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    NeVeR_SeTTLe , Jun 3, 2018 :

    Here in Poland, people recognized the OnePlus brand starting with the OnePlus One. The “hype” actually caught on quick. I remember back in the OnePlus One days, I was given an invitation to buy the phone and I did. I loved the look and feel of the OnePlus One. Great build, superb camera quality (which I think the quality is still amazing even in the year 2018), awesome flagship specs, uniqueness which most people expected for a phone. A phone that changed the mobile industry.

    Getting back to the “good ol’” days, I remember how I came to work with my new OnePlus One (bamboo styleswap cover) and within minutes people started to notice that I no longer had a HTC Sensation but a phone that they didn’t recognize before. They started to ask me questions like “What is the brand of the phone?” “Is it a Samsung?” “What specs does it have?” Other questions of similar nature. I answered them that the phone is from OnePlus. OnePlus who?! OnePlus… I repeated. They never heard of the brand. So I explained to them how they came to be, what the phone was like with a couple of days using it, what are my thoughts about them.

    Within a month, my four friends received an invite and they bought for themselves a OnePlus One phone. By word of mouth, OnePlus developed in popularity. To this day, in Poland almost everyone has heard of OnePlus. Now people are talking about OnePlus as a big player in the mobile industry. OnePlus devices are affordable (slowly the prices are rising so that is still in question) but as of now, they are still way below others in pricing.

    I like OnePlus for who they are – where they started, how they developed, what they learned from their mistakes and I am watching every step you make OnePlus. Keeping an eye on you ;)

    Being in the “OnePlus family” and with great “friends from the community” (shoutout to @@Cheetosdust@@idkwhoiam322@@BobbyVK@@rusty264@@Mjo@@Android450@@Mr. BG@@Punk_69@@BeingIncog@@SJBoss@@Shadow0929@@GopalB.@@MentalDraco@@meatandy@@ghostofcain@@Hydra Bob@@keithnyc@@SoniaB@@The1Lion@@enzodolan@@Nick 59@@izzykasha@@Lancelot_69@@Dresa91@@zepphead and others I forgot to mention) I can say thanks OnePlus for giving me a wonderful journey from the OnePlus One to the OnePlus 3T and for future devices. Thanks for all your hard work.

    When I started with photography last year, I didn't have any creative process that I went along with. It was more trial & error. That's how I learned. I quickly realized how hard it was to take a "good" picture. As a newbie, things I realized that were important while taking photographs were lighting, how will my eye travel through this image, focal-point ( thanks @superplus ), what other perspectives could I capture an object from, depth of field, compositions, what kind of story I want this image to tell when I look at it and many more. I quickly learned to make these my key things to take into account.

    The most difficult one for me was low light and night time shots. The OnePlus 3T has a good camera but just good. With that in mind, any photographer should know his camera in and out - what limitations does your camera have, disadvantages, how well it performs in any kind of situations and lighting. Once you get to know your camera, you can take some really great shots. Going back to low light / night time shots, for me the hardest thing was the position and angle in which I took my photos and the camera's "noisy" images. Let's face it, no mobile camera with that tiny little sensor can take in much light as a DSLR. Once you take this fact and make it one of your ten commandments then you will unshackle your chains and finally begin real photography! This thing was holding me back because I wanted the "perfect" shot. Every time I hooked my pictures up to a computer, the pictures were just a big mess. Finally I learned a thing or two about "post processing".

    I read that a lot of photographers take their pictures and post process them to make them more B-E-A-UTIFUL, vibrant, sharpened, perform noise reduction,etc. I had fun learning how to edit pictures with programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed and others. The programs taught me how to manipulate my image in lighting, color, exposure, tints, vignettes and much more. I played around with it a lot until I finally got the right touch and the right settings editing my night time / low light pictures. Noise reduction, vibrancy, highlights and shadows, blacks and whites are the most important in editing these kinds of photos.

    Here are a couple of photos taken in low light / night time / day time. All of these were edited in Photoshop, Lightroom.
















