Left Bluetooth earbud stops working until cache partition wiped

  1. SeaRefractor Froyo Jul 15, 2019

    SeaRefractor, Jul 15, 2019 :
    I have a OP 7 Pro running 9.5.8.GM31CB firmware (not yet far enough along to "unlock" the device for International firmware).

    I am also using a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds (had them with my prior Samsung phone) on firmware R170XXU0ASF3 firmware and version Galaxy Wearable and 1.2.19051551 Galaxy Buds Plugin.

    I have the strange behavior of the earbuds working well for most of the day but sometimes the left earbud is silent. The communication status is shown along with the battery level, but there is no audio with the left earbud.

    If I power off the OP 7 Pro and boot up to the recovery menu and wipe the cache partition and restart the phone, the left earbud will be working perfectly again.

    Very consistent behavior and always resolved with the cache wipe. As for when it's working, I can walk quite a ways from the phone and continue to have great audio, so the bluetooth radio appears to be functioning correctly, just the left earbud acts as a volume level of 0 when the issue occurs.

  2. SeaRefractor Froyo Jul 16, 2019

    SeaRefractor, Jul 16, 2019 :
    Just to follow up, there has been reports about a left-ear bud issue with the Samsung in the forums. Samsung recommended performing a reset on the earbuds and ensuring on the current version, which I had added to my post above. Unlike what is described from users, the controls and alerts work in both earbuds, but when the problem occurs it's like the volume of the left earbud is 0. Again, powering off and performing a cache wipe always resolves the issue. I've reported this to Samsung as well for their support team. Hope this is resolved by one of the two. I'm sure many other "former" Samsung owners have the buds as part of their prior promotions on early registrations for their products and have them on hand since moving over to the better OnePlus phone series.

  3. stotzke Cupcake Jul 17, 2019

    stotzke, Jul 17, 2019 :
    I have this exact same problem with the JBL / Project Rock ear buds. Started with the 9.5.9 update.

  4. SeaRefractor Froyo Jul 30, 2019

    SeaRefractor, Jul 30, 2019 :
    Turns out that I also have Android Audio issues beyond just Bluetooth. If I use USB audio connected to a USB enabled Guitar amplifier, sometimes I can select the audio source and other times it cannot. So the but may be located in the Android Audio implementation and the Bluetooth is just exhibiting it more as it's my primary mode of listening.

    The audio issues continue with the need to power off/wipe the cache partition with 9.5.9.GM31CB. So it's not fixed with the latest T-Mobile update yet either.