[Let's Talk] If you could design a line of accessories for your OnePlus device...

  1. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Apr 16, 2018

    Ruby G. , Apr 16, 2018 :
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    If you could design a line of accessories for your OnePlus device, what would they be?

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  2. NeVeR_SeTTLe
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    NeVeR_SeTTLe , Apr 16, 2018 :
    When you buy a smartphone, the first thing you do is unpack it. After that you try to handle with care to not let it drop, get scratched, beaten or chewed up by your dog! So what is missing? Protection!! Every user buys some kind of accessory for their device, ranging from protection all the way to some awesome audiophiles dream come true headphones. We need it, we want it, and we buy it!

    Some accessories that would be a wonderful addition to the OnePlus lineup are as follows:

    1. Phone dock – Imagine you sitting at your office or even at home and you want to dock your OnePlus device. This phone dock would be made out of the same material which you guys ship our OnePlus devices to us in – the box. @opolis000 gave us this idea at the Stockholm Open Ears Customer Service Forum.
    So the idea is to make from the OnePlus Box a phone dock:
    As you can see, it is possible ;) The phone dock would also include one USB port and a wire hole to put the wires from your OnePlus device.

    2. Dash Charge Power Bank – Why stop with only a regular Dash Charge Cable and Adapter for our device? Let’s take it further by giving users a 10,000mAh Dash Charger Power Bank to give us more juice throughout the day – when we are out taking pictures or when we go traveling for over the weekend. Nothing beats a mini sized portable Dash Charge Power Bank on the go!

    3. Car Mount – For the car travelers, a car mount would be a lovely necessity. Keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, while your ears are listening to your GPS navigation on your phone on which way to go is safe and comfortable. It would be the perfect combo – device + car mount = well hello destination :D

    4. Selfie stick – Are you for real? Yes. To all selfie lovers (and I know we have quite a few) wouldn’t you want to capture your favorite moments with your loved ones? Of course you would and why not have a selfie stick to capture them from up high. The selfie stick can have a build-in charger, a shutter release button and a switch for front/rear camera. A dream come true!

    5. Waterproof case – Once in a while, we all love to go on vacation and take a dive deep inside the pearly blue waters of an exotic island. What lies beneath those waters are fantastic beasts and plants for our cameras to capture. Introducing the OnePlus waterproof case which allows you keep your OnePlus device water free so you can take those great aquatic pictures with your friends and share them via FB and Instagram. :D

    6. Tempered Glass – Screen protection. A full coverage, edge to edge protection that doesn’t cover the edges when users are trying to read an article, look at some funny content or look at videos on YouTube. It’s thin, practically invisible and offers premium protection for your OnePlus device.

    @Ruby G. what do you think of these accessories? ;)
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  3. GopalB.
    Nougat Apr 16, 2018

    GopalB. , Apr 16, 2018 :
    For my OnePlus...
    I would love few accessories for my OnePlus, most of those are already requested by many on the forum...
    1. Phone Cases: Lets start off the list with something OnePlus is already providing, but we all love those smart and stylish phone cases, that can protect our phone and at the same time make it look different...
    I would love a "Phone case generator system" that will let me choose the textures and colors for my OnePlus...
    2. Screen Protectors: Lets not forget the screens... As its already there and there is not much you can change about screen protectors, I'll not discuss this anymore...
    3. Head Phones: I'm a music lover and I would love to have a bunch of choices to choose from... It would also be nice to see few Head Phones, those are made by someone like Sennheiser, skullcandy, bose, JBL in partnership with OnePlus...
    Lets give the choice of head phones from categories like in-ear, over-ear and on-ear...
    4. Dash Charger: Dash Charger for both home and car would be there in the accessory list...
    5. Power Banks: I would also love to add a Dash Charging supported power bank (>=10000 mAh), That can be charged using the Dash Charger and can be used to charge my OnePlus with similar Dash Charging Technology...
    6. Back Packs: I love OnePlus back packs and would surely add those in the accessories list...
    7. Smart Watch/Band: I'll add smart bands in the accessories too, as its something that is constantly being requested by various users...
    8. Bluetooth Speakers: Not a smart speaker, just plain Bluetooth speakers should be fine... Black-Red (Black body and Red cloth style speaker grill) and White-Red (White body and Red cloth style speaker grill) color options...
    And last but not the least, most awaited...
    9. Sandstone Soap: Yup, I'll add the "long awaited" Sandstone soap in the accessories, because we all are waiting for that since ages now... ;)
    Let's not be greedy and stop it here... I know the Notebooks were good too, but I won't add those in the list as I don't want to share those with everyone...
    I'm not adding VR headset as well... Because, well... We all know my phone screen is not good enough for a VR experience...
    I was going to talk about the website experience as well, but well... That's not part of accessory list, so lets ignore that as well... o_O
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  4. Shivang Joshi
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  5. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Apr 16, 2018

