keep disconnecting from wifi

  1. DenisTran
    Cupcake Mar 7, 2017

    DenisTran , Mar 7, 2017 :
    I have a one plus 3 and I frequently disconnect from the WiFi at my home, strangely the one at school works fine but no other device has this problem at home so I'm confused on what the problem could be.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  2. G_tj_goodman_AhIT
    Donut Mar 7, 2017

    G_tj_goodman_AhIT , Mar 7, 2017 :
    used to have the issue but when I upgraded to beta version 3 it fixed the issue you might want to upgrade your OnePlus 3/3t to the beta version

  3. b2bharani
    Eclair Mar 8, 2017

    b2bharani , Mar 8, 2017 :
    latest update detects the strong wifi and connects. If the wifi is not strong, it disconnects and look for data. Im facing the same issue n understood.

  4. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Mar 8, 2017

    BobbyV8_ , Mar 8, 2017 :
    Turn off smart Wifi. If it doesn't help, clear cache, restart mobile. Last alternative would be reset your router

  5. ExtremeNuker
    Gingerbread Mar 8, 2017

    ExtremeNuker , Mar 8, 2017 :
    It's the IPV6. That makes the problems. Do you have in your Settings - About Device - Status under IP Adress IPV6 Adresses? If you are rooted install the "IPV6 Disable Tool" from the Play Store and disable the "IPV6 Status" or disable in the WiFi Settings the IPV6 Support.

  6. Highlander0681
    Cupcake Mar 17, 2017

    Highlander0681 , Mar 17, 2017 :
    I have both smart Wifi and IPv6 disabled. Never had them enabled and I'm facing this shit issue since upgraded to latest android.
    Is there a plan to get this fixed any time soon? It's becoming really REALLY annoying...