Let's get fit together - How to get from 1KM to 5KM and then keep improving!

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    CosmicPaladin , Feb 18, 2021 :

    I'm providing my tips on how to go from 1km jogs to 5km runs (or more) based on my own experience. If you're already jogging or running, feel free to join the comments below and share your experience and results!

    Alright, with gyms closed in many places across the world, maybe you have been doing your small runs around 1km, perhaps even doing to the jog-walking, to get into the rhythm.

    You feel great, but then you see so many out there, talking about their first 5km run, bragging on top of their worlds. Is it very hard to step up from 1-2km runs to 5kms? Not at all – and why should you take my word for it? Well, 2 years ago, I started my run with 100m and I was gasping for breath. It was very demotivating that I was tiring out at such small insignificant distances, but there was one thing on my side – I had made a “start”. And then, there was another thing also – I “kept at it”. I ran every day and in a couple of months, I hit 5kms. Fast forward to now, am running 30-35kms in one go. Here are some tips that I would like to share. If they worked for one of the laziest guys on earth (me!), it should work for anyone aye!

    Only gear your need – the right shoes
    This is so underestimated and many are misinformed – the shoes. Each person’s foot varies (here is an article that talks more about it), so determine your foot type and buy a shoe that fits it. Not only will it boost your running, but it will also prevent injuries in the long run (pun so intended 😃 ). And it doesn’t have to be a super brand costing heaps of dollars. It can be a decent brand such as Decathlon who is an expert in the field of sports, and make highly affordable shoes.

    I was running with the wrong pair of shoes, which prevented me from stepping up my distances and realized the difference the right shoe can make – it helps reduce the stress, effort you need to put in for each landing and take off, and hence you can run a little more in time.

    Your body, your pace, your race
    Just because someone else runs quicker, longer and better, doesn’t mean you are bad. Treat your running journey as your own. Just like we all have our own grasping abilities to learn, our body is very different from each other. The food we eat, the places we live, the tracks we run, etc, have a lot of say in our runs. So quit comparing. It's so easy to get into the leaderboards of apps and start feeling sad or trying to overdo things or even manipulate. The goal is your own “Self-progress”.

    Once you move into the mindset of locking onto self-progress, you can carve a chart – increase the running distance by 10-20% a month. Your body needs to learn and get used to the grind. Each time you push yourself, your body does adjustments internally and you build the stamina one step at a time – this leads to “sustainability” that is vital in the long runs (pun so intended 😃 ).

    Enjoying the run, as important as finishing it
    In all likelihood, even if you are remotely serious about running and taking it to the next level, you will use some tracking app. One of the most common mistakes people do, is to tracking the “speed” or the “time taken for the run” and try to run fast. While this will give you a runner’s high at the time of it, it's not the right way.

    When you have just started off, run at a very easy pace, making sure the heart rate is very much under control (read more about the HR zones here). The slower you run, the more stamina you will build and the stronger you will get. Then, the pace will come on its own.

    Choose a nice place. If you are lucky, you may have a water body such as a lake or a pond – running around it is soothing and before you know, you’d have run longer than you think you actually did! The landscape et all, will help you “experience” the run all the more and the focus is just beyond running – enjoying the world around you

    And always keep yourself hydrated. The principle I use is a sip or two of water once in 20-30 mins. Don’t gulp heaps but tiny sips.

    Pic: This is a park called Lal-Bagh where I usually run and there is huge pond that I run around. I pause to click the sun-rise!

    Picking a time to meet your runs
    Progress will come from habits. And habits from routines. It is important to program your body – remember your mind is ready but the body also needs to get there. So draw a timetable based on what works. Can be morning or evening but set a time and place.

    There may be really bad days, or lethargy may kick in. But don’t quit the routine. Even if it means a shorter run, do it. Persistence is the key. There have been days where I didn’t feel like running but on such days, I go and run a 10km run. And my body is ready to pick that up.

