Kudos Team OnePlus via OnePlus Nord

  1. ishaanbahal
    Eclair Sep 8, 2020

    ishaanbahal , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 8, 2020 :
    This phone is amazing, an absolute beast. Not much of a gamer, but this phone is so smooth and performs flawlessly in everything I throw at it, a really great experience so far. And with the OnePlus team constantly trying to address issues, it's an even better phone with that kind of support.

    I know a lot of people might be facing some issues, some major and some minor, but the people posting here have become a little salty lately with comments from some entitled people including things like disappointed/boycott/worst and I feel when folks who make this phone read those, they might feel that they haven't don't a good job, but you have, any of you reading this, YOU'VE DONE A GREAT JOB!

    I've been a OnePlus user for 4 years and will stick around as long as you guys have this need for speed that drives your phones!

    So if any member of the OnePlus team passes by this post, You've done a great job, give yourself a pat on the back.

    If someone random is reading this, please try to be nice to the people here? They're doing their job and sometimes asking nicely can do wonders than SCREAMING YOUR OPINION.

    Needless to say, mods, close this thread as its intended to be redundant and just trying to spread some joy.

    Go Team OnePlus!