Just smashed my one plus one!

  1. Bram de Ruijter
    Cupcake Jan 15, 2015

    Bram de Ruijter , Jan 15, 2015 :
    That's too bad! If I get a spare invite and you need one, I'll give it too ya! :D

  2. keithnyc
    Moderator Moderator Jan 16, 2015

    keithnyc , Jan 16, 2015 :
    1. You better hope you're right or you're going to Hell. Plus, God should be capitalized in your example; not out of respect but because you used it as a proper noun.
    2.. Yes, he is.
    3. Insurance is as real as the One I'm using right now. I collected on it like a strumpet scoring with a boatload of Portuguese sailors.

  3. Hawaiian player
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 16, 2015

    Hawaiian player , Jan 16, 2015 :
    You should get your shared invited soon Right? Buy one

  4. mkrmec
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 16, 2015

    mkrmec , Jan 16, 2015 :
    Lol yes it's capitalized I'm too lazy on my phone.
    I know it's real, I'm saying they are criminals, modern day mafia.

  5. Sick_DMP
    Gingerbread Jan 16, 2015

    Sick_DMP , Jan 16, 2015 :
    No. Because if that's all it took to get a new OnePlus was insuring the device what would stop ppl from simply insuring it... Breaking it on purpose... just to receive a new OnePlus like the insurance gives you an exemption from the invite process....

  6. Thedulli
    Gingerbread Jan 16, 2015

    Thedulli , Jan 16, 2015 :
    About a 1.5m drop I ghink

  7. akhil arjun mukkamala
    Gingerbread Jan 16, 2015

  8. keithnyc
    Moderator Moderator Jan 16, 2015

    keithnyc , Jan 16, 2015 :
    Have a nice weekend Samuel H.

  9. StinkySocky
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 16, 2015

  10. blueq
    Honeycomb Jan 16, 2015

    blueq , Jan 16, 2015 :
    It just may become a new contest once #2 comes out.
    Sorry to hear about your phone lankyjoey.

  11. rohit88
    Cupcake Jan 16, 2015

  12. sbfisher
    Eclair Jan 16, 2015

    sbfisher , Jan 16, 2015 :
    Funny to hear the arguments about insurance.

    Insurance pays out less than they take in which is how they make money. They have calculations on their expected payouts and then charge more than their payouts for coverage. So if you're a mythical "average" person, you could put your insurance money into savings or (safer) liquid investments and when something breaks fix it or replace it yourself from your money you've saved from not buying insurance. You'd be essentially self-insuring and then you get to keep the profit margin and some insurance risk instead of the insurance company keeping it.

    There is a big problem from not having insurance for some things, though. It is if something you're insuring is so important or expensive and you can't take the risk or afford to repair/replace if something goes wrong. This is especially true for things like cars, houses and health--since you can't easily save enough to cover costs soon enough in case of a catastrophe. If you have problems with really expensive things you can't do without and can't easily afford to replace then you need insurance on those if you can't afford the worst case scenario (and follow on problems).

    Insurance also has some power through collective buying/bargaining for things like health insurance to lower the cost the providers charge in some cases. And govt run health care is basically government run insurance with maybe more ability to enforce some things (and maybe less profit) than private insurance.

    For many people a replacement phone is an inconvenience, but affordable. But if a replacement out of your own pocket is unaffordable, or you're a lot more likely to break things than the average person then maybe insurance for a phone makes sense.

    I don't think it makes sense for me, but for some people it might make sense.

    I also used to work someplace where I saw prices for someone who bought insurance from a large multinational electronics company and then resold it to buyers for 2 or 3 times markup--and all they did was send emails to registered users and take registrations and money for the insurance and didn't do much else themselves.

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  13. Thedulli
    Gingerbread Jan 16, 2015

    Thedulli , Jan 16, 2015 :
    Totally agree. I fall into the clumsy category myself. For the first two years of the insurance policy I didn't have a claim to make until my phone was stolen in the third year and my OnePlus One was dropped in this, the fourth year. The insurance, though I have paid £75 overall in excesses on the policy, have paid for itself in value almost twice of what I have paid in.

    Also, peace of mind does have a cost.

  14. JMal2
    Cupcake Jan 25, 2015

    JMal2 , Jan 25, 2015 :
    I thought about this as well, what if i break or lose the OPO device.. It will be a super hassle to acquire another OPO im guessing. Does that suck or naaaaa?

  15. tyler539
    Jelly Bean Jan 25, 2015

    tyler539 , Jan 25, 2015 :
    Who insured a phone like this?

  16. Thedulli
    Gingerbread Jan 28, 2015

    Thedulli , Jan 28, 2015 :
    So tech pack guys have come back and given me a £290 settlement as the repair guys couldn't fix my opo. They're being funny with reimbursing me the cost of the bamboo cover but I think they'll cover the cost of replacing it with a bit of extra persuasion. How is your claim going?

  17. lankyjoey
    Eclair Feb 8, 2015

    lankyjoey , Feb 8, 2015 :
    so to all the haters saying your insurance company won't replace your phone they will just give you the money here is an email from them now i probably won't get a replacement they will probably give me money because the one plus isn't a standard phone to get but if it had say been an iPhone then they would have so there you go know it alls ;)

    Good Evening,

    We've assessed your claim and your replacement handset is now in the process of being ordered. If your phone is available, it will be despatched within three working days by courier and will need to be signed for.

    If a like-for-like replacement is not available we will contact you to discuss your options.

    Your replacement handset will automatically be registered against your policy.

    Kind Regards,

    The Barclays Mobile Phone Insurance Claims Team

  18. lankyjoey
    Eclair Feb 8, 2015

    lankyjoey , Feb 8, 2015 :
    ok thats cool and they will probably want me to contact them any day now to talk about getting the money also couldn't they just take the bamboo cover off and sen it to you or is it damaged too?

  19. Thedulli
    Gingerbread Feb 8, 2015

    Thedulli , Feb 8, 2015 :
    It's been almost two weeks now and they haven't contacted me about the bamboo cover. They want to log it as an extra accessory despite me telling them that it is very difficult to remove and I risked damaging the phone further (and plus I expected for the phone to be fixed, but that's another story). My advice is you call them and ask for an update; their repairs centre in Norwich doesn't seem to update the call centre in blyth about where they are with updates. Surprised it's taken so long on your side!

  20. majsiddiqui
    Froyo Feb 8, 2015

    majsiddiqui , Feb 8, 2015 :
    Your insurance company will pay you for the replacement device. Theu won't contact OPO on your behalf to repair or replace the phone. You will have to do this.

    However, I must warn you that insurance companies are tricky when it comes to Cell phone coverage. I used to have insurance on my iPhone from a well known insurance company operating in Canada and the US, and when my phone was damaged in a banquet hall while attending a wedding, they paid me for replacement iPhone. A year later, I found out that they made my cell phone claim as fire damage claim against my house. I'm the only owner of my house, and there's never been a fire. So, I cancelled my insurance with them and went with another insurance company. They couldn't offer me home insurance because they said you have a claim on your house for fire. I explained to them the whole situation and provided documentation to justify my cell phone claim, but it was in the record as fire claim against my property. So while I learned my lesson, about insurance claims against Cell phones, I want to give you a heads up to check with your insurance company, how will they treat your claim in their files.