[Let's Talk] Analyzing OnePlus and its tagline.

  1. johneebee
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    johneebee , Jul 21, 2018 :
    Analyzing OnePlus and its tagline

    The now famous tagline "Never Settle" can be taken in many different ways.

    Never be satisfied with what you got?
    Never Settle, but never settle for what? Should you never be happy with what you got, even when you just purchased a new Oneplus device. Or another way to take it: I remember wearing the never settle t-shirt and one girl told me she was happy she wasn't my girlfriend because a girl wouldn't be happy if you wouldn't settle eventually with her since that's the goal. But that's not how this tagline should be taken clearly. This is not the way to take it, since you need to be happy in life, and you should allow yourself to be satisfied with the good things in life and appreciate them!

    Never settle for mediocre/ something that bothers you
    This is probably what the company went for. And a way more positive and healthy way to take the tagline. If something in life is not the way it should be (like a malfunctioning phone) or you think of settling for something that's not exactly what you're looking for, you shouldn't just accept it, you should try and change it for the better and go for the best you can get!

    Never settle for a price that isn't worth it
    This is one of the things that I think most of the people on this forum and who actually don't just buy a device for a specific brand totally agree with. We want the best thing we can get for our money, and we don't want to spend to much more then something is actually worth just because it has a specific brand logo on it. This the reason Oneplus first got my attention with the Oneplus one and the reason it still is being going strong with it's products, often getting the tittle of "best bang for the buck".

    Never settle because you can always do better
    This might be a self-rule Oneplus gave to themselves. Letting us know they will always strive for making the best phones they can make for us or at least the best for the price. Oneplus actually claims they started the company because they couldn't find any smartphone that could satisfy there needs when it came to polish, attention to detail and overall experience. Now have they actually achieved their never settle goal? I can say from my experience with the Oneplus one, and the six yes for sure!(not that their aren't any flaws to the devices, but they do seem to go for that typical oneplus flagship quality for a lower price then it's competition). Also when thinking of their other products, their charger wasn't bad at all, wouldn't mind a new version of it and asIi mentioned before, hopefully with dash charge/ fast charging! They do have some way to go, for example with audio accessories, but they seem to get better and better with every version of the bullets and now the wireless bullets, so like their tagline says, they aren’t settling and are going for better quality. So let’s hope Oneplus keeps it up!
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  2. Punk_69
    Lollipop Jul 22, 2018

  3. BobbyV8_
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    BobbyV8_ , Jul 23, 2018 :
    So, Dresa says OnePlus is about making it better with every iteration and we don't need slogans to sell stuff.

  4. BobbyV8_
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    BobbyV8_ , Jul 23, 2018 :
    Report from @NeVeR_SeTTLe reads that even if OnePlus gives out slogans, it is just a means of marketing and at times the company fails to keep up the slogan promise.

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  5. BobbyV8_
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    BobbyV8_ , Jul 23, 2018 :
    Our beloved @Baymax contradicts @NeVeR_SeTTLe to say OnePlus don't just give out slogans but strive hard to keep up their promise!

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  6. BobbyV8_
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    BobbyV8_ , Jul 23, 2018 :
    What we have here looks like a whistle blower among the fanboys. @iNtEnSePL clearly gives out a statement that OnePlus is selling slogans along with the devices. Wait! he also says we're paying the marketing team for nothing!!!

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    BobbyV8_ , Jul 23, 2018 :
    Well well well, @Nick 59 keeps it simple and also tried to save some costs for the company. Just use 'Never Settle' and we don't need BS slogans is what he really means.

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  8. BobbyV8_
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    BobbyV8_ , Jul 23, 2018 :
    @Drewbikscube gives us mixed reactions on individual slogans but still agrees with the "Never Settle"story.

    congrats on 'the red you need'

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  9. BobbyV8_
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    BobbyV8_ , Jul 23, 2018 :
    A classic piece of analysis from our @jooooooHHnyyyyybeeeeeeeee. All in all he gives all the good ways of never settling and chose to be silent on the device slogans.

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  10. DA7801
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    DA7801 , Jul 24, 2018 :
    Well, you got that right mate!
    [OPO - Flagship Killer 2014]
    This was the time where we saw the debut of the phone, once which redefined the defination of a flagship phone,under $299 dollars, which hold true.. till date[e]1f525[/e][e]261d[/e]️

    [OPX - Exquisite design]
    Here we saw one of the best designs and build quality that could be found in a budget phone at that time. AMOLED screen in a budget phone? What else we could as for a better battery life?

