[Let's Talk] How does your favorite OnePlus device compare to other devices?

  1. NoInspiration
    Honeycomb Mar 20, 2018

    NoInspiration , Mar 20, 2018 :
    Great speed and software.
    Great price.
    The back (5/5T) looks horrible and is a Iphone copy
    Camera overall is pretty pathetic
    Screen is gorgeous.
    Love the slider!
    secondary camera is boring (would love a wide angle)
    straight up sad update schedule (My 3T is a year old and I'm not getting 8.1)

    I got the 3T and I'm overall very happy with my purchase 1 year ago

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  2. MKT_IRFAN3735
    Jelly Bean Mar 20, 2018

    MKT_IRFAN3735 , Mar 20, 2018 :
    My daily brother Oneplus 5 is my favourite mobile in previously i used Sony Xperia e1dual but it's very low end specs but i don't care and i see my friends Mobile like Apple iPhone and Samsung they tell that in iPhone we can't easily listen to our favourite music's and in Samsung it doesn't provide nice smooth user interface that's like he say i feel that why mobile companies are not providing a good range mobile for paying the right price to buy. Then in 2016 I heard a company ONEPLUS which offer 6gb ram this is the first ever Mobile that offer 6gb ram with high end specs with mid range price i felt unexpected how it would be then I started to search the OnePlus [e]1f60d[/e] and i searched for user experiences and they said I'm happy with the beast then i decided to join the family of Oneplus, then in now 2017 I bought ONEPLUS 5 [e]1f60d[/e] which was mesmerizing and it was like a mini laptop with high end specs thanks OnePlus for offering a mobile that you're all want to use and also the consumer thanks God [e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e]

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  3. Endruuu
    Gingerbread Mar 20, 2018

    Endruuu , Mar 20, 2018 :
    The OP3 is my second device from Oneplus and generally speaking I'm quite satisfied both in terms of build quality and software experience. What I like about Oneplus is that they pick up interesting and innovative ideas e.g. as the gesture control (iPhone X). I was a little concerned after the Cyanogen deal was cancelled and the development of Oxygen OS started, but since then the OS development is heading in the right direction. Thinks that I'm missing on Oneplus are really great low light fotography capabilities (using machine learning and AI as the Pixel2) or slow motion (as shown by Sony and Samsung). The most missed feature however on my OP3 is a dedicated one-handed mode where you can shrink the size of the screen when you don’t have a second hand to spare.

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  4. malidan
    Nougat Mar 20, 2018

    malidan , Mar 20, 2018 :
    Fixed that for you.
    If your going to give credit, give it to whom it's due.;)

  5. Tomhall
    Froyo Mar 20, 2018

    Tomhall , Mar 20, 2018 :
    My current Oneplus 5T is amazing, it is never slow and is my favourite device for what it is. Agreed it doesn't have water resistance or wireless charging, but I don't want to pay an extra £300 for just essentially those 2 features. The other flagship phones do almost exactly the same thing. And to be honest I used to have a really bad Sony phone before my 5t and the 5t just blows it out of the park regarding every aspect of a modern day smartphone

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  6. NikhilJagtap
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 20, 2018

    NikhilJagtap , Mar 20, 2018 :
    The straight forward question will be 'What does make OnePlus better?' or 'Where does OP stand in the game?'
    OP is one of those brands which are known for their flagships (I know OP is known for Flagship Killers), people just wait for the new arrival of that brand. Just like OP5 and OP5T, and now they are boosting OP6.
    Why will I choose OnePlus? Because it is One Plus. Above all. In today's age, the beast phone will change day by day, SD835, SD845 and it continues. You have to pay a great amount everytime. Many of us like to be in the race, like having up-to-date versions of processors and GPU. But spending huge amount everytime? Huh that's the problem. So solution is 'The Flagship Killer.'
    For the amount I paid, OnePlus is the best valuable thing I can get. Crowd will compare it with Razer, or HTC U11. I have used HTC phones and I know what they are with their SenseUI and awesome systems BlinkFeed and DotView, simply amazing. But HTC too, has raised its bar. But OP came as the saviour. OP phones are worth to their value and hence it is their main weapon.
    Moreover, in daily life, the phone OP5T I own gives great backup, photos, storage, display, Face Unlock (Special Mention), Dash Charging, OxygenOS, and many more. Phones in market at this price range don't even touch OP tangentially. OnePlus keeps the phone up-to-date with the latest security patches and OS version of course. OP5T will knock many phones of my friends straight into their faces, without any doubt. OP has its own community and forum where people help each other, just like other big brands. About Customer Service, the experience with OP is not that much good but L1 DRM update showed that the company cares about its customers and it must.
    You get the newest system and hardware every year with affordable prices. Flagship Killer, it suits for OP5T. I am getting all of it, in less than half of price of flagships.
    To summarise I will say that I can't regret my decision of moving to OP5T. This buddy is...is just awesome.
    Thank you.

