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  1. Its.Leandroo
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 19, 2019

    Its.Leandroo , Jun 19, 2019 :

    Hi everyone,

    You might remember me as the winner of the PMChallenge back in March. Since then, I have been actively working on refining the look and features, as well as gathering feedback from users.

    Part of this process is the Launcher Survey recently published, to give me and the team insight into which features are valued the most by the community. This way, we know what features we need to focus on. There were over 2.700 responses on the survey, so thanks to everyone who participated. It really helps us to understand our user's needs.

    To be transparent about the responses, I listed some of the features and their explanation from the survey results below. Some of the requests made in the additional text field are already in development, as @Shine L. pointed out a few in this thread.

    The rating was as follows: 1 means you don't really find it interesting, and 5 means that you really want it.

    Backup & Restore

    Being able to manually create a backup of the launcher, rather than a backup of your whole phone. Backups would be shown in a list, with a name set by you. You would be able to switch between saved backups, which could be used as a way to save different styles you made.


    Folder Grid

    Provide an option to set how many icons are displayed in a row inside folders. Currently, it is locked to 4.


    Advanced Gestures

    Being able to control multiple gestures to take control over what they do. Including: Swipe Up, Swipe Down, Double Tap, Two Finger Swipe Up, Two Finger Swipe Down, Pinch In and Pinch Out. Certain actions that can be selected: Open Drawer, Expand notifications, Recent Apps, Screen Lock, Assistant, Page Previews and launching different apps.


    Icon Size Slider

    Provide a slider to precisely control the icon size, rather than giving three predefined options.


    Show recent apps

    Provide an option to show recently opened apps at the top of your drawer. This will disable the option to show recently searched apps.


    Hide Icon Labels

    Provide an option to hide labels of icons on your home screen, rather than having to manually edit the icon to remove its name. Hiding icon labels on the home screen will not hide them inside the drawer.


    Dock Background Color

    Provide an option to set the color of the dock background, as well the transparency


    Swipe up from apps

    Set actions when you swipe up from an app icon on the home screen. For example: Tapping on Google Keep will open the app, but swiping up on the icon will take you to the Create Note screen directly.


    Folder Appearance

    Set how folders appear on the home screen. Layout options: Grid, Stack, Fan & Line. Background shapes: Adaptive, Round, Squircle, Rounded, Square, Teardrop or a custom image.


    Once again thank you for the valuable feedback during this process. Keep in mind that not every feature might get implemented. If you have questions about the survey, please feel free to ask them below. For feature requests, please submit them in the feedback section on this forum.

    You can check here for more information on how to submit bugs or feature requests through the Feedback tool in the community app.

    Never Settle.

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  2. AnonymousWP
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Jun 19, 2019

    AnonymousWP , Jun 19, 2019 :
    Good work buddy. Keep it going.

  3. Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Moderator Moderator Jun 19, 2019

    Maximus Decimus Meridius , Jun 19, 2019 :
    Data is beautiful! Thanks for the nice report. Overzichtelijk!
    Personally, i would like to see things changed about the "grid"-thing.
    Keep us posted on your findings!

  4. Wackencorpse
    KitKat Jun 19, 2019

    Wackencorpse , Jun 19, 2019 :
    Thx for publishing the results. Now we know how other users think about the launcher and what potential for improvement exists

  5. suhantm
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 19, 2019

    suhantm , Jun 19, 2019 :
    Seems like all these features might just make it to OOS 10! :) Thanks for sharing the results

  6. shadab147
    Gingerbread Jun 20, 2019

  7. Aadeshc
    Honeycomb Jun 20, 2019

  8. Rohit Londe
    Eclair Jun 20, 2019

    Rohit Londe , Jun 20, 2019 :
    Hey . While using instagram ,the search menu is distorted. Not arranged properly . Every time i open Instagram ,i have to close and restart the app to get a proper view of the icons in the search menu. Like this post if anyone has the same problem to get it sloved

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  9. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Jun 20, 2019

    Dresa91 , Jun 20, 2019 :
    Good work :) Thanks for sharing the results :)

  10. Deactivated User
    Jun 20, 2019

  11. Sr.D
    Donut Jun 20, 2019

    Sr.D , Jun 20, 2019 :
    home screen and native apps rotation to landscape it's badly needed.

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  12. Abhi Dahiya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 20, 2019

    Abhi Dahiya , Jun 20, 2019 :
    So most of the users mindlessly asked for everything. GREAT!

    I don't see why would anyone want Swipe Up from Apps and Advanced gestures?!

    Not only adding all these features is a futile exercise but they only increase the work of Developers and at the end of the day they have more time wasted on useless stuff then say improve the camera quality algorithms to flagship levels, deliver relatively bug free and timely updates.

    No other manufacturer is doing some of these above asked gestures and swipe ups. Not even ones with heavy skinned UIs. Neither most of the 3rd party dedicated launchers have such customisations.

    Totally useless exercise.

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  13. matthu.2711
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Jun 20, 2019

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  14. Ferran Princep
    Eclair Jun 20, 2019

    Ferran Princep , Jun 20, 2019 :
    I missed the survey!
    I'd love if the launcher had more columns and rows available.
    I'm currently using CPL just to have 7 icons in the dock and miss the double tap to lock screen and the shelf :(

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  15. cmd42
    Eclair Jun 20, 2019

  16. Zeneeba
    Donut Jun 20, 2019

    Zeneeba , Jun 20, 2019 :
    Useless to you maybe.

    Everyone uses their phones differently, that's the point of the survey, everyone gets to rank their opinions.

    You had the option to say you didn't think these were important, just because more people don't have the same views as you, doesn't automatically make it a waste of time for the development staff.

    These people are just as valid customers as you are.

    I'm sure OnePlus can manage their time well, and get features added that make many people happy, or they wouldn't of asked so many in depth questions.

  17. Abhi Dahiya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 20, 2019

    Abhi Dahiya , Jun 20, 2019 :
    Most people have no idea what they want. Give them options and they will select them all.

    People on this forum also request Custom Fonts, Full Blown themes, preloaded Feature rich music players, video players, bloated UI like MIUI, EMUI or Samsung UI. But that doesn't mean it is a good thing to be implemented.

    As for what is to be asked and what can be fulfilled, OnePlus 3/3T have been left on a buggy Pie version. OnePlus 7 is way behind OnePlus 7 Pro in software updates and features and is being treated like a step brother. OnePlus 7 Pro launched with half baked software, with most of the features being optimised after the launch. And still there is a huge scope of improvement.

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  18. G_plusone
    Nougat Jun 20, 2019

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  19. Padhouke
    Honeycomb Jun 20, 2019

    Padhouke , Jun 20, 2019 :
    great job ! one of the reason that i love oneplus is because of the customizability.

    i dont think customizability is a bloat. it gaves the user more options and doesnt affect things badly.

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  20. RajatDhamija07
    Cupcake Jun 20, 2019

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