Launcher V4.1 with Step Counter and New Layout Style

  1. Andy lone
    Honeycomb Oct 29, 2019

  2. Do2g
    Eclair Oct 29, 2019

    Do2g , Oct 29, 2019 :
    can you please add the option to stop wallpaper scrolling.

    I feel like it's something so simple and a lot of people have been asking for it.

  3. Jaberjb
    Gingerbread Oct 29, 2019

  4. Parth0085
    Eclair Oct 29, 2019

  5. Aakash7T
    Froyo Oct 29, 2019

    Aakash7T , via OnePlus 7T , Oct 29, 2019 :
    Thr app closing and opening animation was better previously. Now the home screen apps move slightly upwards just after closing them. Earlier, they used to be static

  6. Nilamber M
    Eclair Oct 29, 2019

    Nilamber M , Oct 29, 2019 :
    I just love how new features are getting introduced for Android 10 but there is no Android 10 update available.

    Hope to get to try these features soon on 7pro :)

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  8. alishan212
    Gingerbread Oct 29, 2019

    Gingerbread Oct 29, 2019


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  11. W1572363740092
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2019

  12. a_agarwal
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 29, 2019

    a_agarwal , via OnePlus 7T , Oct 29, 2019 :
    It would be good to have an option to adjust the spacing layout in the Drawer. In my 7T, it seems that the rows are to widely spaced and in fact a whole row of icons can easily be adjusted in the same space without compromising the layout too much.

  13. spontan13
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2019

    spontan13 , via OnePlus 7 , Oct 29, 2019 :
    I have a problem, I often use a drawer. I usually use it to: quickly launch the last used applications, check the weather, use favorite shortcuts. no option to automatically hide the drawer.

    No option to automatically hide the drawer after the operation, swipe to the home screen.

    The drawer is used for quick actions so when i'm using the back or home button, I expect to get the home screen instead of the drawer.

  14. NateDev
    Honeycomb Oct 29, 2019

    NateDev , Oct 29, 2019 :
    "Home screen only & Home screen and Drawer
    We are always listening to your feedback! Some of you told us that you'd prefer to display all your apps directly on the Home screen rather than having an app drawer. So, two options are available now: Home screen only, Home screen and Drawer."

    Tbh who's been asking for this feature lol, we want general customizability. OOS launcher right now looks so outdated. And step counter is already in apps like Google Fit.

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  15. meguinness
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2019

    meguinness , Oct 29, 2019 :
    can we please have back the old gesture to open recent apps , go back , and go home please, additional features are nice but why taking away what people are used to and like?? pleaseeee

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  17. cds.deep
    Froyo Oct 30, 2019

    cds.deep , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Oct 30, 2019 :
    I agree. [e]1f44d[/e]

  18. cds.deep
    Froyo Oct 30, 2019

    cds.deep , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Oct 30, 2019 :
    1. No use of step counter unless there is a history to review it. And you should add rewards system to achieve miles to have people interests.

    2. Home Screen layout is a nice addition. But it becomes hectic when u many apps in your phone. You dont have option for sort apps by alphabetically or by usage. only manually you have to organize all the apps icons and if you delete some apps then there will be a space remain on home screen. We should have more options.

    3. Should have option to select multiple apps when creating a folder. Instead selecting one by one.

    4. More options to increase in rows and columns in layout.

    5. In the shelf, there should be an option to hide the widgets name. It is kinda weird when you are adding a music widget in the shelf and you see the widget's name along with the selected layout of widget. See the attached for reference (Poweramp Player).

    6. The shape of the folder also has to be changed along with icons. And more shape customization option should be provided.

    Hope the team will consider these and other valuable feedbacks..
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  19. RajulaRreddy
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2019

  20. JustAPhone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 30, 2019