    As you can see from the pictures above, post processing makes a great difference. You can take a normal photo with bland colors and turn it into a lively, colorful photo where it's pleasing to the eyes.

    Getting back to @Ruby G. question, "What is my creative process for mobile photography?" My answer is very simple:

    1. Get to know your camera
    - Experiment with manual mode. In manual mode, you will find settings such as ISO (this controls sensitivity to light), shutter speed (amount of time the shutter on your camera is opened), White balance (balances the color in your image).
    ISO - The lower the ISO, the better. The higher the ISO, the more "noise" you will introduce in your image (especially in low light / night time shots).
    Shutter speed - You will probably use in most cases a shutter speed of 1/20 or 1/15, anything below that needs some kind of stabilization. Rule of thumb: In Astro photography, you will need the lowest ISO possible with the longest shutter speed between 20 - 30.
    White balance - You will have options to choose from like sunny, cloudy, tungsten, or whatever your camera comes with. Not all the time, options in White Balance are accurate because sometimes colors are way off and with white balance you want to get the most accurate colors you can so I recommend you to experiment with this.

    2. Take pictures
    - Shoot in different lighting, at different angles, close up shots, long distance shots, colorful shots. You will see how each time you shoot, you will look and think before clicking. Practice makes perfect.

    3. Post processing
    Post processing is the most important in mobile photography as it can enrich your photos. Choose your favorite post processing app and play around with options like Exposure, highlights, shadows, tint, vibrancy, saturation, contrast.
    - Exposure - Controls how bright or dark your pictures appear.
    - Highlights - These are the brightest parts in your photo.
    - Shadows - These are the darkest parts in your photo in which you can still see detail.
    - Tint - An easy method to change color and RBG curves
    - Vibrancy - Increases the intensity of the most bland colors but leaves saturation alone.
    - Saturation - Increases the intensity of all the colors (not just the bland ones). Watch out for this one as it might ruin your picture if the colors are too much exposed.
    - Contrast - Contrast is the scale between light and dark. If you increase the contrast, you will see bold, strong colors. If you decrease the contrast, you will see a flatter or dull image. I know what you are thinking, why would I want a flatter or dull image? Well photos that you take in a fog, mist, cloudy environment can look awesome with low contrast.

    4. Experiment
    - Remember - You're the artist - You're the one creating a different world - You're shaping your picture - You're giving it life - You're giving it meaning. You're the creator!! Whatever you imagine you can create. There is no wrong or right way to edit because we each have different tastes.
    - When you are ready to take that one in a life time shot - stop for a moment...imagine...think of your settings...adjust your settings...put your mobile phone up in the air....click! You just captured your first truly beautiful photo!

    When my newly phone arrives at my doorsteps, I unpack it. What follows after that is a sequence of events that I hard coded in my brain with a sledge hammer that keeps my phone protected and performance wise - fast.

    1. Unpack - Check if the phone is physically damaged (chipped, scratched, doesn't start). After checking, I put it away in the box and leave it.
    2. Protection - Case and Tempered Glass. I search long and hard to find the right case that offers protection, is stylish and fits my preferences. The Tempered Glass has to also fit with the case because some cases push the Tempered Glass out. Again research is a necessity. Lastly, I slap a dbrand skin on the back to make it look more stylish ;)
    3. Setup - Once my case and Tempered Glass are on my power horse, I then set up my system. On the setup screen, I don't connect to any Wi-Fi and don't turn on my mobile Internet. I untick every option there is that "Sends anonymous information to either Google, OnePlus" because I love my privacy. ;)
    4. Setup Part 2 - Once I get into the OS, I do these in order:

    A.) Check for any updates to the system and install them. After each update, I wipe cache from Recovery before and after the update.
    B.) Install all my programs that I need (some programs are heavy so I use light weight alternatives). Do not install any antivirus apps, junk cleaners because they only slow down your OS and do nothing beneficial. NO need for Antivirus or junk cleaning as Android is optimized very well.
    C.) Sync with my Google Account (If I have a Custom ROM, I don't install any Google Apps)
    D.) Charge my phone (I charge it from 30% to 80%)
    E.) Wipe cached data by going into Settings --> Storage & Memory --> Cached Data (I do this once every 3 months)