    Dresa91 , Apr 16, 2018 :
    If I could design a range of accessories for my OnePlus device, what would it be?
    I would clearly follow Apple's design lines, or those of other manufacturers who develop accessories for the IPhones.
    My range of accessories is slim and elegant.
    This series consists of the following elements:
    1) Case:
    In the field of cases I offer two types of cases. On the one hand classic, a bumber cover/ "normal" cover and on the other hand flip cover.
    Both species identify themselves by their simplicity and that they are thin. At the same time, both provide protection for your phone when it's plugged into your pocket, backpack or bag.
    In addition, the mobile phone is protected in the event of a fall from an everyday height.
    Because it is very important that a case does not make the thin mobile phone look bulky and thick - one has decided on a thin mobile phone.
    But thin doesn't have to mean defenseless. Therefore, the covers offer sufficient protection against falls. Unfortunately, no hull helps against deliberate destruction -).

    2) Display protection:
    In the area of display protection there are again two possibilities: either a protective film or a protective glass.
    The protective film covers the entire display, has recesses in the intended places, e.g. front camera. The protective film is scratch-resistant to a certain extent for everyday use.
    If you want a harder display protection, use the protective glass. Like the protective film, the protective glass covers the entire display without disturbing inputs, etc. It is important that the protective glass sticks everywhere and that no lint or dirt gets under the glass. The glass has no frame, it is transparent everywhere and has an ideal fit for the display. One can consider here whether one does not offer a further variant of the glass, which is slightly thinner at the edges, so that the glass and the sleeves from 1) can be used together.

    3) Other accessories:
    Here is a brief mention of the elegant accessories I would also include in my range:
    Dash batch for car
    Dash Charge Travel Kit
    headphones that deliver great bass and sound (wired or wireless)
    Camera lenses that can be easily attached to your mobile phone without scratches. This allows you to get more out of your device's camera.

    The most important thing comes to the end: In addition to the elegance and design, the accessories should be inexpensive so that everyone can afford them.

  6. theshinybeast
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  7. script
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  8. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Apr 16, 2018

    dsmonteiro , Apr 16, 2018 :
    If you could design a line of accessories for your OnePlus device, what would they be?
    Little by little, smartphones have been replacing the PC in many of our every day tasks. Sending e-mails, playing games, even photo editing. But there's only so much you can accomplish in such a small form factor. Even though any OnePlus device is perfectly capable of handling it, writing an essay on a software keyboard is a chore to put it lightly. The phone's display is yet another limitation to an otherwise powerhouse. This is where OnePlus' Convergence Accessories line up comes in!

    OnePlus Display

    Why waste money on a tablet when you already have most of the hardware needed in your pocket? The only thing you're missing is the display. The OnePlus Display!

    The OnePlus Display is a 10" FHD LCD display (8" model available Soon™) with kickstand, stereo speakers and built-in SD card reader, that connects to your OnePlus 6 via USB Type-C. For your convenience it also works as a Chromecast ready device so you can connect older OnePlus smartphones or any other compatible device.

    The battery inside the OnePlus Display allows for up to 10 hours of video playback and doubles as a powerbank.