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  7. Fredol
    Cupcake Mar 20, 2018

    Fredol , Mar 20, 2018 :
    I have a OnePlus 3T

    The phone is great so far and I'm quite happy about my purchase;

    I bought the phone for a great stock android experience and it's what I got.
    I like the stock apps OnePlus app like the great filemanager we have.
    The removal of the stock music app is the only bad thing that happened so far.
    OxygenOS is getting constant updates too (we're at 8.0 now!)

    A good 1080p Amoled. The screen is almost unbreakable; I've dropped the phone a thousand time and no sign of wear.


    The phone lasts a day and recharges in 30 minutes as advertised. Some times it runs out before the end of the day but nothing problematic.


    For some weird reason it's fast but a bit laggy. There's also a bit of touch latency that affects my typing.
    I don't really play big games on my phone so I can't tell about anything else.
    Otherwise, opening and switching apps is really fast. Boot time is standard.


    They get loud enough. Nothing much special to say about this


    I use a case most of the time but the phone is quite good. Feels great in head and looks great too.


    A bit disappointing. It's not a samsung camera but it gets close.


    You can root it easily with Magisk but I'd be nicer if it would be a root switch like on Meizu phones.

    Overall it's a 8/10

    My recommandation for OnePlus for their next phone is not to play the stupid ongoing bezel wars phone macufactuers are having but rather make a great functionnal phone that will have a removable battery and easier root.

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  8. shabs_88
    Gingerbread Mar 20, 2018

    shabs_88 , Mar 20, 2018 :
    Thanks @Ruby G. for keeping a topic wherein we can share what we actually feel about our device.

    I am very well known to devices like Nokia 6600, 7610, E63 based on Symbian OS. My first android phone was Samsung S3 which used to do almost everything but used to lack the UI and it used to hang a lot. I followed all the Samsung galaxy device till S5 but still I was missing the touch and feel what I really wanted.

    I picked up a LG and thought it would be nice to use that but unfortunately the motherboard burnt in 6 months post which I repaired and sold it off. I made up my mind that LG is good in other electronic items but not handsets.

    Post which I landed on Sony Xperia. It was boring to use it as I couldn't customise the phone and the ram was less. Due to which my phone used to hang and used to be hot. The battery used to drain quick and charging it used to be a challenge.

    I heard a lot about Apple from Apple fanboys. I bought 6s and used it for a couple of months. I ended up with not able to install anything from unknown sources. I was bugged with it. I sold it off and bought the device with more RAM, Good camera, Fast charging.... The OnePlus 3T.... The perfect phone to be with. I was really impressed with the performance and the dash charging. Never heat up and regular updates.

    Later when OnePlus released OnePlus 5, I couldn't hold myself. I sold it off and bought the OnePlus 5. Great design, sleek, More RAM, better camera and best for gaming. This is the best device with better UI and regular updates. It's a flagship killer with a nominal price.

    Happy with the performance. Happy to be a part of OnePlus family. Keep up the good work!!!

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  9. dougninja
    Eclair Mar 20, 2018

  10. TheRealGamer
    Lollipop Mar 20, 2018

    TheRealGamer , Mar 20, 2018 :
    I will talk about the OnePlus 5T, Through my experience.

    The OnePlus 5T is a beast on performance and I or anyone can't argue on that matter. But a Smart Phone means a mobile should do every task.

    In this write-up I will compare OnePlus 5T with other Flagships available ( I know it might not be fair to compete it with the 600$ + Flagships. But it offers 90% of features that the other flagship give us )

    So let's start it.

    Performance : The thing which I liked about OnePlus is that their Performance. They never let you down. I thought that no people should also have complained about the performance on OnePlus devices, because it's great everybody know. and if we compared it to even S9+ which is recently released, it will beat it in every performance test you throw.

