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  1. Akshay
    Honeycomb Jun 19, 2014

    Akshay , Jun 19, 2014 :

    I have switched from OPO to Oppo Find 7 QHD (x9076). Please take a look.

    And now, back to the review :)

    I just got my OnePlus One. Not gonna post any pics because we have enough of those already on here. Some first impressions:

    1. I ordered the screen protector. I am used to applying the wet application ones and so I thoroughly f***ed this one up. That's $5 down the drain. Will wait for ArmorSuit, or something like that before I think of it again.

    2. It's big. I have long fingers so I can surprisingly manage with one hand, but there are times I need to stretch/use my other hand.

    3. The back is soft. Kinda reminds me of what happens to faux leather materials when its been thro' a lot and is flaky and stuff. This in turn makes me treat the phone with some suspicion because I am not sure if it will last or will disintegrate.

    4. The speakers are surprisingly loud. Equalizer is fantastic. I have an HTC One M7, and while this does not compare to that, it comes pretty darn close.

    5. It is smooth - as expected from a phone running 801.

    6. Power button is in a kinda uncomfy place - for me.

    7. I'm not a camera guy and really don't have interest in it, but from what little I have experimented with it, its really really good. One of the best I've seen, actually.

    If you have any questions, please let me know and I will update this post accordingly.

    @Dave Weinstein - It is a 64 GB phone. @LibraSun - Yes, it does heat up a bit :)

    UPDATE: So.. Couple of comments I'd been reading made me realize a few things I had not mentioned. Also, mixed here are some responses to the questions people have asked.

    1. I have not yet put my SIM in it as yet, as it would take way too much of my time today to set it up the right way and I really don't have time till the weekend to do so. I will put my SIM in on Friday, or tomorrow maybe and update this thread. I too, am curious to know if the call quality software issue has been fixed. I use Cricket/Aio Wireless and so my LTE is capped at 8 Mbps regardless of how quick the phone is, unfortunately. But I will let you know about that in the coming days.

    2. The "LED flashlight" is fairly standard. Nothing to write home about.

    3. I played this game called Flick Kick Football by PikPok. Guaranteed to heat up any phone. My HTC One M7 becomes hot enough to iron a shirt after playing that game on it! :p And unsurprisingly, the OnePlus One did too. But because of the difference in exterior materials, didn't feel as hot as it would have on my M7. That said, the performance was really smooth and liquid. The characters did seem a little pixelated - probably down to the large screen vs. (only) 1080p ratio.

    4. As far as the power button goes, yes, I know I can knock the screen - and that works well too - but my problem is that given that I have long fingers, the power button sits right where my thumb would like to be, and so I have to adjust the way I hold the phone a bit. I guess its a matter of getting used to.

    4. I haven't noticed any yellow tint so far, but will keep an eye out and let you guys know.

    5. The process to apply the screen protector seemed simple enough, until I realized that I was really bad with applying dry screen protectors. Completely ruined my protector. Also, note that I say "seemed simple". Maybe it is/was for some people, but not for me. Really hope ArmorSuit comes out with some sort of screen protector - and soon. Don't like using a phone without one.

    As always, please leave comments and I will reply them when I can. Peace!

    Also, please please stop asking me for invites - even as a joke. I had way too many comments asking me for invites when I first announced that I had ordered the phone and a lot of "conversations", and so it is no longer funny. Don't mean to be a killjoy, but people here need to learn manners. Sorry about that. I will be getting one more soon, but I have that reserved too.

    With regards to invites, also read this: http://forums.oneplus.net/threads/just-bought-mine.28698/.

    Further updates

    The screen protector is a piece of plastic that just does NOT feel good. Like I have said before, I am very used to ArmorSuit and their soft screen protectors that slide into place due to a wet application. I am not used to just smacking the protector on and hoping I've done it right. They have some positioning tags - which I'm sure I screwed up because the instructions were kinda complicated - which you need to put on your screen protector, stick it to your phone too, so as to make it look like as if the protector is a page in a book, with the phone being the rest of your book, and then peel off the layer underneath and apply the protector. While it seems simple enough and actually makes a lot of sense, I managed to f**k it up. I would advise against buying it, as there are better options in the market - for other phones. As long as we wait for those options to be available to the OPO, we're good. I will #NeverSettle for cheap protectors! :p

    As far as the heating goes, I've mentioned it before, it was while playing that one game. I really haven't spent much time with it, trying to heat it up and stuff, but I will post updates to this thread, so make sure you watch this space. :D

    Quick Update

    The Equalizer is MIND BLOWING! In an Nolan's Inception-esque kinda way. Seriously amazing stuff!