    OnePlus Laptop

    If a display is not enough for your needs, OnePlus has got you covered! Introducing the OnePlus Laptop!

    Built around the same logic that brought the OnePlus Display to life, the OnePlus Laptop in nothing more than a display, keyboard and battery built into a svelte aluminum laptop body. All you have to do to power it up is to place your OnePlus 6 where you would normally find the trackpad. As soon as you do, the display lights up in Desktop mode, with all your favorite apps adapted to the added screen area! The phone will double as mouse pad and as a quick launcher for apps.

    OnePlus Hub

    For those of you that already have a PC monitor or TV, the OnePlus Hub provides the easiest and most inexpensive way to expand your OnePlus experience. Like the OnePlus Display, the Hub takes advantage of OnePlus 6's USB Type-C connection to improve its connectivity. With the dimensions of a credit card, the Hub gives you an HDMI out port, four USB Type-A ports and micro-SD card reader.

    Like the Laptop, the OnePlus Hub allows you to take advantage of OnePlus 6's Desktop mode.

    OnePlus e-ink case

    While smartphone screens are perfectly suitable for reading, the light emitted by them wears you down quite fast. The e-ink case is the perfect solution. Only slightly thicker than OnePlus' typical cases, the e-ink case packs a 6" monochromatic e-ink display that is visible on the phone's back. With it you can both extend your battery life and give a rest to your eyes. To accommodate the big, great looking, paper-like screen we had to cover the back fingerprint sensor, but we're sure that you'll enjoy this screen so much, you'll forget about it in no-time!
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  9. Punk_69
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  10. izzykasha
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  11. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Apr 16, 2018

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Apr 16, 2018 :
    1. OnePlus SERVER - Concept Smartphone

    I would like to imagine a time where the smartphone itself would be an accessory. In other words, smartphones would act like a terminal that is connected to a centralised server hosting the database of all information. This means all processing happens within the server, which holds the CPU, RAM, Storage, etc. In other words, your smartphone is just a phone whose smartness resides on a server.


    1. No heating, and therefore no thermal throttling of CPU.

    2. No battery optimisation.

    3. Expandable/ replaceable components like CPU, Battery, Storage, RAM, etc.

    4. Less risk of theft, data loss, or other accidental loss (especially data).


    1. Constant availability & reliability of internet.

    2. Risk of data theft on transit by hackers

    3. Need to carry the ‘server’ during times where there may not be any internet connectivity.


    2. OnePlus Backup – This accessory will 1-click backup the OnePlus smartphone with a very simple file structure, including the option of encrypting the data. I have, once, while reinstalling Windows on my laptop, passed certain commands that ended up formatting my whole internal hard disk. I had a poor backup plan in place at that time, which meant I didn’t have a backup of some very important files. With God’s grace, fortunately, I was able to recover over 99% of all data.

    The incident taught me the importance of having a solid backup plan in place, because accidents can happen in the most unexpected of times. Having a backup device, which when connected to the smartphone, will automatically backup all data (in restorable format) to a configured laptop or cloud would be a life-saver. Backup is simplified with just the press of a button so you don't have to be tech savvy to make it work.

    3. OnePlus Dock (like Samsung DeX) – The ability to use the smartphone without holding it. In other words, the OnePlus Dock will allow you to do most/ all things on the smartphone using your laptop on a much bigger screen. Very helpful when you are using another device for work, etc. as you don't have to keep switching between devices. The dock will, of course, have various ports like HDMI, USB, etc and also charge the device, automatically stopping the charge when battery becomes full. The Dock will support File Transfers too.

    4. OnePlus Mods – Speakers, Zoom lens, Battery Case, SD card case (a case that supports micro SD card), Power Bank, Projector, Wireless charging case, etc that enhance the device functionality/ usability.

    5. OnePlus Extender – Another concept that is currently non-existent. CPU, RAM, Storage, Heat sink, etc – all these in one accessory. This does not enhance the device functionality, instead enhances the device performance and existing capabilities. For example, if a game requires greater CPU power, RAM, etc. this accessory can make the device suitable for such games while also keeping the device cool. The best part of this accessory is that it would work with all OnePlus generation of smartphones.

