Let's talk about our camera experience on custom ROMs

  1. ilker97
    Cupcake Jan 25, 2017

    ilker97 , Jan 25, 2017 :
    13 Pages not enough for releasing the camera blobs ? Wake up It's time to do it we all want it.

  2. G_Kr_Mac_LEDS
    Cupcake Jan 25, 2017

  3. ihonize
    Froyo Jan 25, 2017

    ihonize , Jan 25, 2017 :
    Please release the blobs oneplus! We dont care if it is slower the fact that they are out is what all the community wants. OOS will always be a bit speedier but thats fair considering what's in stake (Good Rooms)that can please the developers community and the hardware manufactor. There are no downsides in fact, user experienced will be better than what is now só whats the catch?

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  4. Pumpino
    Froyo Jan 26, 2017

    Pumpino , Jan 26, 2017 :
    I feel as though OnePlus has treated customers with disdain. We were asked for feedback, we provide it, we were advised that the blobs would be released and then they're not. There's been no communication or timeline since. You'll sell more OP4s if you respect your current customers.

    OnePlus knows that a big selling point of its phones is that they're dev-friendly. However, it released the phone knowing that the camera performance is poor without its algorithms. This ultimately means that we're stuck with OOS. OOS is very good, but the OP3 isn't a dev friendly phone if we must avoid custom ROMs due to poor camera performance. Did anyone see this written in the brochure?

    Next time, if you're not going to release the blobs, include a better sensor that isn't dependent on algorithms to make it perform decently!

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  5. AcmE85
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 26, 2017

    AcmE85 , Jan 26, 2017 :
    Did anyone seriously think that OnePlus will join the discussion?
    Don't you think they didn't know that basically everybody here would be in favor of releasing the blobs.
    Just another measure to play out time...

    This is not the first and will certainly will not be the last thread they create to make users think they communicate with them.

    Small hint: they don't! They never did. They write forum posts to write about these forum posts in their weekly forum post. They feel good this way.

    If you really want them to respond eventually, twitter them, link them on reddit on these discussions...

    To be honest, I am happy with what they accomplished with Nougat so far and I can certainly wait for them to release the blobs. But as I am planning to keep my OP3 for around two years (just like my old OPO), this will:
    a) have a direct impact on my decision to buy future OnePlus devices.
    b) probably determine how long I can actually keep this device because we all have seen them abandon older devices in the past, so custom roms will give us fresh Android Updates and security patches. But custom roms + crappy camera = instant sell and forget

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  6. ProGamer2998
    Cupcake Jan 26, 2017

    ProGamer2998 , Jan 26, 2017 :
    Yes... Please release the camera blobs. This would be the day I have waited for a long time :D

  7. nrusimhamurthy
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2017

  8. crazykas
    Froyo Jan 27, 2017

  9. Manav Bhagia
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 27, 2017

    Manav Bhagia , Jan 27, 2017 :
    It's been a while since they've been out :p . For more details , check my thread out : https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oneplus-3-camera-boobs-are-out.493093/

  10. xXOnePlus3Xx
    Honeycomb Jan 27, 2017

  11. Deactivated User
    Jan 27, 2017

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  12. ninguem98
    Eclair Jan 27, 2017

  13. rajeevxperia
    Cupcake Jan 29, 2017

  14. Zh_kilat
    Android Q Jan 29, 2017

    Zh_kilat , Jan 29, 2017 :
    He is only trying to be funny, look at the 'wrongly' spelled title

  15. mrgarrybassi
    Donut Jan 29, 2017

  16. ctrlaltdal33t
    Cupcake Jan 29, 2017

  17. headcleaner
    Cupcake Jan 30, 2017

  18. kldoc
    Froyo Recognized Developer Jan 31, 2017

    kldoc , Jan 31, 2017 :
    The sooner, the better, actually, to that camera game, this would really give a fully operational camera (with original features) to a device running AOSP, really eager to see this happen :)

  19. daninantro
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 31, 2017

    daninantro , Jan 31, 2017 :
    Then go buy an Iphone

  20. Zh_kilat
    Android Q Jan 31, 2017