[Let's Talk] Does technology improve the quality of life?

  1. brian.sedore
    Honeycomb Jul 28, 2018

    brian.sedore , Jul 28, 2018 :
    Looking at my life, there's no way it would be the same without technology. After meeting my future wife for the first time, I could not have stayed in touch with her without the means of technology. After moving away from home, without technology I could not keep in touch with my family and friends from back home. Same with my brother who moved thousands of kms away.

    Apart from these examples, I have experienced daily in the education field. Some individuals with visual or hearing limitations can use technology to help in their learning process or communicating with the people around them. There are many assistive devices out there that people use everyday. Some rely on them. Screen readers and voice-to-text software allow individuals to use computers with more ease to create work they may need for school or work.

    The healthcare field also has many applications that improve the quality of life of individuals and not just extend their life as another post indicated.

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  2. elanglois
    Lollipop Jul 29, 2018

    elanglois , Jul 29, 2018 :
    Flip it. Without technology, your wife and other family wouldn't have moved so far to begin with. We'd be living in smaller close-knit communities rather than being spread out all over. You've basically outlined the real negatives. You say that without technology you wouldn't be able to keep in touch with your brother who moved thousands of kilometers away, but technology has done is taken your brother thousands of km away from you and given you a poor substitute for physical interaction!

    Screen readers and voice to text software are only required because we now rely on screens full of text! You've told us about how technology has helped mitigate these problems, but technology has caused them!

    In most hunter-gatherer societies, people work less than we do, and there is no disparity of income, no unemployment, and no people starving in the streets. The community works together and stay together.

    I'm sure there are some improvements ... but at what cost?

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  3. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Jul 30, 2018

    Dresa91 , Jul 30, 2018 :
    Good question.

    I think that life in general is improved by technology, especially in the medical field. Here I see technology as a great strength, as a game changer.
    I don't care if my vacuum cleaner is used as a robot to the right or left in my private life.
    But technology is already improving the lives of all people in the fields of economy (i.e. production) and medicine.

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  4. MKT_IRFAN3735
    Jelly Bean Jul 30, 2018

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  5. elanglois
    Lollipop Jul 30, 2018

    elanglois , Jul 30, 2018 :
    I hope everyone realizes my anti-tech responses are mainly devil's advocate, designed to accent points of view that most don't really think about. I don't actually condone a return to hunter-gatherer societies. However, there are some things that perhaps we can learn from them so that we can use our technology more effectively for everyone's benefit.

    Funny story. My brother got a Roomba and let it run during the day while he was at work. His co-workers warned him. He didn't listen. Then one day ... it happened ... you see, he has dogs. Yup ... one small doggy accident can become a massive mess when said roomba runs it over and proceeds to drag **** all over the house!

    He says the dog must have been made at him, riding the roomba around the house backwards so he could **** in front of it while he rode it around. I can picture that! Poor guy said that cleaning the house and the roomba wasn't fun at all. And he won't ever let it run unattended again.

    Maybe they need shit-sensors?

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  6. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Jul 30, 2018

    Dresa91 , Jul 30, 2018 :
    haha :D great story :D
    maybe :D

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  7. 1sri
    Froyo Jul 30, 2018

    1sri , Jul 30, 2018 :
    Tech is useful nonetheless.

    Blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring systems can save life and hence improve quality

    Can book tickets online, buy phone online, can cool ur room with ac, smart lock for homes, prosthetic electronic arm, email, video recording, Skype, can fly in airplane, nuclear power plants, electricity, theaters, so on

    All started with discovery of fire and invention of wheel! Man's greatest achievements

  8. elanglois
    Lollipop Jul 30, 2018

    elanglois , Jul 30, 2018 :
    Blood sugar monitoring is hardly useful to a hunter-gatherer society with no access to refined sugars.

    They have no need for tickets, phones and skype (they all live in one community), airplanes, nuclear power (or electricity of any kind). They not only don't need smart locks, but don't need locks at all, and maybe not even doors.

    It's amazing that people are so reliant on technology that you can't even see that all the things technology does for you (beyond fire and the wheel) are only useful in a technological society!

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  9. 1sri
    Froyo Jul 30, 2018

    1sri , Jul 30, 2018 :
    That's true, I will ask what happens if tech disappears now?

