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  1. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

    elanglois , May 22, 2018 :
    Lockscreen apps are for things that can be used without unlocking the phone. You want CHROME on your lockscreen?? Chrome has stored passwords and all sorts of things. It may be the most dangerous app you have.

    My suggestion is that you put an icon for Chrome on your home screen. When you pick up your phone, Face Unlock will unlock your phone and you can launch Chrome with a single tap.

    Face Unlock is so fast, I rarely even SEE my lockscreen, let alone use shortcuts on it

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  2. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

    elanglois , May 22, 2018 :
    Did you download the app and see if it has the station you want? Or are you just just here to piss and moan and not actually interested in solutions?

  3. Lawrence GF
    Cupcake May 22, 2018

    Lawrence GF , May 22, 2018 :
    Poor launch of bullets in that product already not available only 'coming soon', regardless whether free or £69.99.

    might lose interest in buying this phone in next 24-48 hrs.

  4. sobka
    Gingerbread May 22, 2018

    sobka , May 22, 2018 :
    Is GPS chip part of of processor chip? I have no idea. I thought it is like Bluetooth or wifi module....
    Or are they also part of processor?

  5. Punk_69
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

    Punk_69 , May 22, 2018 :
    Color wheel for accent colors :D

  6. loneleystar
    Eclair May 22, 2018

    loneleystar , May 22, 2018 :
    Thanks, really appreciate your reply.

    How about the second (or "fifth") question? You have got any good reasons for me to come back to OP?


  7. B1526765100033
    Cupcake May 22, 2018

    B1526765100033 , May 22, 2018 :
    You promised Bullets Wireless for free if I buy OnePlus 6 here is that true? What should I do to receive it? When I choose buy OnePlus 6 I do not see Bullets Wireless there.

  8. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

  9. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

    elanglois , May 22, 2018 :
    NO. Only people that bought tickets to the launch event

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  10. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

    elanglois , May 22, 2018 :
    They aren't available yet1

  11. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

    elanglois , May 22, 2018 :
    You should make your own decisions for your own reasons. I don't work for OnePlus, so buy whatever you want [e]1f603[/e]

  12. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

    elanglois , May 22, 2018 :
    Cell phones use what is called a "System On Chip (SOC)". Everything is all on one chip. Generally, there are going to be multiple versions of a system on chip, all with the same general number code, but differ in the peripherals that come with the chip or in the thermal ratings, Max speed, etc.

    This keeps the parts count down and makes the phone much cheaper and smaller

  13. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

    elanglois , May 22, 2018 :
    Are you serious? Plenty of companies launch before general availability, and you were told at launch date what the availability will be.

    Damn internet generation wants everything NOW. Spoiled rotten!

  14. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

    elanglois , May 22, 2018 :
    And if you lose interest in 48 hours, its a good thing you didn't buy it. Items that cost this much are not intended to be impulse buys

  15. B1526765100033
    Cupcake May 22, 2018

  16. elanglois
    Lollipop May 22, 2018

  17. OnePlus Mathias
    Cupcake May 23, 2018

    OnePlus Mathias , May 23, 2018 :
    Just a quick question about the referral code:

    I'll buy the OnePlus 6 and the Bullets Wireless (I mean, duh), but my question was whether or not, when I use a referral code, I can use the $20 discount for the Bullets Wireless particularly, so they'll cost me $49 instead of $69, or do the Bullets not count as 'accessory to the OP6'?

    Since I'm not planning on buying accessories, apart from the Bullets Wireless, I was wondering if I could even utilise this discount.

    Sorry for the awkward explanation, but thanks in advance!

  18. pksripathi
    Cupcake May 23, 2018

    pksripathi , May 23, 2018 :
    downloaded the app u suggested and many alternative apps. No result. That's the reason, I've commented.

  19. elanglois
    Lollipop May 23, 2018

    elanglois , May 23, 2018 :
    Then discuss it with your local radio station since analog FM won't be around much longer. I've found every station I can imagine. And have you checked the station's website?

  20. meatandy
    Oreo May 23, 2018

    meatandy , May 23, 2018 :
    Yes , it should apply as a single accessory.

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