    Display : Many people only believe the spec which are on paper ( which looks good but not the truth always ) . if it's QHD then it will be great, if it isn't then it's not great, this is the thing that is in the general user mind while buying mobile. But if you take a S8+ and 5T side by side and lied someone that the 5T has QHD as S8+ they will believe without doubting. So I thought OnePlus have really balanced the battery usage and Display quality very accurately, which I like. and using it 3 months I have never faced a single problem, and just admire the beautiful display

    Camera : I know, you will think that I am going to write that OnePlus camera is not as good as S8+ or whatever. But actually the OnePlus 5T camera is good. really good. What it lacks ? an optimised Auto Mode. Yes, if all the people who are complaining about OnePlus Camera, used Pro Mode to take photo ( I know everyone can't use pro mode as it's hard for some people ), then not even a single people would have complained about it. So I will say that the " OnePlus Camera's great, but it lacks some optimisation in Auto Mode "

    Sound : The sound in the OnePlus device is good, for moderate user like us. I know it's not Razor Level, and not even a single device ( not the S9+ ) has the sound like it. And I thought the sound quality is better than S8+
    I don't think OnePlus requires dual speaker as ONE IS ENOUGH

    Ram Management : I don't what to write in this topic, as all I can say that OnePlus is and will be champ in this category.

    Battery : The best battery life ever available. just do whatever you want, play games, browse web, chat, or do anything it will still last you a day. and if it not then there's the life saver DASH Charging which charge your Battery in Half an Hour. and as the expensive Flagship are using QHD Display they drain more battery and their charging technology is not good at all too.

    System Update : I don't know why many people forget this topic, as this topic is very important as it depend on the usage of your phone. if the phone don't get update quickly then what's the point. And OnePlus motto is really presenting themselves " Never Settle " They update their device as fast as they can.

    Despite being small company as compared to the competition, they worked hard and very well. They do everything they can do, and the results, you know. A successful company in 3 Year.

    To Wrap Up : I can say that the OnePlus is PERFECT in this price range. there is no phone like OnePlus that offer this stuffs, features in this price range. and ofcourse " NEVER SETTLE "

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    Gingerbread Mar 20, 2018

    DLYADAV , Mar 20, 2018 :
    one plus is really great.
    But these days we are feeling your support is getting slow.
    some time security issue are making us to rethink about one plus.
    frp lock(Google lock) it is very weak on one plus device.
    if one loose the device it can easily be unlocked .
    so i think one plus need to rethink about security .
    as I am 3t user.i am feeling,one plus 3t user are not getting that much attention and care.
    I think 3t was launched with nougat and we get one update i.e oreo..
    as Google said every Android will get support for 2 year or 2 big update and them security update.
    so according to that we must get Android p.
    but I read the announcement about 3t will get 8.1 only.
    I think we missed one update ,we should get Android p.

    speaking truth I bought one plus 3t because of update and hardware .
    if one plus will care their older devices more and more people will be attracted towards one plus brand.
    hope you will think about this.

  12. antidanis
    Gingerbread Mar 20, 2018

    antidanis , Mar 20, 2018 :
    My favorite OnePlus device is the OnePlus 5T. I’d love to compare it to other devices.

    OnePlus 5T VS Microwave

    Let’s take my microwave, for example. It’s honestly pretty “meh” compared to my 5T. The power consumption is terrible at 1200 Watts. It has no battery. It’s made by Samsung (errgh), and it can’t produce food on demand. My 5T, on the other hand, has a great 3300 mAh battery, is very power-efficient, and you can use an app to order almost any type of food you want in Los Angeles, delivered right to your door.

    OnePlus 5T VS Vacuum Cleaner

    Let’s now compare it to my vacuum cleaner. I’m not even going to go there regarding power efficiency! The 5T is 5.71 ounces. The vacuum is like 20 pounds that you have to drag around. The vacuum is also UNREASONABLY loud, whereas my phone is nice and pleasant. Also, the vacuum does not have Bluetooth. Now, let’s compare my 5T to my television.

