[Submitted] Known Issues for OnePlus 7 Pro

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  1. Roquendil
    Cupcake May 27, 2019

    Roquendil , May 27, 2019 :
    Apologies if this has already been reported, but I experience the ghost touch issue on multiple apps.
    Most noticeable in Facebook Messenger, Chrome and YouTube.
    The issue seems to be concentrated to the area around the upper right corner, when holding the phone in portrait mode, and I've experienced it both in portrait and landscape mode.
    Hopefully this is something that can be resolved through a software update, but what will happen if the issue is hardware related?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. JoseReyes69
    Gingerbread May 27, 2019

    JoseReyes69 , May 27, 2019 :
    OnePlus 7 pro US unlocked OOS 5.5.4 connected to T Mobile. Having to reboot phone in order to connect to Wifi Calling when in and out of home network. Any solutions

  3. martinklaus
    Gingerbread May 28, 2019

    martinklaus , May 28, 2019 :
    if you have two contact's with the same home Nummer but different mobile number and calling the home number of one, the name of the second contact is shown.

  4. shaggythegangsta
    Froyo May 28, 2019

    shaggythegangsta , May 28, 2019 :
    Ghost touch is a bigg problem when the NFC toggle is enabled, can somebody confirm that it's a software issue and not hardware issue... because if it is hardware issue I have to get replaced my phone. thanks guys

  5. Stevrod
    Eclair May 28, 2019

    Stevrod , May 28, 2019 :
    Using Oxygen OS 9.5.5. These are the issues that are occurring and really stand out for me.
    OS controlled brightness adjustment tends to freak out a little when switching screens.
    Fingerprint sensor is not really good yet. I hold my phone at different angles and because of that I end up putting in several fingerprints for accommodation. Both hands index and thumbs. The only one I can really rely on is my primary hands index finger. The rest are hardly ever detected properly and end up having me input my code to unlock the phone. All 4 fingers registered correctly on the phone. This gets rather irritating as the end result is having to input my code more often than not.
    Both of these should be resolvable with software updates so I hope that they come soon. Everything else works extremely well and the battery has been awesome. So far I haven't had any issues taking pictures with the camera. Pictures have looked superb. Awesome phone! I'm very glad I decided to purchase it.

  6. shaggythegangsta
    Froyo May 28, 2019

    shaggythegangsta , May 28, 2019 :
    Hello guys, after the 9.5.5 I'm noticing that:
    1) Scrolling experience is little bit laggy, on 9.5.4 it was smooth as butter
    2) Ghost touch is still a problem if the NFC is enabled
    3) still there is no video recording with wide angle lens
    4) I'm notcing that also the 4g is having some problems, randomly it stops loading the pages and the it goes to H+ and then returns to 4g+ (also this was after installing the 9.5.5)

  7. SimoxTav
    Donut May 28, 2019

    SimoxTav , May 28, 2019 :
    - USB OTG not properly working with several USB-C Hubs, only video out through HDMI is recognized. It looks like it might be a missing driver issue

  8. Bombhills
    Froyo May 28, 2019

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  9. Krasal
    Cupcake May 28, 2019

    Krasal , May 28, 2019 :
    Hey ,

    does someone have that problem ?
    Sometimes when I unlock my phone, I only see my homescreen (background picture) and the apps are invisible.
    The funny thing is that, even though you cant see the apps, you can open them if you "touch" on their place. Then the apps open regularly
    but if you switch back to homescreen, the apps are still hidden. Only fixed if i reunlock my phone.

  10. mc-milan
    Froyo May 28, 2019

    mc-milan , May 28, 2019 :
    Still facing problems with Double tap to wake. Suddenly stopped working today even with the latest update.

  11. J1558773427093
    Cupcake May 28, 2019

    J1558773427093 , May 28, 2019 :
    WhatsApp doesn't load messages realtime, after phone inactivity whatsapp stops running in the background messages are loaded only when i open WhatsApp again, whatsapp account goes offline this way, tried changing battery settings of watsapp to don't optimize still facing this issue

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  12. mbcool
    Honeycomb May 28, 2019

  13. mustafa4ever89
    Froyo May 28, 2019

    mustafa4ever89 , May 28, 2019 :
    I believe this is for the fingerprint scanner to work. I could be wrong. Once I unlock the phone with my finger print, it goes back to night mode.

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  14. mbcool
    Honeycomb May 28, 2019

    mbcool , May 28, 2019 :
    Never used to happen with 6T

  15. tioma7
    Donut May 28, 2019

    tioma7 , May 28, 2019 :
    Hi guys.
    This is my second oneplus 7 pro.
    The first One was from oneplus store directly. So, that one has the ghost touch problem. Also, a mic problem: my friends couldn't here me well. Also, Android Auto didn't launch on my car(Mercedes 250 cla 2018) on the other hand my Samsung note 9 ( could perfectly launch android auto on my car screen)
    I did return that one and bought another from Tmobile store.
    Again, the ghost touch and the android Auto problem persists. yet, the mic is OK.
    Still considering, If I should keep it or return... though I'm a big fan of Oneplus...
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  16. vsathishk
    Gingerbread May 28, 2019

    vsathishk , May 28, 2019 :
    I am also facing the same notification pull down problem during call.

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  17. vsathishk
    Gingerbread May 28, 2019

    vsathishk , May 28, 2019 :


    Abdul, another issue that me and several others are experiencing is the call audio when connected to Samsung gear S3 smartwatch. When I answer a phone call the call audio is coming through the speakerphone even though the screen says phone(earpiece). I have to toggle manually to speaker then back to phone for the audio to switch to earpiece. This is incredibly frustrating as I'm always connected to my watch so every call I take is being answered on speakerphone until I manually toggle twice. This issue does not occur when I'm not connected to my watch. Please advise.​

    Iam also facing the same problem ,when connected with Samsung gear smart watch.[e]1f623[/e][e]1f623[/e][e]1f623[/e]
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  18. RonnocDraw
    Eclair May 28, 2019

    RonnocDraw , May 28, 2019 :
    I've noticed the occasional scroll lag when swiping across homescreens, I also experience some stuttering when closing a game from the app switcher, the card stutters upwards where as when I close Instagram it's smooth

    I've also noticed scroll lag in Instagram and Twitter occasionally but when I referesh the app it works fine so I'm hoping that's just app optimization

  19. moresnik
    Cupcake May 28, 2019

    moresnik , May 28, 2019 :

    Despite being in vibrate mode and having vibrate turned on for an alarm, phone does not vibrate.

  20. llercam
    Donut May 28, 2019

    llercam , May 28, 2019 :
    In the display>status bar>time setting, the Hungarian translation is incorrect. The "alapértelmezett" (default) should only say "Óra és perc megjelenítése"(Show hours and minutes).
    I've attached some pictures. This issue persists on all devices.