Latest Beta pushed me to LineageOS

  1. SP3NGL3R Gingerbread Aug 5, 2018

    SP3NGL3R, Aug 5, 2018 :
    Thought I'd try either LineageOS or Resurrection Remix. I started with LineageOS and so far. I don't think I'm leaving. Face Unlock, and Privacy Guard? I'm in.

    Anyone else have experience with these ROMs? Anything blaring I'm not seeing?
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  2. Waveform Modifier Marshmallow Aug 5, 2018

    Waveform Modifier, Aug 5, 2018 :
    All beta related comments, inquiries and complaints should be directed to the pinned beta thread only.

  3. SP3NGL3R Gingerbread Aug 6, 2018

    SP3NGL3R, Aug 6, 2018 :
    I don't want to talk about the Beta. I want to talk about LineageOS. / RR.

  4. sairgon Eclair Aug 6, 2018

  5. Mr_Cyrox KitKat Aug 6, 2018

    Mr_Cyrox, Aug 6, 2018 :
    Go to XDA Forums of LineageOS and talk about it there...
    OnePlus didn't make LineageOS you know ;)

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  6. Waveform Modifier Marshmallow Aug 6, 2018

    Waveform Modifier, Aug 6, 2018 :
    Than go to XDA forum. What the hell you doing here?

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  7. SP3NGL3R Gingerbread Aug 6, 2018

    SP3NGL3R, Aug 6, 2018 :
    Geez. So much anger. The best part of the phone is the openness and everyone gets so upset when you mention taking advantage of it. :)
    I guess I'll also mention that in general I love what OnePlus has done with OxygenOS. It's awesome. But it's like marrying your first kiss. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't hurt to see what else is out there too. Heck, you might even return to original afterwards.
    I'll limit my posts here to just complaining about the oil affect then I guess. Or asking when Android Q is coming to my 1+1. ;)

  8. SP3NGL3R Gingerbread Aug 6, 2018

    SP3NGL3R, Aug 6, 2018 :
    I'll test it today and post some test images. Not sure the best way to test though. Most it seems complain about zoom and selfie. I'll do that

  9. toastytoast1234 Marshmallow Aug 6, 2018

    toastytoast1234, Aug 6, 2018 :
    Hopefully not together, we really don't need to see those nostril hairs.

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  10. idkwhoiam322 Nougat Aug 6, 2018

    idkwhoiam322, Aug 6, 2018 :
    you know you want to

  11. SP3NGL3R Gingerbread Aug 6, 2018

  12. Eustacio Sealy Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 7, 2018

    Eustacio Sealy, Aug 7, 2018 :
    Well your problem is the beta version you want to talk about something else then please post a comment regarding something beside the one you have posted

  13. noquarter French POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 7, 2018

    noquarter, Aug 7, 2018 :
    Since when it's forbidden to talk about custom ROMs on the forum ?
    There is a dedicated section for this, where this thread is.
    Please guys refrain from posting such comments. As far as I know you're not the owners of this forum nor moderators.
    If you are not interested in a thread, just move on.

  14. Mr_Cyrox KitKat Aug 7, 2018

    Mr_Cyrox, Aug 7, 2018 :
    1. Link the thread then... I would like to see it...
    2. No one sayed it is forbidden... just a wrong place to ask/talk about it...
    3. XDA Forums was a suggestion to where to post...
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  15. noquarter French POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 7, 2018

    noquarter, Aug 7, 2018 :
    Which thread ? Sorry I don't get your point ?

    Erf ... No, that's your mistake

    I agree with this. Thanks

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  16. Mr_Cyrox KitKat Aug 7, 2018

    Mr_Cyrox, Aug 7, 2018 :
    I was talking about this line you wrote...


  17. Afzal Khan KitKat Aug 7, 2018

    Afzal Khan, Aug 7, 2018 :
    If you are on a custom ROM than certainly you are missing a hell lot of functionality of your phone...to start with-
    1. Camera- Slow-Mo, Time Lapse, 30 Sec Shutter in pro mode...& lot more.
    2. App Locker- don't tell me use xyz app locker via play store...a system wide app lock is the best and fastest like we see in OOS.
    3. Advanced settings- there are many settings under this tab which makes my life easier for e.g. Auto restart & switch off.
    4. Switch off Alarm- this is the one thing without which I can not live. You just set an alarm and switch off your phone and your alarm will go off normally even when your phone is switched off.

    There are several other functionality in OOS which isn't there in custom ROM''s..not yet atleast. I have tried almost 7-8 ROMs yet but everytime I have to go back to OOS.

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  18. SP3NGL3R Gingerbread Aug 7, 2018

    SP3NGL3R, Aug 7, 2018 :
    Cheers. Mostly features I don't use. AppLocker I never used especially. But I'm married and haven't a thing to hide nor is she a jealous/insecure type that demands my PIN. Dated that, would never marry that. perhaps when kids get older but unlikely. I do see the point, kind of. The alarm feature is cool. Reminds me of my Blackberry in 2005. Only phone I've ever seen until now with that feature. Such a simple concept and brilliant. As for Advanced settings ... I've seen even comes close to that of RR. Overkill frankly.

  19. noquarter French POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 8, 2018

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  20. PokiX Jelly Bean Aug 8, 2018

    PokiX, Aug 8, 2018 :
    I've tried and even contributed to Cyanogen on all my phones. But on my last 2 devices LineageOs wasn't as good as stock: Nexus 6p and OP5T.
    I tried it like for a week on OP5T and had a lot of minor bugs.
    Can't remember exactly which ones. Also I was missing several OOS features.
    It's sort of okay but not as well integrated IMO.
    Probably depends on what you are after, only you can tell.
    Just ignore the usual spammers club on top who tell you to talk about LOS somewhere else...