    6. Cases, Screen Protectors & earphones/ headphones – Good quality & variety required that are compatible with each other as well as with 3rd party accessories.

    @Ruby G.

    Thank you for the opportunity.
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  12. Dunnow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Apr 16, 2018

    Dunnow , Apr 16, 2018 :
    For me it would all be related to being productive, so, here are my pitches:

    1+ Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    The wireless Keyboard and Mouse would follow a minimalist yet full desktop size setup. With the appropriate home button, recent button, or back button. Connected through BT on your device would allow for an easy plug-and-play experience to sit back and be productive.

    This allows users to both focus on work related approaches just as the ability to use their device as media centers with remote controls while connected to a smart TV / chromecast / <another device I'll list>

    1+ Remote casting device
    We all know our devices can do Miracast, WiDi or even Chromecast protocols. This device would allow for all those technologies, so we would be able to plug through HDMI to a computer monitor or TV so we get a fullscreen experience on such.

    Needless to say, chromecast/miracast protocol allows to clone the phone screen but WiDi would allow to extend the screen to fit the monitor resolution and enable the phone screen to act as a laptop trackpad while we are fully wirelessly immersed onto the experience on the main screen.

    1+ Phone stand and workplace mat
    A stylish spacious mat with wooden/leather details (does anyone remember the wallets from the OPO era?) where we could place our devices to be angled for our vision confort and space for the item #1 in this list.

    This would provide a finite area where to place everything needed to get a "desktop" experience for those who only need calendar / email / browsing related workplaces. The mat could even feature Qi Wireless charging features for the 1+ wireless keyboard and mouse. So we forget about all those unnecessary cables in our lives.

    1+ Magnetic case - Sandstone all the things, again.
    Who doesn't want to just enter the car and place the device on a magnetic holder? No issues with fitting the device onto a clamp, so, what better than a perfectly placed metal sheet on a thin case, so you can get the device on a magnetic holder of your choice?

    To be used against any magnetic surface, so, double sided magnets on the fridge, car holders or whatever else you need!
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  13. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Apr 16, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Apr 16, 2018 :
    New Product lineup:
    1. Dock / Dock charger:
      A dock charger with Dash charge support is needed in my view. I had to go the hard way, make one out of an old watch box with which I use the default Dash power bundle to make this possible. It would be nice to see one directly from the company.

    2. Power bank:
      Lack of a Dash power bank makes many users feel the gap in the accessory bag. It would be great to have a powerbank of 10000/12000 Mah so that we can go a week without need of a plug.

    3. Bluetooth headphones:
      OEMs are ditching headphone jacks for bluetooth headphones and we don’t even have one available. Though wired headphones are better, the hassle of having tangled cords, damaged pins due to the rugged jean pockets are enough reasons for us to make better use of bluetooth. Let’s compromise on battery, we have the power bank marching towards us.

    4. OTG Pendrive:
      Though OTG cable is available, having a OTG pendrive can make us feel better as we can go 1 wire less.

    5. Clip-on Lens:
      We talk a lot about photography, but have no add on lens available. Add a Macro / Wide angle / Fisheye / Zoom lens and our photography enters a new level.

    6. Tripod:
      This is a much needed accessory for those who rely on smartphones for landscape or group photographs. Those available in the market are either costly or of cheap quality that I can’t let my phone sit on.

    7. VR headset:
      In the age of smartphone gaming, VR headset and game controller has a special space and makes me say dump it in my bag

    8. Smart watch:
      Who doesn’t need one! The apple fanboys already have 3 series and we are still looking at other brand watches! Let us boast that we no more own a phone from a small company.

