Join the OnePlus 2 Kickoff Contest! What Would You Do for the 2?

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  1. apok010
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2015

    apok010 , Jul 30, 2015 :
    That cat ;)

  2. Shubham1221
    Honeycomb Jul 30, 2015

    Shubham1221 , Jul 30, 2015 :
    What kind of contest is this.Show some class and sense please.Take the inspiration from your own phone.We are your loyal customers not your puppets.Dont make these kind of silly contests.People already disgusted with your invite system and dont make things more worse by these stupid contests.

  3. nash859
    Jelly Bean Jul 30, 2015

  4. mrsim
    Honeycomb Jul 30, 2015

    mrsim , Jul 30, 2015 :
    haha...no it's called FREE ADVERTISING...and they will save hundreds of thousands of dollars getting the public to advertise their product...when in fact they should have at least figured out how many of these devices on average would be sold and made the appropiate available to buy outright...instead we will be charged extorsionate ammounts by the chinese sellers who need not have to 'get an invite' is this company a REAL 'OEM' ...why not just create a pre-order to find out how many need to be produced...???
    the invite system is so 'last year' and i am thinking now that someone here at oneplus get's their kicks from watching people 'BEG' for an invite...it's pretty sad....:(

  5. Rahhfue
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2015

    Rahhfue , Jul 30, 2015 :
    yeah, and its all based on a voting system and only 22 winners so the chances are pretty low to win one, something like a lottery would be nice XP

  6. zaphod-beeblebrox
    KitKat Jul 30, 2015

    zaphod-beeblebrox , Jul 30, 2015 :
    As likely as handling the invite request list in strict order appears to be.

  7. jrosser
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 30, 2015

    jrosser , Jul 30, 2015 :
    Created an app/ game to show my support. Please vote for mine

  8. SalmonPieEater91
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2015

  9. mrsim
    Honeycomb Jul 30, 2015

    mrsim , Jul 30, 2015 :
    don't fall into this trap...the more people that actualy do this ridiculous thing the more likely oneplus are to keep promoting it...stupid,stupid,stupid...everyone would be better off just boycotting the invite system all together...that way it would teach this company a lesson and force them to sell the device like a normal OEM...all those sily excuses about not wanting to over create too much product...DUH...people are still buying the 'one' FFS it took over a year for that to become available as a buyable product yet it's still selling...in the past year i bought and sold 5 oneplus one's all at a small loss...why...because i could and i didn't play the invite game with anyone just sold them outright...so you can imagine i had 15 invites to give away from those 5 devices...of which only 2 or 3 were actualy used after giving them away...i wasted minutes of my life having to offer them here on the forum and to read sad post's from people begging for an invite even after i had given them all out and clearly mentioned this in the threads....oneplus the hype is good for the company but not so good for the [email protected] pull your posted vid and DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP

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  10. Mr. Pro
    Froyo Jul 30, 2015

  11. ParzivalDK
    Cupcake Jul 30, 2015

    ParzivalDK , Jul 30, 2015 :
    No, it is 22 PHONES they will give away... I hope so, cause i have cut the oneplus logo into my arm...

  12. jlasensiofi
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Jul 30, 2015

  13. Karkan
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2015

    Karkan , Jul 30, 2015 :

    About the app challenge. Does it have to be a full android app, or can it be a web app (website), too?
    The creation of a webapp would be quite faster and would reach more devices

  14. dreddknight
    Froyo Jul 30, 2015

  15. arashhsh
    Honeycomb Jul 30, 2015

    arashhsh , Jul 30, 2015 :
    siriously, its a phone, not the lottery. oneplus asks too much from its fans and supporters. calm ur titties a bit oneplus.

  16. francesco.pascolini
    Jelly Bean Jul 30, 2015

  17. dreddknight
    Froyo Jul 30, 2015

    dreddknight , Jul 30, 2015 :
    oooooooooooo ok did not read that

  18. Aztrelik
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2015

    Aztrelik , Jul 30, 2015 :
    Nothing if I get an invite to buy the phone before the moto x comes out then great if not then moto x for me

  19. madmike95
    KitKat Jul 30, 2015

    madmike95 , Jul 30, 2015 :
    So, basically you're telling us to do your job for free?

  20. MinecraftSchwabl
    Eclair Jul 30, 2015

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