumption and the subsequent emissions of greenhouse gases. An electric vehicle might be a tad bit costly initially but in the long run, it's cost effective and environment friendly.