Kali Linux

  1. thisguysayswht Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 7, 2014

    thisguysayswht, Aug 7, 2014 :
    I personally do part time work as a network penetration tester. Its one more tool in my pen testing suite. The point is "hacking" networks from a mobile device.

  2. bb987 Eclair Aug 7, 2014

    bb987, Aug 7, 2014 :
    i would probably use a tablet instead..it's hard to imagine running kali linux on a phone..

  3. SystemofaDan Gingerbread Aug 10, 2014

    SystemofaDan, Aug 10, 2014 :
    I've not really looked into it but can you get pen test apps for android? I figured being based off Linux there should be..

  4. thisguysayswht Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 10, 2014

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  5. Vladimir73 Froyo Aug 10, 2014

    Vladimir73, Aug 10, 2014 :
    kinda pointless for me, lately just cracking wifi's but 1+ wifi card does not support monitor mode. bcmon, Reaver RfA, nothing works.

  6. thisguysayswht Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 10, 2014

    thisguysayswht, Aug 10, 2014 :
    You can use a USB otg cable and an external WiFi card.

    It's really more used as a hardware backdoor once you have gained access to a network. You can also compile lookup tables with cowpatty, create wordlists with JTR, and other computational tasks.

    Its not really used for injecting packets, capturing handshakes, bruteforcing wps, etc., but you can with the right hardware attachments.

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  7. Vladimir73 Froyo Aug 11, 2014

    Vladimir73, Aug 11, 2014 :
    I have alfa card 2.000 mW, on another location though so can't test it right away. If I get it to work I will try to install full Kali, Linux Deploy etc

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  8. Vladimir73 Froyo Aug 11, 2014

    Vladimir73, Aug 11, 2014 :
    During this week I will try to install it, will post updates here.
    thisguysayswht, which version of Kali I should download ? For my dual boot pc I have Kali Linux 64 bit 1.0.8, but there is an additional choice of 32 bit, ARMEL, ARMHF images. What do you suggest ?

  9. jayanth Froyo Aug 11, 2014

    jayanth, Aug 11, 2014 :
    I think kali support for ARM...... So it could work on mobile device but some one have to port it for this device......

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  10. tonu42 Froyo Aug 11, 2014

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  11. Vladimir73 Froyo Aug 11, 2014

    Vladimir73, Aug 11, 2014 :
    2014-08-11_143657.jpg Thanks for link, purchasing it now. I am taking this "With Micro Power", right ?

    I already have Alfa AWUS036NH 2000mW, chipset Realtek8187L I think, so will not purchase tplink if is not necessary.

    Just to confirm - I am downloading ARM image ? >> http://www.kali.org/downloads/

    Kali Linux ARMEL Image or Kali Linux ARMHF Image ?
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  12. thisguysayswht Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 12, 2014

    thisguysayswht, Aug 12, 2014 :
    Yes that WiFi card will work great, it fully supports monitor mode (I actually have the same card).

    Definitely a good idea to get the powered otg adapter, most devices can power that card with a kernel that supports USB host mode charging, but most utilities in Kali take time, so its nice to be able to charge, and mount your card at the same time.

    As far as what version, just use Linux deploy, it will download/install the latest up to date distribution. No need to manually download.


    If your looking to conserve space manually install the mini iso, and apt-get all your needed packages. The mini iso is about 1.5gb, and the full instillation is just over 4gb (depending on your preferred desktop environment).

    If you have the space I recommend the full install, just to save the time/hassle of building your dependencies/packages.

    Happy hunting. :p

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  13. Vladimir73 Froyo Aug 12, 2014

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  14. flatounet Gingerbread Sep 29, 2014

    flatounet, Sep 29, 2014 :
    i got some probleme with kali on my opo :

    first im sorry,i got low english ,im french.
    but ,i am fighting to use kali on oneplus one ,installed :

    complete linux installer ok
    android vnc ok
    linux deploy ok
    install kali armhf -> dont work for me (error at install package here) :mad:
    installed kali armel : work ,:D
    installed package (wifi) ok
    but i got probleme to install alfa 036h driver
    i got error message about header : (no header or incomplete header)
    (found this on google for install header : )
    uname -r
    apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
    E:unable to locate packate linux-headers-3.4.0-cyanogenmod-g0ad30e5
    E:couldn't find any package by regex

    if any one have working kali on opo ,
    i got OPO , alfa 036h , Y link (like Vladimir73) ,and usb to micro usb ,
    all connect are correct ,power is ok

    just driver on kali ,are not good for my alfa 036h
    (""flag error"" ,i am searching about this : it's driver no correct )

  15. jmhashmi Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 29, 2014

  16. flatounet Gingerbread Sep 29, 2014

    flatounet, Sep 29, 2014 :
    how do you do ??
    with linuxdeploy ,
    i dont have choice to download version of kali :
    i can select armhf or armel ,
    but linuxdeploy download low version of kali ,
    i dont have any step of chose version of kali ,can you screenshoot where u select Full version of kali ?

    i got driver probleme at this time .... for alfa 036h ....

  17. Vladimir73 Froyo Sep 30, 2014

    Vladimir73, Sep 30, 2014 :
    All relevant settings are already set, follow http://www.kali.org/how-to/kali-linux-android-linux-deploy/

    You will need some previous knowledge for linux platform, Google search is really helpful here.
    for example you will need to update
    apt-get update

    then upgrade

    to get root you need
    sudo -s

    to do a full kali install you need
    apt-get install kali-linux -yq

    and you need to give it more than 7 Gb, I have used 16 Gb because of future upgrades and custom wordlists and some other stuff.

    Many things will not work "out the box", many dependencies are missing for some reason, if you are not going to do a proper google search and increase learning curve, its better not to start with this.

  18. flatounet Gingerbread Sep 30, 2014

    flatounet, Sep 30, 2014 :
    yes i search in google ,
    found how to get package ,found driver probleme ,
    but i dont know what is header ,yes im newbie in linux .....
    but not in "kali" :rolleyes:

    im just using kali on PC , or Vmware ,
    i dont got probleme with this one....
    Vladimir73 ,
    apt-get update ,upgrade ect .... is made
    (adding line source about update in file )

    apt-get install kali-linux -yq
    i got the newsest version of kali ....

    apt-get install kali-linux-full
    i will see if i get driver in this version ......

    i understand what i made ,but im relly newbie in linux
    and with google ,i found fix but never explain why the probleme ,
    or why we made this , is for fix what
    and my english is very poor ,

    i dont need wordlist ,i found better way to do it :D
    you can PM me ,if u need more info ,
    but your better than me in linux
    i think you know the 2th way to do it :)

    but thank's for your help

    same probleme , i go for install full kali :
    edited source file :

    apt-get install kali-linux-full --fix-missing

    internet is ok .....
    open browser and internet work is ok ( look update 86.4 MB is missing of 1.487mb )
    any one can help me ?

    modprobe rtl8187

    libkmod: ERROR ..../libkmod/libkmod.c : 554 kmod_search_moddep: could not open moddep file '/lib/modules/3.4.0-cyanogenmod-g0ad30e5/modules.dep.bin'

    any one can help me ?
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  19. bennibayjajay Cupcake Oct 14, 2014

  20. Pumperdinkle Cupcake Oct 26, 2014

    Pumperdinkle, Oct 26, 2014 :
    I'm pretty sure you still need an external WiFi card even with nethunter.
    I've had Kali on my phone but it seems by the time I have an OTG cable, a power adapter, and a WiFi card plugged in, I may as well just be using a laptop.