    Have a buddy!
    This is something you must always remember – run in a pace where you can have a conversation. This will also be an indication of your heart getting too stressed. Sure, tiny bursts of speed runs are OK, but much of your run, has to be this way. So see if you can pull in or join a buddy for your runs! Not only will you have company, but you will also de-stress a lot. The best part – you will again have run longer than you think you have as time just flies by. And having someone to push you for runs is also a good thing. You’d want to match each other on the running calendar 😊

    Tracking and gamification
    While too much tracking is bad, the right amount of tracking will help you. Apps such as Strava have “monthly” and “yearly” challenges. While some are around distances, others are just about running consistency. It may not sound much, but when you look back at your record of having run the last 3 months, 4-5 days of the week, it will motivate you to keep that record alive for the next 3 months.

    Your log is your own motivation. This is what helped me run each day, for the last 3 years, and the benefits of losing 11 kilos, getting from 100m to 35kms, had a major contribution from reviewing my own logs. Look at the parameters of speed, cadence, heartbeat, etc. Make small adjustments in breathing, strides and so on and the changes you make in the smallest of magnitudes over a period of time will give you magical results!


    What I tried to put together, were some of the pointers and lessons that I personally followed and went through. They’re not just good for 1km to 5km, but 5km to 10km, 10km to 15km, and so on! I will leave some useful pointers below:

    1. Never run in cotton clothing. Buy dri-fit clothing
    2. Don't land with thuds - soft landing is what will get you through
    3. Control your food intake - just because you are running and burning calories doesn't mean you can hog to glory! Try the classic "no-sugar-week" and such, where you avoid sugar fully, and see the magic it does.
    4. Avoid running on tar-roads as much as possible. Do jogs on the beaches, clay and synthetic tracks as much as possible
    5. Avoid breathing fully through your mouth. Follow the simple breath-in through your nose and breath out through your mouth as the runs go longer
    6. Participate in at least one running competition each year. It will help you "blend" into the crowd and push yourself
    7. Good tracking apps: Runkeeper, Strava, Endomondo, Nike, Map My Run,
    8. Good tracking devices: Samsung Gear Fit, Fitbits, Garmin - pick the one that suits your budget.

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    camohan , Feb 18, 2021 :
    Pro tips from a pro...!

    I don't know, can't even imagine this guy wakes up early and starts his running at 5 am every single day.

    How cosmic how. Tell us what are the settings you have in your mind that triggers this.

    I remember in one OEF, I agreed to join him. He kept knocking at my door and I was fast asleep...!
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    NShankaraN , via OnePlus 5 , Feb 18, 2021 :
    I have started to jog so many times but stopped after a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can start my daily runs and persist longer this time

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    Nice thread and well explained! I do have 2 questions ! Why running on Tar road is not good ? And 2nd what clothes comes under Dry fit category?
    I'm also into running and cycling stuff ! But I mainly prefer cycling ,I cover 25km on weekends and 12km on daily basis within 45min !

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    Thanks for the tag:)

    @CosmicPaladin thanks for this thread:)
    My distance at the moment is around 10 km :) (when I start my run I always want to run 10 km + x :p )
    I have a pace of around 5 min/km :) usually little faster - so 4:55 to 4:57 :)
    I always push myself to run and then enjoy the nature while running, the fresh air, etc:)
    I love the feeling after a successful run:)

    for tracking my speed and distance I am using a Garmin Vivomove hr:)

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    sfomin , Feb 18, 2021 :
    i dont like running... But i love mtn biking. Most of these tips apply, just need more gear :D

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    I used to cycle as well... But it needs some repairs and I do not feel like getting it done. Will start running now (most probably) 😁

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    First question: Running on tar or stones gives a kind of shock at each step to your bones, your joints, muscles and sinews. Also is running on uneven surfaces more difficult, you ll get a better training effect.

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    GuitarBart , Feb 18, 2021 :
    Very nice thread and respect for the dedication. Good to stay fit during these times. I try to just take more walks as that already helps

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    I have one question ,while running for longer distances continuously like 2-3km sometimes my friend feels pain on the left or right side of the stomach! And after that he cannot run ,he has to stop and after a break he starts again! What can be reason behind it?

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    You are welcome:)

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    Navdeep_Malik , Feb 18, 2021 :
    You forgot about nutrition and things like shin pain and runners knee but really nice thread!!

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    5/km for each lap upto 10km ? Really...that's really good

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    This was my last run (January 23):)