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  1. cjoffutt Eclair Sep 19, 2017

    cjoffutt, Sep 19, 2017 :
    Good afternoon everyone,

    Just have to post my rant thread up here, as I'm really annoyed and at my end with One Plus at this point.

    So back story, I've been a customer of OP since the 3 came out. Bought it, bought the 3T to replace the 3 with (gave that to the wife), turned around and bought the OP5 when it launched my myself to replace the 3T with. All the phones worked great, never had issues with them. Then I dropped the OP5 and shattered the screen (completely my fault there). Sent it in for repair, turn around time was good, pricing was acceptable.

    Fast forward to last week....

    I discovered the front camera no longer works, you cannot switch to it no matter how many times you press the button, try different apps, still a no go. So I do a live chat support to see about getting a replacement phone issued, they suggest doing a factory reset in case it was a botched update. Begrudgingly I comply and reset the phone. Did that fix the issue, nope.

    Then they state I must send my phone in for repair, again, and even better PAY FOR THE REPAIR. And at this time, estimated turn around time is 3 weeks at best.

    I fail to see why I, the customer must be without my phone for 3+ weeks, AND have to pay for the repair for damage they caused during the repair of my screen. The front camera worked just fine prior to sending it in as I have pictures taken with it. Clearly the 'repair technician' did not connect the front camera when he reassembled the phone.

    Due to my job of a traveling salesman, I cannot be without my phone, nor do I feel I should have to secure a 'loaner' phone for 3 weeks. So in turn, I posed the question to several different Customer Support Reps of, can you just send me a replacement phone and I'll send you this defective one back in return. Would be simple enough to have to either A) place a hold on my CC for the full amount and release the hold once my broken phone has been returned, or B), charge me for a new phone, and refund my money once the broken phone has been returned. But neither of these were acceptable to the CSR's I spoke with. Strange how they cannot do this, yet in my line of business we do this exact process with our customers for repairs on tools that cost 10x what this phone costs.

    This whole lack of care for the customer has completely driven me away from this company. Where I come from, you do what is right for the customer, end of story. Telling the customer, you are SOL, send it in for 3+ weeks, and pay for something you did not do, is completely unacceptable.

    Hopefully someone 'higher' up at OP actually reads the forums and will notice this thread. As I've done their 'How helpful was this CSR' evaluation and no-one ever responded to that.


  2. abhitds Cupcake Sep 19, 2017

    abhitds, Sep 19, 2017 :
    From where you come is different from where "they" come.

    From where I come , a Chinese Company and Customer Service are considered antonyms of each other.

  3. cjoffutt Eclair Sep 20, 2017

    cjoffutt, Sep 20, 2017 :

    Oh I know. It is the same with some of the companies we represent. But at least they've learned that if you're going to operate in the US, you must have a reliable and satisfactory customer service and have grown to accommodate this.

    Something OP clearly has not done.

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  4. pojr Jelly Bean Sep 20, 2017

    pojr, Sep 20, 2017 :
    When I clicked this thread, I was expecting someone to complain about something that is their own fault

    But I was surprised to see the opposite

    You seem like a reasonable guy, and I agree that having you pay for a defect is kind of lame

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  5. meatandy Nougat Sep 20, 2017

    meatandy, Sep 20, 2017 :
    I clicked here hoping to see some customer service jokes and punchlines.

    What a joke :p

    I'm guessing your front cam was damaged from the spill it took.

    And Nope , No higher UP's visit the forums anymore.
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  6. cjoffutt Eclair Sep 20, 2017

    cjoffutt, Sep 20, 2017 :
    I didn't figure anyone of 'high up-ness' came around now-a-days. From the search I did all the CSR complaint threads had very little activity. But hey, one could hope right? Maybe this thread will gain enough traction that they'll notice it??

    But the front camera could have been damaged from the smash my phone originally took, I did not test this before sending the phone in for screen replacement. But.....this is something I would have thought would have been on the check list at the Repair Center. I mean, the did test the phone enough to conclude it needed a new motherboard as it was slightly damaged as well.