    I finally put the SIM in late last night. I had put it on WiFi all day long before that and had played that football game and listened to music on Google Play Music. Since I am capped at 8 Mbps, it came as no surprise that that is how fast it was, so LTE is probably working as it should :p Also, battery life has been good so far. I can't really judge till after 24-48 hours more, but here are some screenshots. Knock yourselves out! :D

    Screenshot_2014-06-20-00-52-45.png Screenshot_2014-06-20-09-23-58.png

    Update 2

    After using this phone for a few hours, it is now getting a bit painful to use it in one hand, despite my long fingers :/ I try to mitigate the pain by shifting the phone around up and down in my hand, but it is a bit tiresome. People with smaller hands/shorter fingers, please be prepared to have both hands free just to use this phone. If not, skip buying it, and get a smaller phone. Honestly.

    Can't stop talking about the ear-gasmic equalizer. It is AMAZING!!

    Still no updates on the camera. Do not expect any.

    Really haven't noticed a yellow tint, and after David's post, it should not be of any concern to anybody.

    Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

    Update 3

    A few days into using this phone and one thing is that the back of this phone - the sandstone cover - is a magnet. A magnet for random pieces of fiber from your pants. The speaker phone is abysmal. That needs to be fixed some time soon. When I hold it up to my ear, its fine. But when its on speaker, I can barely hear the other person. On the other hand, there are no call volume issues that plagued the earlier supporters. Battery life is average. Nothing mind blowing. On a full use, with gaming, music, WiFi on all the time etc., it peters out towards the end of the day. If I start off at 100%, at the end of the day it's at about 20-25%. Let me know if you have any more questions to ask.

    Update 4

    Dunno when this happened, but I am now happy! http://www.armorsuit.com/cell-phones/oneplus/oneplus-one.html

    Update 5

    A few more days of using, and I now realise that the battery is better than I had previously thought. Whatever CM is doing to manage the battery, it is doing a great job! One thing I have noticed, and please, someone tell me if this is expected behavior is that I cannot control the volume either on the homescreen, or the app drawer. I press the volume keys to no avail. Only when I pull the notification bar down can I then control the volume, but I can't otherwise. I find this odd, since I can do the same on my M7. It is a bit annoying. With regards to heating, Temple Run 2 heats it up, but fortunately, there is no correlation between how hot it gets and how much the battery has been used up. Also, due to the screen size, it takes a bit of getting used to to tilt the phone, as it seems very unwieldy to move it around. Still haven't touched the camera (except for filing my expenses in Expensify :p).

    Personally, I believe in getting what you pay for, and while this is a great device for the price you pay, I can't help but shake off the feeling that its only an OK device. Don't hate on me. It's just the way I think. Maybe its because I'm used to paying more and getting more and not paying less and getting way more than what I would have gotten at that price. The Sandstone cover is great, and the device feels good, but really, since I've had the M7 and my girlfriend has the M8, I can't help feeling that this device sits between Samshit and HTC (sparkles and gold :p). Maybe this is intentional and the way it was meant to be, but still, the more I use it, the more I'm liking it, but also, it's weird. Probably have said the same things many times over.. Sorry about that. If you have any specific questions, as always, please leave comments and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.
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    Ryan , Jun 19, 2014 :
    Congrats! And thanks for your first impressions of the OPO! :)

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    xraysean , Jun 19, 2014 :
    Congrats. Many are jealous.

    Many will be skeptical without pictures, but who cares.

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    LibraSun , Jun 19, 2014 :
    Oh, does the back ever heat up during intensive activities? I keep asking, but no OPO owners ever answer.

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    Congrats man! Care to share? lol JK

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