    5. Transfer - I take photos, play games and have apps installed. In order to keep my phone's performance in top notch, every 3 months I transfer my photos to my computer, uninstall games that I stopped playing, uninstall apps that I no longer use.
    6. Physical Cleaning - After using the device for some months, I clean my device physically. I take off the Tempered Glass and clean the screen with alcohol and wipe it dry. I turn over my Tempered Glass and with a lint roller I roll that baby up and down :D until it gets most of the dust particles. With a needle, I delicately get the junk and gunk out of my ear piece and then wipe the ear piece with alcohol. When all this is done, I reapply my Glass Protector and put on my case again.

    That is it. Pretty simple, right? ;)


    - Do not leave your phone in hot or cold temperatures
    - If your phone is broken, do not try to attempt to fix it by yourself (if you know what you are doing then go ahead)
    - If you drop your phone in water (for those telephones that aren't waterproof), do not turn on your phone after getting it out of water. Leave it for a day in a bag of rice (better is 2 days) and then after that, unscrew it (if you can) and see if there is still water inside. If you can't unscrew it because it's like a Samsung (glass sandwich) then just hope for the best. Screw it back on and turn it on. If the device is not powering on, then don't force it, again repeat the same exact steps above and then try it again. If after that it still won't power on, then call Customer Support.

    When you buy a smartphone, the first thing you do is unpack it. After that you try to handle with care to not let it drop, get scratched, beaten or chewed up by your dog! So what is missing? Protection!! Every user buys some kind of accessory for their device, ranging from protection all the way to some awesome audiophiles dream come true headphones. We need it, we want it, and we buy it!

    Some accessories that would be a wonderful addition to the OnePlus lineup are as follows:

    1. Phone dock – Imagine you sitting at your office or even at home and you want to dock your OnePlus device. This phone dock would be made out of the same material which you guys ship our OnePlus devices to us in – the box. @@opolis000 gave us this idea at the Stockholm Open Ears Customer Service Forum.
    So the idea is to make from the OnePlus Box a phone dock:
    As you can see, it is possible ;) The phone dock would also include one USB port and a wire hole to put the wires from your OnePlus device.

    2. Dash Charge Power Bank – Why stop with only a regular Dash Charge Cable and Adapter for our device? Let’s take it further by giving users a 10,000mAh Dash Charger Power Bank to give us more juice throughout the day – when we are out taking pictures or when we go traveling for over the weekend. Nothing beats a mini sized portable Dash Charge Power Bank on the go!

    3. Car Mount – For the car travelers, a car mount would be a lovely necessity. Keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, while your ears are listening to your GPS navigation on your phone on which way to go is safe and comfortable. It would be the perfect combo – device + car mount = well hello destination :D

    4. Selfie stick – Are you for real? Yes. To all selfie lovers (and I know we have quite a few) wouldn’t you want to capture your favorite moments with your loved ones? Of course you would and why not have a selfie stick to capture them from up high. The selfie stick can have a build-in charger, a shutter release button and a switch for front/rear camera. A dream come true!

    5. Waterproof case – Once in a while, we all love to go on vacation and take a dive deep inside the pearly blue waters of an exotic island. What lies beneath those waters are fantastic beasts and plants for our cameras to capture. Introducing the OnePlus waterproof case which allows you keep your OnePlus device water free so you can take those great aquatic pictures with your friends and share them via FB and Instagram. :D

    6. Tempered Glass – Screen protection. A full coverage, edge to edge protection that doesn’t cover the edges when users are trying to read an article, look at some funny content or look at videos on YouTube. It’s thin, practically invisible and offers premium protection for your OnePlus device.

    Smartphones nowadays are „smart” compared to the old, golden days of flip phones and PDA’s. Each and every one of us can do so much more with our devices like setting up a schedule for our devices to power on and off, transferring files to a hard drive directly using OTG, preventing accidental display touches while the device is in our pocket and so much more.