    OnePlus 5T VS Television

    My television uses some prehistoric plasma technology. It looks decent from the couch, but when you come up close, it’s super pixelated. It’s interesting that my 5T actually has the same resolution in a small, manageable screen. Also, the screen is Optic AMOLED and looks wonderful. The two devices are similar in some ways, both have Netflix and Wi-Fi connectivity. However, the 5T is much more convenient and transportable, whereas the TV is quite stationary.

    OnePlus 5T VS Motorola Radio

    I would like to now compare the OnePlus 5T to my walkie-talkie radio. Both have a similar form factor. However, the OnePlus is much more functional. It has a range of more than 3 miles, and it has much greater utility. You can look up Martha Stewart’s recipe for pie. Try doing that with your radio!

    OnePlus 5T VS Nexus 6P

    OnePlus actually cares about our opinion as users. Google thinks they know exactly what people want. OnePlus pays for plane tickets and hotels to get users out to open forums. They continuously improve devices. It shows. I like my 5T so much more than my OnePlus 3 or OnePlus X or my wife’s OnePlus 2. Progress stems from continuous improvement, and OnePlus never settles!

    @Ruby G.

  13. The1Lion
    Marshmallow Mar 20, 2018

    The1Lion , Mar 20, 2018 :
    Well seeing as I still own and use the OPO, I have to say it stacks up pretty well. :D I recently started shopping a replacement but was looking for a low budget type of phone. Here's what I found, 3 years later and the OnePlus One can still give some newer phones in the $200 range a run for their money. I mean I'd gain in some respects but loose some functions or storage in the process. I had mainly narrowed it down to a Moto G5 Plus or Honor 7X (North American version).

    So why am I still using the OnePlus One? Well I have the 64GB version and the 7X is only offered as a 32GB version here. The Moto G5 Plus would go over $300 and then I'd have to consider more phones for that price range. Also my One has dual WiFi bands so can use both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the 7X is only 2.4GHz - perhaps not that big of a deal but I like having the dual bands available. I eventually had ruled out the G5 Plus as I felt the 7X gave you about the same and perhaps more for $100 less. But then comparing the 7X to the One - I'd get a nice screen and I supposed a bump in the CPU but was it worth spending the $200 for it? As tempted as I was, I've decided to pass on the 7X and wait and see.

    The One was done right :D I have LOS on it now and the community (here and elsewhere) seems to be going strong. I may even flash an Oreo based ROM soon (if I get the time) When the battery started going, I reviewed how to replace it and again - it was done right! Easy for me to get to the battery, remove it and place a new one in the phone. That's probably why I haven't been in a rush to replace it. ;)

    Of course with all the 'new' stuff being pushed out, it's getting my attention. Recently comparing phones the 5T is a top pick but others are also upping their game and in some ways may even start to edge out OnePlus in the mid-range bracket. I think it's going to be an interesting year :)

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  14. RogerF81
    Honeycomb Mar 20, 2018

    RogerF81 , Mar 20, 2018 :
    I own the OnePlus 5, so I'll compare it with its predecessor in my property, the HTC 10, and the Galaxy S8 of my girlfriend.

    Build and desgin: Well, the build quality of the 3 mentioned phones is great and solid without any exception. In terms of design, of course, it's a quite subjective thing. The HTC 10 is by far the smallest phone of these 3, and nowadays, it would be too small for me. Besides, I even liked the design of the HTC 10, though it had quite "big" bezels. One of the good things was the front facing facing finger print reader, which is the case on the OnePlus 5, too. This is exactly the reason, why I am glad to own the OnePlus 5 and not the 5T. I really like the front facing finger print scanner and the „old“ 16:9 display ratio. Besides, the OP5 looks quite unspectacular, but I still like it. The downside is the position of the single speaker, which is really not good. The S8 looks awesome on first sight, the infinity display is impressive. The downside is the finger print scanner on the back, which is kinda stupid.
    So all in all, no winner here.

    Display: We have 2 AMOLED displays here against one LC-Display. The LC-Display of the HTC 10 was quite nice, but there have been several issues with it (some were reddish or yellowish), but it was one of the better LC displays for sure. The AMOLED display of the OP5 is good. But nothing else, it clearly loses against the S8's screen, as the S8 has better colors and can get much brighter than the OP5. I don't like the 18,5:9 display ratio of the S8 though, but still, the S8 clearly wins this category.

