let's share about how people in your city know about OnePlus One?

  1. Tajwar
    Honeycomb May 25, 2014

    Tajwar , May 25, 2014 :
    I genuinely can't remember how i heard about the phone :S
    It was definitely through the internet and i think it was when I was looking for a good cheap phone for several months.
    Then i came across One Plus and the One, so I decided to pay a little extra (150 pound)
    to get one of the best phones on the market as opposed to the Moto G :)

  2. jazzo
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 25, 2014

    jazzo , May 25, 2014 :
    when i walked in the 3 shop the other day enquiring about cutting my sim card to a micro one, they asked me what phone I was getting. I told them I will get the One plus, and nobody had ever heard of it, lol!

  3. a250ml
    Cupcake May 26, 2014

    a250ml , May 26, 2014 :
    as far as i know it is like a new marketing strategic that first one plus needs to gain a certain popularity and then they gain bargaining power with components vendor to get a good price.

    So it is important that everyone of us should get this phone more visible in different forms of media so that one+one could really come to the consumer market.

  4. Evan Ryan
    Honeycomb May 26, 2014

    Evan Ryan , May 26, 2014 :
    I doubt if anyone in my city knows about it.. if so it's just a hand full of people. I only heard of OPO from a cellphone blog I watch on YouTube.

  5. mikelebz
    Gingerbread May 26, 2014

    mikelebz , May 26, 2014 :
    I doubt anybody in my city nor the surrounding ones have any idea (other than myself, of course)

  6. richie123
    Gingerbread May 26, 2014

    richie123 , May 26, 2014 :
    It seems like one plus one is not available in VN till now, but I have my friend in US to buy one for me if he's lucky. Hope I will be the 1st one to have it in VN
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  7. gmo8492
    Lollipop May 26, 2014

    gmo8492 , May 26, 2014 :
    I'm in college and none of my friends know about this phone, I'm constantly surrounded by a sea of iPhones and Samsung phones :/

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  8. neutrino
    Jelly Bean May 26, 2014

    neutrino , May 26, 2014 :
    Nobody near me has any clue about the One Plus One. They barely can spell Nexus.

  9. Navineous
    Gingerbread May 26, 2014

  10. Kage
    Gingerbread May 26, 2014

    Kage , May 26, 2014 :
    THough the county i live is not in the list.. it hits on Most popular daily newspaper. So many people already know about OPO

  11. evilmititis
    Jelly Bean May 26, 2014

    evilmititis , May 26, 2014 :
    I am the only one I know that knows about the OnePlus One, lol. I don't have a large social network of people, and no one I know cares about phones...

  12. fo0ling
    KitKat May 26, 2014

  13. Disaccurate
    Gingerbread May 26, 2014

  14. tpboi
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 26, 2014

    tpboi , May 26, 2014 :
    cupertino, city of apple fan boys. no one knows about one plus.

  15. misfit000
    Gingerbread May 26, 2014

    misfit000 , May 26, 2014 :
    I'd say most people in my town don't know OPO(I'm located in the southern US).I've only talked about this device to one other person.Rarely do I run into "tech" people,most are more interested in "mainstream" devices like the Apple Iphone or the Samsung products.Chinese made phones aren't on anybody's radar.

  16. dulal18
    Honeycomb May 26, 2014

    dulal18 , May 26, 2014 :
    I wonder if China's residents are more excited about this phone as we are.

  17. shiehman
    Honeycomb May 26, 2014

    shiehman , May 26, 2014 :
    a lot of my friends haven't heard of the phone until i told them about it

    i only heard from one of my friends who likes to follow phones/general technology

  18. dulal18
    Honeycomb May 26, 2014

    dulal18 , May 26, 2014 :
    Well so far none of friends here in florida, knows about it I told them little about it but they didnt seem to care.

  19. Nahvi
    Gingerbread May 26, 2014

    Nahvi , May 26, 2014 :
    The more people that know about it the less likely people are to get on until later.

  20. jazzo
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 26, 2014

    jazzo , May 26, 2014 :
    that's what the contests are about :)