Less is more, the story behind the Bullets Wireless Z’s design

  1. Sreeraj MS
    Cupcake Jun 25, 2020

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    Donut Jun 28, 2020

  5. NathanOc
    Cupcake Jun 28, 2020

    NathanOc , via OnePlus 8 , Jun 28, 2020 :
    Bullets Z are the best free gift I've had with any phone purchase. I have air pods that I used daily but since buying my OnePlus 8 and bullets Z they've been left in the draw. The bullets Z are alot more comfortable and practical [e]1f44d[/e]🏼 I can wear them around my neck and when a call comes in just pop one ear bud in and it connects instantly.

  6. MADAN13
    Donut Jun 28, 2020

  7. NathanOc
    Cupcake Jun 29, 2020

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  8. girirajb03
    Cupcake Jun 29, 2020

    girirajb03 , via OnePlus 7 , Jun 29, 2020 :
    I am really disappointed with bullet wireless Z . I purchased it one month ago and from last two days its nor working at all . Suddenly the white light doesn't turn off. Unable to connect or charge or reset it. And i tried all oneplus tips and tricks to make it work but nothing happened. The white light continuous on from when i found its not working. I tried to contact OnePlus support , i tried to chat but there was a long queue and even i waited for half hour to contact customer executive but when i am on number 1 after they said we are sorry there no customer agent available right now . And i tried 2-3 times but all time i am not so lucky to got a agent. And i also sent a mail to OnePlus support and they said we will contact you within 48 hrs bt didn't get any reply. So can anyone tell me from where i can replace these bullet wireless. Really disappointed from one plus . #oneplus #onepluscare #oneplussupport @Yvonne F.

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  9. J1593175364974
    Cupcake Jul 3, 2020

  10. PS_Prashanth_17
    Cupcake Jul 4, 2020

    PS_Prashanth_17 , via OnePlus 7 , Jul 4, 2020 :
    oneplus bluetooth wireless z and oneplus bullets wireless 2 slips off from the ears
    I can't even use it while jogging etc

    and the bass is too low

    Please add ear hooks or change the design ,so that it says in the ear. For your upcoming products

  11. Mak1992
    Cupcake Jul 7, 2020

    Mak1992 , Jul 7, 2020 :
    I am also facing the same issue. Dont understand what to do now.

  12. Paras Markanda
    Cupcake Jul 7, 2020

  13. Cheetosdust
    Moderator, Content Coordinator Moderator Jul 7, 2020

  14. Mak1992
    Cupcake Jul 8, 2020

    Mak1992 , Jul 8, 2020 :

    Paras Markanda

    Hey guys is there any discount on bullet wireless z???? or any coupon???​

    Do not purchase this product. It has an issue, read the comments of many people facing the same issue. Defective pieces have been made for india.

  15. Salman Lodhi
    Froyo Jul 11, 2020

    Salman Lodhi , via OnePlus 7 , Jul 11, 2020 :
    @Yvonne F. Have purchased it almost 40 to 50 days back mint colour. It worked well for a week later on i have noticed a few technical issues started with the earphones. When on call if i keep the phone in pocket the earphones are getting disconnected automatically and call is getting diverted to mobile again this is one issue and the second issue am facing is mysic player isn't getting started with the play button unless and until i open the music player. There's hell lot of wind coming through it while on bike and mic is also worst thing need to take it to the mouth and then speak.

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  16. nishtha kapoor
    Cupcake Jul 13, 2020

    nishtha kapoor , Jul 13, 2020 :
    I am really looking forward to buy these, only blocker being that the mint color is not available for almost two weeks now.
    hoping that it's available soon.

  17. BandiDayasagar , via OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula Blue , Jul 21, 2020 :
    I'm using bullet z since 1 week,mic quality in indoor condition is very good but it is very bad at outside condition especially in call conversation it pickup background environment noise too much, the other person who is in call conversation with me he can't understand my voice because of air noise.it doesn't pickup my voice properly when I'm with some people behind me, I'm very near to mic right....?
    Please note this point for future invention.

  18. Z1596387148976 , via OnePlus Community App , Aug 2, 2020 :
    Yes I facing this problem I brought this op z on June 20 th now it's not working how i solve
    service center phone no could not lift how can I get 1 year warrenty for this