    Camera: The 10's camera was up to this date the best camera which HTC brought to a smartphone. The single lens setup worked well, except some overexposed scenarios. The OP5's camera is ok, but nothing more. Why? Well, the dual lens setup is nonsense. The second "telephoto" is nearly never used and if, the photos are grainy. The normal lens does a good job without doubt in good light situations, but massively fails in low light situations in my opinion. From what I've heard, even the OP5T isn't much better in this case, as the second "low-light" lens of the OP5T is nearly never used as well. The S8's camera is great. Although it only has a single lens setup, it nearly never disappoints. The photos are oversaturated, yes, and sometimes, there could be more details, yes again. But still, the S8 wins this category as well. [I won't compare video capabilities, as I take videos not often enough to share a valid opinion. But a little hint: An OIS in future phones would be nice [​IMG] ]

    Speed, multitasking, Ram management and more: I want to trim down this category a bit and will make it short:
    The Ram management of the OP5 is quite bad, but in terms of speed, multitasking and thermals it clearly wins against the two other phones.

    Software: I'll skip this to trim down this post. But, shortly said, the HTC 10 wins this category.[​IMG]

    Audio: This is a quite unfair comparison, as the HTC 10 has a dual speaker setup, both the OnePlus 5 and the Galaxy S8 have only one single speaker at the bottom. BUT, and that's nice, all three phones have a headphone jack [​IMG] Definitely the right decision! The output over the jack is about on par on all three phones, audio quality is good. The output through the speaker is about on par of the S8 and the OP5 (difficult to tell which one is "better" or "worse), but the position of the OP5's speaker is definitely worse. It's on the left side of the device. And I normally turn the phone to the left, too, when I play games or watch a YouTube video. That's why I quite often cover the speaker with my hand, which is unfavourable of course. So this is something which has to be improved a lot! The best thing would be to make a dual speaker setup as the HTC 10 has. The audio quality is quite nice and has more volume than the other 2 phones. That's why, in terms of audio, the HTC wins for sure.

    Battery life: Well, the HTC 10 was shit. In average, I got about 5 hours of SOT with my normal usage, my best result was 8 hours of SOT one single time and in continuous usage over one single day. The S8 seems to be a bit better. I don't have exact values unfortunately, but I guess it should do better than the 10. Clear winner is the OnePlus 5. In average, I get 9 hours of SOT in 2 days of usage. My best results were 10 hours SOT over two days (24 hours) respectively 8,5 hours SOT over 3 (!) full days of usage. Amazing. The S835 is a highly efficient chip, and well, using the phone is pure fun. And the battery life is outstanding for sure. This point clearly goes to the OnePlus 5.

    Developer support: I’ll trim down this point as well: S8: Meh. HTC 10: At the best, a little bit better. Meh. OnePlus 5: Amazing: Clear winner in this category: OnePlus 5

    Summary: So, I compared 3 phones, the HTC 10, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5 in 9 categories. The HTC 10 won 2 categories, the S8 wins 2 as well and the OnePlus 5 wins 4 categories. In one category, there is no winner. So I would say, the OnePlus 5 is great device, and clearly wins even against the much more expensive Galaxy S8. Though, there are still things which could be improved. Keep it up and, never settle.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018

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  15. Shuller
    Jelly Bean Mar 20, 2018

    Shuller , Mar 20, 2018 :
    Well my favorite OP phone is stunning fast... and no other phones can compare with it.
    It has it's own design and other companies are trying to copy it... however they are not even close to how stunning looks my favorite OP device.
    It is full of innovations... Cameras under Display, FP under Display, on back it has cameras with auto focus and auto change of the wide range... I do not have to worry about dust or rain coz my favorite OP device is protected from factor with IP 99))
    Well yeah... I know, My favorite OP device won't exist ever...

  16. johnhart
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 20, 2018

    johnhart , Mar 20, 2018 :
    I started with the iPhone 2 and kept each phone for two years back in contract days. My last one was the iPhone 6. Or what I like to call a complete piece of shinola. I was all Apple ecosystem but the phone was so poor and pricey it inspired me towards Android.

    So this is more about what the iPhone 6 lacked and what the OP3 offered. Because really we're being invited to compare a new phone to an older phone. Right?


    Wait... what? This is my first comparison?!? Not the screen or Oxygen OS or build quality or Android itself? That's right. To understand why I bought this phone is to understand how Apple scams customers via RAM and storage.