    We were born in hospital room instead of forest lands, we eat cooked food instead of raw meat, we shoot a tiger if it tries to kill u, sail the 7 seas in titanic, we have eradicated small pox, and yes of course we use smart phones! So much so that we're addicted!

    Clearly In every way I try to think I see death and doom of our species if we were in the forest, or in the sea.

    In the coming decades we will have robots. And later we will be jumping to new galaxies in our spaceships!

    And of course alcohol! So cheers to tech life! :D

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  10. Shubhamgt
    Froyo Jul 30, 2018

    Shubhamgt , Jul 30, 2018 :
    yes it improves but OnePlus you please improve more the quality of the camera of OnePlus 5 and make it oil painting free

  11. Sampath_Kumar_
    Honeycomb Jul 30, 2018

  12. elanglois
    Lollipop Jul 30, 2018

  13. V1531956085539
    Froyo Jul 30, 2018

    V1531956085539 , Jul 30, 2018 :
    Here's how I see it: Yes, technology can make you stupider. But only if you use it in a certain way. Posting absolutely everything you do on social media will make you dumber, but asking Google what "tempestuous" means won't. Browsing Twitter or Instagram will make you stupider, but watching a YouTube video to help you fix your bike will not. It's mostly social media that will make you stupid. It's that waiting and waiting for someone to like your post (and yes, you are subconsciously doing that) or that watching a live video of your friend going grocery shopping. OK, you probably don't do that last one, but I'm just giving reasonably realistic examples. Don't be hooked to your phone (especially outside), but use it for productive things, or even just for frivolous things occassionally, but don't use it as a drug or a sedative for your kids. And, try not to use social media.

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  14. elanglois
    Lollipop Jul 30, 2018

    elanglois , Jul 30, 2018 :
    Some good points, but wouldn't you learn more by opening a dictionary rather than asking Google?

    The GPS study comes to mind that our reliance on GPS has lowered our sense of direction. Because the answers are so easy to get, the brain gets lazy.

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  15. 1sri
    Froyo Jul 30, 2018

    1sri , Jul 30, 2018 :
    Tech not only makes us dumb, it has weakened us!

    In old days, people used to remember roads, remember phone no, calculate in mind, go to the store, watch people perform live, speculate, spend quality time with living beings.

    Today we use maps, save contacts, use Calc, order online, use VR, get answers from Google, spend quality time with our devices and hence we don't get to spend quality time with others..

    And also in olden times we used to walk long distances to meet people and now we use cabs to reach our destination. We used to breathe fresh air, today we breathe polluted air.

    In all Era of technological advancement man has sought war and we have nukes today waiting to be deployed! So it's the human nature itself. We have this insatiable inner desire for peace and for abomination. Tech is the tool we use to achieve the target.
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  16. akshayr723
    Honeycomb Jul 31, 2018

    akshayr723 , Jul 31, 2018 :
    I totally agree with you. Even Einstein said that our generation is getting dumber due to technology. It's becoming true. We have made our isolated from the real world. We prefer to live in the fake reality than the real one. We see that the population is becoming more of introverts ( I am not saying that it is a bad thing, just mentioning the change). If we utilise technology rather misuse we can create wonders.

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  17. Sumanaa
    Cupcake Jul 31, 2018

  18. 1sri
    Froyo Jul 31, 2018

    1sri , Jul 31, 2018 :
    There are days where I simply open chrome, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp and kill hours!

    There are times when I have used many hours productively with tech.. Tech is available too much. People have 3 - 4 phones, multiple sim cards, many laptops. All because of 5% performance boost.

    We are baked in radiation, smoked in pollution. I suggest that we have 1 device for all needs. This way we can save ourselves some time to spend with family and friends.

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  19. elanglois
    Lollipop Jul 31, 2018

    elanglois , Jul 31, 2018 :
    One device?

    When is OnePlus gonna make a cell phone that unfolds into a tablet, docks into a keyboard to become a laptop (with full Linux app support like the new Chromebooks), and can make me coffee????

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  20. 1sri
    Froyo Jul 31, 2018

    1sri , Jul 31, 2018 :
    Lol. I meant skip multiple phones and tablet and buy oneplus.