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  1. camohan
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Oct 13, 2020

    camohan , Oct 13, 2020 :
    hahaha. I think Tilen can be a good host. He has been fabulous in the last two launches. So maybe he will host the 8T launch who knows.

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  2. UltraZboy
    Froyo Oct 13, 2020

  3. AlienEye
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Oct 13, 2020

    AlienEye , Oct 13, 2020 :
    I seriously don't know many names.
    But the guy who presented for OnePlus 7 series India did a great job. I would say it was better than the original version.

  4. Gavlar82
    Gingerbread Oct 13, 2020

    Gavlar82 , Oct 13, 2020 :
    Literally can not wait. Love my 8 Pro, the 8T has some beating to do. Loving the teasers so far and can't wait to see the whole, finalised specs 🤩

  5. Chenrichy
    Gingerbread Oct 13, 2020

  6. hennes
    YaImCo Developer Oct 13, 2020

    hennes , Oct 13, 2020 :
    What about those cool Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Dogs, and don't forget the Chicago Lions.... You guys have those cool animals, here we just have FC Bayern München, BVB 09 Dortmund, HSV Hamburger Sport Verein or VfB Stuttgart 1893. :D:D

    What about a 8T with an Animal name and not a fast food, Kebab :(
    I would prefer Codenames like squirrel, giraffe or so

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  7. Rohitnagal1405
    Cupcake Oct 13, 2020

  8. paydayforme
    Cupcake Oct 13, 2020

    paydayforme , Oct 13, 2020 :
    I can't wait for the watch is talked about during the one plus 8t launch event. I know it will be a great product and I hope it will be in my price range. my Fitbit receiving stopped working so I'm in the market. ;D

  9. Max52
    Donut Oct 13, 2020

  10. jayjanai
    Gingerbread Oct 13, 2020

    jayjanai , via OnePlus Community App , Oct 13, 2020 :
    Please go for it. I am happy with Oxygen OS :)

  11. The1Lion
    Marshmallow Oct 13, 2020

    The1Lion , Oct 13, 2020 :
    As I said, folks like different colors and can get a clear case or protective covering that allows some or all of the color to "shine" through. As far as extra RAM, storage options or whatever, then you're talking about the T model as they have typically just enhanced the phone slightly from the earlier launch and bump the price (usually). They could say 'Hey don't buy now because we'll have some special edition in a couple of months' but then their sales will be hurt as people wait and see what's going to come out. It could be that they want to make sure there's enough demand before offering a new color or SE. Not everyone jumps on the most recent offering - I went from an OPO to the OP6 and am still using the 6 so my next may be the OP10 :D

    The ONLY thing that matters is does the phone you have work for you? If so then why be envious of another phone? Even the McLaren last year was just available on T-Mobile here so a lot of people passed on it that would have otherwise bought it

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  12. camohan
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Oct 13, 2020

    camohan , Oct 13, 2020 :
    I am talking about this guy

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  13. The1Lion
    Marshmallow Oct 13, 2020

    The1Lion , Oct 13, 2020 :
    Chicago Dogs is more a food...


    And now I'm hungry! :D

    Animal names and they can start with the letter of the alphabet corresponding to the number - so 8 would be H and it can be Hawk for the 8 and the 8T would need to end with a T so Hellcat! (just in time for Halloween) ;)

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  14. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert Community Expert Oct 13, 2020

    TibiTibi , Oct 13, 2020 :
    What is the reason that the camera bump was moved from the center close to the left edge and breaking the symmetry of the back? Will be the answer presented on the launch?

  15. Bluuhaku
    Eclair Oct 13, 2020

    Bluuhaku , Oct 13, 2020 :
    I've been fighting tooth and nail against the other dedicated OnePlus fans in the OnePlus World to stay in the top 50! I can't wait to see if I got it!

  16. jamesnotjim
    Cupcake Oct 13, 2020

    jamesnotjim , Oct 13, 2020 :
    My old OnePlus 3T is ready to retire, so I'm really excited to see what's unveiled in the 8T launch event. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  17. @IMNavarn_1302 , via OnePlus Nord Gray Onyx , Oct 13, 2020 :
    I can't. Like I said budget was the matter so I opt the Nord.
    And if u r really saying u are happy with Oxygen OS then definitely you would be, but I don't think you have ever experienced iOS.

  18. luigimario
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Oct 13, 2020

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