    The iPhone 6 wasn't free when I bought it. When the smoke cleared on financing payments it was like $650. And so when you lay out money like that (back then) you demand a flagship phone. That's reasonable, right?

    I bought the 6 when it was just introduced. Waited in a shorter line than usual a day or so after release. That phone worked like any iPhone -- pretty damn good for the first year. Sure -- surfing with Safari was a poor experience but then I don't really believe you should ever surf on your phone with a web browser. Computers destroy phones in this regard.

    A major iOS update happened. All of sudden... something was wrong. Apps became laggy. Sometimes crashy. If on a scale from 1 to 100 I rated Safari's ability to load any page -- 1 = unable to and 100 = like lightening -- it had become a 2. It basically couldn't manage it. I also noticed my vast music collection in iTunes was very moody. It seemed to often forget what music I had and was typically in a pissy mood about playing this or that song.

    I hit the Apple boards. "My phone works GREAT!!!" chirped the reliable iApologists. "It must be you!" "Have you tried a fresh install?" And the classic -- "Did you install any non-Apple apps?!?" Yes -- I was actually asked this. As if the point of having 'the most apps on any platform' is to run away from them in fear of what might happen if you install any of them.

    I did more research on the web. Watched a YouTube legend say, "Hey... just hold your fingers here and here and wait a few seconds and VOILA the phone frees up it's RAM! Just like a reboot except faster! See if this helps!" Haha, hee hee.

    So there it was. Memory issues. After owning iPhones all those years it had never occurred to me to look at how much RAM the damn phone offered. Turns out this flagship super computer in my pocket had 1 entire gigabyte. Can you believe it? Not two, not three, not four -- but a flacid 1000 megabytes.

    It was like WONDER WOMAN kicked me in the nuts. I actually got sick to my stomach. One what planet does any computer of any type work great on 1GB of RAM? Any web browser needs more than 1GB just to properly function. And typically the system does too.

    At least some awesome storage would allow for some awesome swap space. Right? This pricey toilet log only came with 16GBs. And that really didn't cut it in normal use. I had to pick and choose between which apps I installed. I had to frequently move photos and videos off the phone. I rarely stored music locally. And here's the worst part --

    -- I routinely had to wipe the phone clean and do a fresh install. Why? This mysterious folder called 'other'. For the uninitiated the 'other' folder is this mysterious space that grows and grows on iPhones of this period. Nobody (including Apple) would quite explain what it was. Only that it grew and grew and after about 4 months would end what storage you had. You'd learn about this because you'd start getting messages that you couldn't take new photos.

    Out of space. So how in God's Toaster Oven are you supposed to use 'swap space' to when it doesn't exist after a few months?!? The iPhone 6 is as much a flagship phone as Trump's head is full of hair.

    So I started looking at Android phones. You'll never guess which one caught my eye. I'll give you a hint. You're going to have to move closer to your screen to see this.

    The one with 6GBs of RAM and 64GBs of storage.

    How'd you guess?

    Overnight I had a phone that just worked. (Where have I heard that before?) I could install any apps I want. Go on a vacation and take an obscene amount of photos and videos. Store ripped movies on it for long drives. All at once.

    And Marshmallow? How many GBs did it use? The system typically booted with 2GBs tied up. Once I had say 8 key apps open it rarely used more than 3GBs of RAM. With Nougat it drifted up a little... maxing out at 4GBs.

    With iPhone I had to reboot the phone a few times a day. OP3? Once every morning. Just for a fresh start.

    There are iApologists who will make the following asinine comments --

    1. But you're comparing a two year old iPhone 6 to a new OP3. Right. The iPhone 7 I didn't buy came with 2GBs of RAM and 32 GBs of storage. Wow. I'm so impressed.
    2. But Android NEEDS all that RAM whereas Apple has magic nipples when it comes to RAM management. If you believe this you remind me of an old suite of Apple online products named iTools. You're one of them.

    I've owned this phone through 3 Android versions. Hasn't slowed down in any noticeable way. Or that is to say in that most reliable Apple way. (Because macOS does the same thing kids.)


    This is a very complicated subject. Unless you become a normal person vs. a geek. A normal person wants to pull their phone out and take a 'nice' pic relatively quickly.