    9. Smart home assistant:
      With all the smart gadgets and increasing support for IOT lets get used to getting help from “Pete Peiper” our new smart home assistant

    10. Battery case:
      Let’s snap an additional battery case and go crazy with double battery life & SOT. Battery thirsty users get some relief now.
    Existing Accessories:
    1. Dash Car charger:
      This has been tremendously to me for the past one year. I need not carry my power bundle in the bag. I just got a dash charger and now charge over drive to office. During my trips, I don’t have to search for power sockets anymore. All the action happens right during my drive

    2. Tempered glass:
      Who wants to pay whopping amount for broken screens? Let’s just buy an additional layer. To be true I didn’t buy one, but yep this is a needed one.

    3. Wired earphones:
      The bullets are really awesome when it comes to comfort or sound quality but the build quality feels a little light. Using some metal can make them amazing.

    4. Backpacks:
      We talked a lot about accessories, but how do we carry them? Should we use a gunny bag? Oh no OnePlus has already got backpacks & Messenger bags. I really want one but trying to win it rather buy it.

    Putting all together, this is the bag I want to carry with me all the time.
    OnePlus backpack stuffed with
    Laptop, Dash dock charger, Dash Powerbank, Bluetooth headphones, OTG pendrive, Photography kit - Clipon Lens + Zoom lens + tripod, VR Headset, Smartwatch (on my hand), Pete Peiper (smart home assistant), dump in V2 Bullets in case I run out of juice on my bluetooth headphones. I’ll leave the dash car charger in my car.
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  14. saknox
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 16, 2018

    saknox , Apr 16, 2018 :
    As already mentioned by others posters above, given the sheer powerhouse that the OnePlus phone is, I would love to see an accessory along the lines of what Microsoft had with their Display dock. A simple yet effect device with an USB-C in to connect the phone and the dock, an HDMI output for use with monitors or a tv, and 2 additional USB ports for either a mouse and keyboard.

    Just imagine... dock your OnePlus 5T and use a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to quickly create a PC-like work environment. With a bigger screen and the convenience of a full size keyboard, you don’t need your laptop to be productive when out of the office. Most office products are readily available on android devices these days, so why not capitalise on the existing tech and take it to the next level ;)

    Back to the more immediate future and more importantly phone cases. The one I'd most like to see would be the flip cover case, (now I know this already exists) but one with an in-built kick stand. Given the awesome size of the OnePlus 5T screen, it would make perfect sense to have a case that will allow you to rotate and stand the screen in place, so that you could just sit back and catch-up on Netflix or Prime without having to physically hold the device or try propping it up against something else. Additional variations on the flip-cover theme could also include the functionality of having slots for cash and/or cards. (not all vendors take G-Pay just yet!). And I for one, would definitely prefer to carry around a single all-in-one case, (phone/cash/cards/ids) rather than both my wallet and my phone - my pockets are only soo deep!

    Other than that, I would leave wearables and VR to the rest of the market (I'd probably categories headphones here too), instead... focus on your great UI/UX that utilise and enable those devices. Be a leader in the UX and I'm sure the consumables will come to you!

  15. ravijain87
    Gingerbread Apr 16, 2018

    ravijain87 , Apr 16, 2018 :
    If you could design a line of accessories for your OnePlus device, what would they be?

    If I could design a line of accessories, they would have to have to fit in the vein of the OnePlus motto... Never Settle. These accessories would be useful and the best at what they do.

    Power Bank

    First up we have the Dash Charge Power Bank range. This is would be a range varying from 4000 mAh which will provide 1 full charge to your OnePlus phone with a little to spare, to a 10000 mAh for when you're adventuring off the beaten track and won't have access to a wall socket. You can take as many photos as you like and still get a days use from half an hour charge. Finally there would be the 20000 mAh battery for the heavy users and those who just want more!

    Smart Watch

    Next we have the OnePlus Smart Watch. This would use the latest processor, Optic AMOLED display and come with the sensors needed to work as a fitness tracker as well. It would be powered by an OxygenOS customised version of Android and include dash charge so you're not left waiting a long time before it's ready for another day's usage. It would link to your OnePlus phone through BLE and and complement the latest OnePlus Health Tracking app with continuously developing list of sports functions based on community feedback.