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  7. meatandy Nougat Sep 20, 2017

    meatandy, Sep 20, 2017 :
    IDK , it's possible @David Y. could look into things for you. ☺️

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  8. keithnyc Lollipop Moderator Sep 20, 2017

    keithnyc, Sep 20, 2017 :
    Sorry for the issue you're now facing with the camera. I sent you a PM to see if we can get you some additional help, ok?

  9. cjoffutt Eclair Sep 20, 2017

    cjoffutt, Sep 20, 2017 :
    Very much appreciated.

  10. funmunke Lollipop Sep 20, 2017

    funmunke, Sep 20, 2017 :
    You want a joke about customer service? Okay...

    This one time, a guy said OnePlus had customer service. Then end.

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  11. kimwarla CS Representative Staff Member Sep 22, 2017

    kimwarla, Sep 22, 2017 :
    Hi cjoffutt,

    I'm Kim, a Manager for OnePlus CS. I have sent you an email requesting for your contact information so that we can discuss this case with you over the phone.

  12. cjoffutt Eclair Sep 22, 2017

    cjoffutt, Sep 22, 2017 :
    Good afternoon Kim,

    I have not received the email yet, but I'll send you a PM with my cell number.


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  13. cjoffutt Eclair Sep 22, 2017

    Best Answer
    cjoffutt, Sep 22, 2017 :
    So positive update today!!

    Spoke with Kim on the phone a little while ago. OP is going to stand behind their product on this issue, which makes me completely happy.

    Per our conversation, they will send a loaner phone out while mine is getting repaired. I do have to pay a deposit for the loader phone while mine is getting repaired. I am more than fine paying this deposit as I'm not attempting to steal anything, or get a phone for free. .

    They are also going to repair it free of charge as she was in agreement that while this may have been caused by the original fall that broke the screen, this is something that should have been caught during that repair process but was not.

    So, as it stands now, I am happy with how this is being handled....the way it should have been to begin with given the backstory.

    I'll be sure to update this thread once I get the loaner, send mine out, get it back, etc.

    Kim and Keith,

    Thank you both for helping me out in this situation, I do greatly appreciate it.

  14. BeingIncog Lollipop Sep 22, 2017

    BeingIncog, Sep 22, 2017 :
    This Is How OnePlus Should Work! <3

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  15. keithnyc Lollipop Moderator Sep 22, 2017

    keithnyc, Sep 22, 2017 :
    No worries...glad we could help....that is fantastic Chris. Thank you Kimmy ( @kimwarla ) .. AWESOME customer service....

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  16. keithnyc Lollipop Moderator Sep 22, 2017

    keithnyc, Sep 22, 2017 :
    you may want to read the latest update [​IMG]

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  17. funmunke Lollipop Sep 22, 2017

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  18. cjoffutt Eclair Sep 22, 2017

    cjoffutt, Sep 22, 2017 :
    In my opinion, this is how every company should work.

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  19. cjoffutt Eclair Sep 28, 2017

    cjoffutt, Sep 28, 2017 :
    Update time.....

    Loaner/temp phone showed up today. Was supposed to be here yesterday, but alas FedEx couldn't get it out of the local hub in time to make it onto a truck.

    Now just waiting on the RGA to send my defective one back for repair.

    As a side note, the front camera does work on this temp phone, lol.

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  20. cjoffutt Eclair Oct 10, 2017

    cjoffutt, Oct 10, 2017 :
    New Update Time......

    Phone was sent back last week, received into Repair Center with no issues. Had a couple emails from CSR stating it was received and what not (not the generic emails they send out).

    Phone was sent back yesterday evening. Should be here Thursday. But in FedEx world, that will mean Friday.

    Thus far, good/typical repair process as the last time it was down there.

    I did inquire as to what the issue was with the camera not working, but have not received a response for that question yet.

    ----- EDIT-----

    Seems the issue was with the first repair job being done. The ribbon cable was not fully seated upon reassembly.

    Now on to hoping the return of the loaner phone goes smoothly. Have no reason why it should not. But will update accordingly and can hopefully change the thread title to a more positive note.
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