    With an iPhone you can do this. With the OP3 you can too... but a little slower. The autofocus can't be trusted. You take several pics. Also you have to change to HQ to typically get that pic. So if Apple was a solid A in this department OP3 has been an A-/B+. It can take a great pic... but you have to work a little harder to get it.


    For some reason my $399 phone had Amoled over a year ago where as the iPhone 7 for twice that price didn't. And my OP3 has a larger screen too. It's almost like Apple charges you twice as much but gives you half as much. (No, wait, it can't be that. Because Apple has such pretty products and stores. Nevermind. iMust be crazy.)


    I do not give a Fig Newton about how the external speaker sounds. Anyone who is stupid enough to listen to music from a speaker that is smaller than a dime and then talk about base deserves a kick in the nuts from WONDER WOMAN.

    Go to Amazon and get a bluetooth speaker. Anker offers a speaker that's the size of a golf ball but it's square. For under $20 your phone will have better sound than most laptops. I can actually bring this speaker into the bathroom and hear the music just fine in the shower. And thanks to the miracle of bluetooth the phone is outside on a counter avoiding all steam.

    Where OP3 loses points is the sound sensitivity. When listening to music the phone feels like it has at least 12 different levels. When on a phone call it feels like it has 5. That the most quiet setting isn't. It feels like this because it is like this.

    If iPhone got a A+ for this OP3 gets a B-/C+.


    I didn't include this at first because it goes without saying an iPhone user expects a quality build. But since not all Android phones are built well -- here we go.

    Typically beautiful phones. Everything hardware wise still works. I've dropped this phone a few too many times -- little drops -- and thanks to a simple rubber case it's still works great.

    I guess I've taken this for granted but it does deserve some love here. I'd say whatever Apple build quality is OnePlus is too.


    When you buy some cheap Chinese tech you sometimes learn there's virtually no support. And that the board is a broken language nightmare. You're on your own.

    You'd think Lenovo would dance circles around teeny tiny sad OnePlus. Right? Haha, hoho, hee hee. Think again. OnePlus is no Apple... but thankfully... it's no Lenovo either.

    Boards are notorious for jerks just chomping at the bit to berate noobs. Unless you moderate a board properly it's wall to wall abuse. Discouraging users from asking questions they have the right to ask without being euniched in the process.

    I appreciate that OnePlus wants a vibrant community. And they actually go out of their way to do so. My best advice here is to freeze out the jerks. Put them in a corner with a timeout. Honestly. Just because they see something appear on the board again and again doesn't give them the license to trash other users. It's obnoxious.


    With iPhone I had to make time to recharge phone. I lived in fear of using the phone when not plugged in. I kept it plugged in as often as possible.

    OP3? Are you kidding? Leave it plugged in at night. It's good for most of the next day. Have a second cord wherever you typically spend your late afternoons. If it's driving back home, plug it in then. It'll be done in what feels like 10 minutes and you're good to go until bedtime. Seriously.

    When your phone can charge this fast and last this long -- who gives a flying fart burrito about wireless charging?!?

    OP3? A+. crApple = D (It would be a C if the iPhone prices were reasonable)


    Wasn't that happy with it until I added Nova Launcher. I feared a 3rd Party launcher would cause problems. It instead solved them. Oxy and Nova together gave me a ton of features I didn't know I wanted.

    If OP3 with Nova gets an A+ for options, iPhone gets a D. No contest.


    This was basically no problem until Oreo. Oreo and OP3 and T Mobile aren't friends. And haven't been so for 4 months now.

    1. I can't use the Oxygen SMS app any longer because of a notification that won't go away.
    2. Visual voicemail is broken. I have to manually log in to erase my daily SPAM messages.
    3. Incredibly bad: hotspots are throttled to AOL speeds. Accidentally breaking critical feature.


    Only two have had an impact. Because remember -- just because iOS and macOS have some 'cool' features doesn't mean I ever used them in the first place.

    1. SMS Everywhere.

    That's not what the feature is called but iHaters either have no clue about this feature or pretend it doesn't exist. In a nutshell you can text anyone from your phone OR computer. They are synced. It's as simple as that. For me this only matters with a handful of people and luckily I can use FB Messenger as the workaround. And it's clear Google is getting ready to offer this by 2022. (Ahem.)