    [OP2 - Flagship Killer 2016]
    In 2016, a beast of a phone launched still quite budget-ly for people, still retaining that Sandstone Black finish that we all love

    [OP3 /3T - A day's power in half an hour]
    This is the phone i actually own, has aged extremely well [3T]. Till date this device has not slowed down! Also in OnePlus 3, we got the blazing fast DASH CHARGER which works brilliantly.. Honestly if i sell this phone for a brand new 2018 flagship, i would be upset coz performance is top NOTCH! (puns with the guns[e]1f602[/e])

    [OP5 - Dual Camera. Clearer Photos]
    In this, OnePlus showcased what could get you under $500 that too with a Dual Camera setup! Refinement overall.

    [OP5T - A New View]
    Late 2017, but still? OnePlus caught upto the 18;9 ratio displays and smoked everything out of the proportion.. Over 80% screen to body ratio! That was impressive

    [OP6 - The Speed You Need / The Red You Need]
    Latest and the greatest OnePlus phone ever.
    Transition from a alluminium back to Glass back, definately improved the looks of the phone, but also fingerprints? Nevermind.Well the closest phone you could get next to the Pixel 2. Great

    Well as we have seen prices climbing year over year, we also have to keep this in our mind that we are getting near - flagship experience and the prices will always be $200-$300 dollars below the Flagship from Samsung and Apple

    Thankyou for your precious time for giving it a read! Cheers

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  11. cdnfarmer
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    cdnfarmer , Jul 26, 2018 :
    Slogans and tag lines are very good marketing tools (usually). I agree with
    . To me: The name OnePlus, stands out. It sounds like the phone is number One (or the best) with a little extra (i.e. + symbol).

    Never Settle
    This slogan can be interpreted many ways. It can be left open to the reader or consumer. Many interesting interpretations can be made based on people's perspectives and experiences. Some may say... Never Settle on mediocre. While others may say Never Settle even on the new OnePlus phone you just bought....or some may argue Never Settle and continue to improve. It seems to me that the company would aim to mean Never Settle on mediocre and continue to improve in the products you produce.

    The Speed You Need
    This line represents the phone well. It is fast with little to no delays. My experience with the OP6 has been impressive on this aspect.

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  12. V1531956085539
    Froyo Jul 26, 2018

    V1531956085539 , Jul 26, 2018 :
    For sure. Unlike Apple's iPhones, OnePlus, Google, and almost every other Android phone manufacturer's phones run beautifully until you decide to upgrade.

  13. V1531956085539
    Froyo Jul 27, 2018

    V1531956085539 , Jul 27, 2018 :
    Fastest daily driver phone out there.

  14. luigimario
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    luigimario , Aug 1, 2018 :
    the Name OnePlus: I had no idea was this was when I first heard of it back in 2014. Now after owning a OP3 for 2 years the name carries some meaning based on my experience. Just being One Plus and leaving it open signifies to me that something else is coming and leads into the slogan below.

    the 'NEVER SETTLE':
    One Plus with nothing after it really gels with the never settle slogan. One Plus what? There is no defined end to that equation, thus never settle for what you have and strive to improve.

    Slogans for your analysis

    OPO - Flagship Killer 2014: I would say this was an accurate slogan, especially for the OPO. It was a near flagship spec phone at a budget phone price. It was a market disrupter in my opinion and though it wasn't very common place, it served to launch a great brand.
    OPX - Exquisite design: I would agree with this too. I was considering the OPX initially because of the price point and the look. It sort of resembled an iphone 4, and was appealing to me. I'm glad that in the end I waited and got an OP3 because the OPX was abandoned. However, it did look nice.
    OP2 - Flagship Killer 2016: I would disagree with this slogan, as most people would I think. It was a disappointing phone and more so after it was dropped for support. It was missing certain features like NFC and from what I remember there were other issues but I can't recall what.
    OP3 /3T - A day's power in half an hour: This is 100% true and probably my favourite feature of this phone. I love that I can just give the phone a quick blast in the morning and I have enough juice to last until I get home, or if it gets fully charged, enough until the next morning.
    OP5 - Dual Camera. Clearer Photos: No experience with this phone, but from what I heard it was a decent step up in the camera. I would say that it was probably a true statement because I'd expect the dual camera to produce better photos that the OP3/T.
    OP5T - A New View: I agree with this slogan, as it was a cool way to say that the phone was sporting a new screen ratio. I prefer the 16:9 but the 18:9 or whatever seems to be the new trend so the phone can still be held easily.
    OP6 - The Speed You Need / The Red You Need: I'd agree with the speed slogan. The phone had 8gb of RAM, which is totally overkill but future proof. The Red slogan is a bit lame in my opinion. It tried to match the original slogan but it doesn't really make sense and it's not catchy.

    Does @NeVeR_SeTTLe deserve it or should he change it?: I think he deserves the name, he's one of the most active on the community and one of the few that got level 4 in these "Let's Talk" series. More power to you bro!