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  1. Mr.Doge
    Froyo May 18, 2018

    Mr.Doge , May 18, 2018 :
    I think the 2nd sensor would be way more useful with a wide-angle lens, like the LG flagships.

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  2. Varun Varma
    Honeycomb May 18, 2018

    Varun Varma , May 18, 2018 :
    Thanks for your reply. As a follow up question, would you prioritise phone thickness and weight or battery life? I would expect OnePlus target audience would be different to mainstream OEMs such as Apple and Samsung as a greater proportion of your users would be 'power users' who use their phone more heavily. Is the aim for the phone to last a full day for the typical power user or is it targeted towards the average user who would use their phone less?

  3. obakesan
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 18, 2018

  4. Onni_Matilainen
    Froyo May 18, 2018

    Onni_Matilainen , May 18, 2018 :
    I just found out (at least according to ASBYT) that there is only the mirror black version available for the 6/64 version. Excuse me but what the heck? You're making it sound like you are still price friendly but then there's only one version available for 519€ and that's the one I personally don't like that much. Matte black with 6/64 please

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  5. Vito L.
    OnePlus Product Manager Staff Member May 18, 2018

    Vito L. , May 18, 2018 :
    Our fast charging is the fastest charging technology on the global market and can provide a full day's power in 30 minutes. Wireless charging, in contrast, still provides a slow recharge rate. We are confident that Dash Charge provides the best recharge experience on the market. For an immersive display effect, there is no room for an extra speaker on the top.

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  6. amharris
    Gingerbread May 18, 2018

    amharris , May 18, 2018 :

    Vito L.

    Already supported now. If the earphones support this, it will change to LDAC automatically. You can also turn on this in developer options.​

    Thank you for clarifying.

    This doesn't appear to be listed on the specifications page, so I think you're doing yourself a disservice by not advertising it.

    Now that you've officially confirmed it, I'm happy to make a purchase.
    I just hope there will be no more OnePlus 2 Nougat-style fiascos, going forward.
    Last edited: May 20, 2018

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  7. AbhiTeja123
    Gingerbread May 18, 2018

    AbhiTeja123 , May 18, 2018 :
    Firstly, I have mixed feelings about the new launch of the Oneplus 6 and secondly, nevertheless, I am buying it since you are not willing to provide software updates to my oneplus 3t after Android 8.0/8.1. TBH, the oneplus 6 is not much of an upgrade to the existing 3t except for the notch display and regular chip upgrades.

    Hence, I would like to know a few things in specific for piece of mind

    1. Why don't you give us a dedicated DAC for any of your lineup? Frankly, audio out of the device sucks from both 3t and 5t.

    2. Why no stereo speakers? Everyone is moving towards the stupid notch and neglecting the audio experience of the devices. However, dual speakers are not impossible to implement at least for your new devices. Yet, we still don't have a proper audio setup on any of your lineup. I wonder why.

    3. 3T still lacking face unlock which you promised an year ago. No stable updates since the past 4 months. No 8.1 yet.

    4. Will I be able to get new wireless earphones with the purchase of oneplus 6 if I buy it from www.oneplus.in?

  8. Shawn the L
    Head of Software Staff Member May 18, 2018

    Shawn the L , May 18, 2018 :
    What do you mean by "on screen FPS"?

  9. wanderin.turtl
    Honeycomb May 18, 2018

    wanderin.turtl , May 18, 2018 :
    @Jimmy Z. @Carl How do you think the OnePlus 6 camera stacks up against the competition like Samsung Galaxy S9, Huawei P20 Pro, Honor 10, Pixel 2 XL and Iphone X ?! Also why no DXOMark to rate the camera this time?

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    Gingerbread May 18, 2018

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  11. mx5nos
    Cupcake May 18, 2018

    mx5nos , May 18, 2018 :
    Is it necessary to RSVP for the NYC pop up event? I don't use facebook, so this is not possible for me.

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  12. G_plusone
    Marshmallow May 18, 2018

    G_plusone , May 18, 2018 :
    I had issues with casting most of the times. Some times it works some times it doesn't with the same TV from the Same place on the same day.
    Also I am not always near a TV with cast supported and don't carry a Casting device always.
    Also it would be more reliable and consistent with a wired solution.
    Thanks for considering.

  13. Kale W.
    Froyo May 18, 2018

    Kale W. , May 18, 2018 :
    Hey, Bullets Wireless is worth catching your eyes especially haha

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  14. omariantony
    Donut May 18, 2018

    omariantony , May 18, 2018 :
    No just show up.

  15. Absolute0
    Cupcake May 18, 2018

    Absolute0 , May 18, 2018 :
    On-screen Fingerprint Scanner

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  16. Fidda
    Gingerbread May 18, 2018

    Fidda , May 18, 2018 :
    Not just according to him, you can see all the different versions and their prices if you click Buy now.


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  17. 97pratyush
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 18, 2018

    97pratyush , May 18, 2018 :
    100% agreed.
    But with Treble implementation, we can get better custom rom support. As it's EOL for 3/3T, treble can help us to get future versions on other roms. These devices are literally far more capable than just 8/8.1. This way, no testing will be needed by you all and we can get more support.

  18. Bob X.
    Bullets Wireless Product Manager Staff Member May 18, 2018

    Bob X. , May 18, 2018 :
    What color do you like

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  19. obakesan
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 18, 2018

    obakesan , May 18, 2018 :
    ok why "Fast Charging" not "Dash Charging" anymore? Dash had a nice ring to it, fast charging just sounds, plain....

  20. AbhiTeja123
    Gingerbread May 18, 2018

    AbhiTeja123 , May 18, 2018 :
    Only from 5