    2. Incredibly bad: no automatic DO NOT DISTURB settings. Intentionally breaking critical feature.

    Android and iPhones everywhere offer the user the ability to silence the phone before sleep and bring it back some time in the morning. Automatically. For reasons every last person on the planet gets this except OnePlus and Plusopologists.

    One or two days a month I go through half the day not hearing texts or calls. Thank you OP. One or two nights a month texts or calls awake me. Thanks again. No really. I do appreciate that. Guess how many times this happened on my iPhones? If your answer is above never you're not paying attention.

    (The first Plusopologist who suggests theres an app/custom ROM for that is getting a visit from WONDER WOMAN. Wear a cup.)

    I say intentionally breaking a feature because myself and others have already explained how desperately we need this feature back. Android already supports it. And OnePlus could make it better than Apple. The phone could automatically guess your schedule and do this for you upon request.

    I'm not asking anyone to use this feature who doesn't want to. I'm saying it's beyond an expected feature on all other phones. Like a flashlight function. Imagine if OP phones not only didn't offer a flashlight but blocked 3rd party apps from working. WDaF?

    One reason why people should ditch iOS and macOS is because of Apple's fondness for saying, "No flashlight for you!" Except unlike the Soup Nazi there's no discernible reason for this behavior. Nothing offered. "We at OnePlus believe you don't need a flashlight or auto DND -- " is an Apple attitude problem.

    That attitude problem is what brought me to OnePlus. And it's what might make me leave it.

    The notch. Who doesn't love icing on a cake?
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  17. ethansuleman
    Honeycomb Mar 20, 2018

    ethansuleman , Mar 20, 2018 :
    The Oneplus 5t runs well for performance based apps. But in the camera and software, its just really buggy. Like sometimes its just too much. This phone is a good phone faring against other 500 dollar phones but to call it a "flagship killer" is just too much. Pixel 2 XL and Samsung S9+ are way better than this phone but for a 200 dollar price gap, that makes sense.
    dont forget about pubg mobile

  18. luxuskamel
    Lollipop Mar 20, 2018

    luxuskamel , Mar 20, 2018 :
    First of all i have to define which device is my favorite OnePlus device. I am still running my OPO and it is far from being good/reliable since its a matter of luck whether it will charge or not, but on the other hand do i really love it for the great software support that it receives. A good friend has the OP5 so I see OxygenOS at its finest there. But my favorite would probably be the OP5T, even though I never saw one IRL yet. But for now let me compare the OP5 OOS against my OPO LineageOS. I also can compare a bit of Xiaomi and Samsung, which some friends use. Going straight into it: The battery is so much better on that 5, also Dashcharge really makes a huge difference to my and everyone else 2A charging. I'm in love with the OOS Launcher, the new Trebuchet is also great but i miss the shelf on all other phones. The whole OOS runs so smooth! OnePlus did a great job there! I really appreciate that it's easy to unlock and easy to install custom software. When there is one thing that bothers me, then it is the lack of Slimport/MHL which allows the to attach a display to the phone. Samsung has also the great sounding "Linux on galaxy". That would be great if we get similar things done by the open source community devs. I had a bad experience with my flipcover on the OPO, but the OP5's silicone cover does have parts falling off. No case is great, thats why i'm for ages now with my cruzerlite tpu case. The camera is doing great, everyone loves the portrait mode. I noticed that the flash is way brighter and colorfull than on the OPO. Comparing the fingerprint scanner to these from the other phones - its just the fastest!

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  19. Max_Henderson
    Gingerbread Mar 20, 2018

    Max_Henderson , Mar 20, 2018 :


    Great speed and software.
    Great price.
    The back (5/5T) looks horrible and is a Iphone copy
    Camera overall is pretty pathetic
    Screen is gorgeous.
    Love the slider!
    secondary camera is boring (would love a wide angle)
    straight up sad update schedule (My 3T is a year old and I'm not getting 8.1)

    I got the 3T and I'm overall very happy with my purchase 1 year ago​

    I agree with you for the most part... especially about the 5's design copying an iPhone, but you can get quite good shots out of our cameras. (I'm on OnePlus 3)

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  20. NoInspiration
    Honeycomb Mar 20, 2018

    NoInspiration , Mar 20, 2018 :
    Sure, but it's very inconsistent. sometimes I get good pictures and sometimes it's just awful

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