    Portable Projector

    The OnePlus portable projector connects to your OnePlus phone either through wire or wireless using the latest wireless display standards. This projector comes with a built in 4000 mAh battery and Dash Charging capabilities so your big screen adventures are never far away. The projector can display a fullHD image up-to 80 inches for the best gaming sessions or movie sessions from your OnePlus phone.

    Bluetooth Speakers

    The OnePlus bluetooth speakers brings together OnePlus's long standing relationship with Dirac for the best quality sounding speakers available on the market. These speakers come as a pair and provide stereo sound in the perfect mobile configuration that suits your environment. Individual speakers can be purchased later to make a surround sound listening environment wherever you are as OnePlus gives you the best Never Settle sound experience. These speakers are perfect when combined with your OnePlus phone or even better when combined with the OnePlus Portable Projector.

  16. sarthak@sark
    Honeycomb Apr 16, 2018

    sarthak@sark , Apr 16, 2018 :
    OnePlus should offer plethora of accessories

    OnePlus dash charge power bank back case
    OnePlus camera lenses for professionals
    OnePlus Bluetooth speakers with very high rich quality sound and Dolby Atmos experience
    OnePlus mods with different speciality

    OnePlus smart watch for greater functionality and extension of OnePlus services

    OnePlus projector which provides a wide range of functionality and features with full HD viewing and wired or wirele connection with Oneplus devices
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  17. Ceasedd
    Marshmallow Apr 16, 2018

    Ceasedd , Apr 16, 2018 :
    I would desing a vibrator case.yep!

  18. meatandy
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  19. NeVeR_SeTTLe
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Apr 16, 2018

  20. Lancelot_69
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    Lancelot_69 , Apr 16, 2018 :
    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon one of our stickied question forum posts. Take a look at the question below and write a response if it interests you. Feel free to post your response on this thread or start a new thread if your response is over 500 words (be sure to copy & paste the question into a new thread and tag me so I notice).

    If you could design a line of accessories for your OnePlus device, what would they be?

    Posts of 300 – 1000 words will be automatically entered in to our ongoing rewards program and potentially be chosen to move to the next level. Have fun, debate with each other, and let the knowledge flow!

    Thanks for the opportunity @Ruby G. I know I won't win but I hope the idea is viewed.

    I had to think long and hard about this, I torn between double tap to wake/sleep, or alert slider!
    This was a tough call! I always thought the alert slider was very helpful and I used the alert slider everyday!
    Double tap to wake or sleep, IMHO is very handy as well! Just the saving of the wear and tear on your power button alone is amazing. When you start your day off tomorrow count how many times you use your power button! Then multiply by the length of possible use, 2 years? I have had my Oneplus one 4 years, 12000 times not counting flashing! That has purpose my friend, value for use is there all day long!
    As for the alert slider, I love it, very handy but now you can program your phone to sleep and wake on schedule. I still use it every day but only once leaving the alert slider a distant second for value.

    When it comes to technology with cell phone expansion of gestures, face unlock, I think we can all agree, except for the recycling bin, it is at its limit. When they introduced OnePlus 5T, maybe gave us a glimpse into the future of the company! Gaming phone, with enough power, ram and GBs to run a graphic intense game! At least that is how it looks to me. So, lots of companies are designing phones like the Razor! What could OnePlus do differently and make money? It's a game controller that is modular! It would attach to the phone that you use instead. The idea would be to have a module that has controller buttons, think like Playstation controller a b left side c d right side. You are about to commute to work, go on a trip etc. What are you going to do? Snap on your own module and start playing video games to kill travel time. This is an attachment that would not take up screen space? You bought a 5.5" screen, you are playing a game and your fat thumbs are now not in the way. The module, shaped like a Playstation controller making it easier to play.
    The benefits are you catch the eye of gamers, the user can buy it or not, and OnePlus has an exclusive module that they sell to the public!
    One of the reasons I do not game one a phone is how tedious it is, this would bring me over to the dark side!

    Should have had @theshinybeast edit :p
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