    Smartphones grew “smart” because of the extra features that manufacturers implemented into them. Some of these features are very useful while others didn’t get the customers blood boiling. Nonetheless, features are what makes people stay with current devices. It’s not just about design, price and gimmicks.

    While having multiple smartphones within over 10 years, I can comfortably write what are the best and worst features up to date. So let’s start with the worst features.

    When HTC released its HTC U11 flagship in 2017 with a glass metal sandwich design like Sammie’s, there was this one feature that caught my eye. It was called “Squeezable Edge Sense”. What is it? The whole point of the “Squeezable” feature was to use the display less and interact with other applications much easier. If for example a person wanted to like a friend’s status on Facebook, he/she could simply squeeze the frame of the HTC U11. If the person wanted to zoom within Google Maps, all that person had to do was squeeze. This feature I thought would be fun but when I got my hands on it, it was really quite annoying. I felt like I had a hand grip in my hand to build my wrists. Personally, this feature to me is useless because it doesn’t do anything to help my user experience be more enjoyable. I rather use the screen to interact with an application rather than just by squeezing it ;)

    The second worst feature to me was Alcatel’s “Disco Lights”. On the back cover of Alcatel’s device, there were built-in LEDs. The LED’s would light up if you received messages, incoming calls to you playing your music to make it look more like a light show. You may be asking yourself if this is a smartphone for a regular customer or a circus clown’s smartphone. This feature clearly doesn’t add anything creative or innovative for me. Disco was back in the 70’s, we are in the 2K era. Dancing lights on the back of a phone don’t add even to the style of the phone. All I have to say with this feature is…NEXT!

    Now let’s cover some ground with the best features in smartphones.

    Dash Charge and quick charge!!! I do not have to explain to all of you what this feature is intended for but I’ll provide a brief description for people who might not know: “A Day’s Power, in half an hour” :D

    Mulitask with split screen is another favorite of mine. If I want to watch YouTube and write a word document I can do it at the same time. Mutitasking is definitely what I do all the time and there is no better way to do it then by using the Split Screen mode.

    To sum it all up, features are what makes smartphones tick and let users stay. Without features, smartphones wouldn’t be that “Smart”. What other features can we expect in the future? Stay tuned and we shall find out.

    When I get a device, the first thing I do is activate the “Developer Options”. The Developer Options are intended for Developers and are hidden from the normal users. To enable Developer Options, head over to Settings --> About Phone --> Tap 8 times on Build Number. These options are useful for me because I can control some of the core things in my Android System. I have three things I do in the Developer Options menu.

    The first thing I do is disable animations. Why you may ask? It helps me to have a faster system when I am switching between applications and it increases the fluidity of the system. In the Developer Options, go to Drawing section and there will be three things of concern to you – 1. Window Animation Scale, 2. Transition Animation Scale, 3. Animator Duration Scale. Set all these three anywhere from None to 0.5x. You will notice the speed right away!

    The second thing I do is I improve my image quality when I game. As I love games and especially 3D games ;) In the Developer Options, go to the Hardware Accelerated Rendering and enable the Force 4X MSAA. When you are enabling this option, it forces the Android System to use 4 times anti-aliasing in OpenGL which in turn improves the image quality. There is a downside to this as it consumes a little bit more power so your battery life will suck more juice. For me, it is worth it.

    The last thing I do is set my background process limit. This option lets me control the number of background processes that can be allowed to run anytime. I like to control this as if there are many background processes running, then I feel as the OS is running sluggish. I set it to 4. You can experiment for what is right for you ;)

    After I am done configuring Developer Options, I go into Settings and tweak it to my liking. The first things I tweak is the OS’s theme. I see if there is a black theme. If yes, I enable that. If there isn’t, then I just leave it be. Next, I setup my Security (fingerprint + pin). After that, I go and pick out my favorite black AMOLED wallpaper and set it. Black theme and black wallpaper = battery saver & reduces burn-in. The last thing I do is pick out my favorite icon pack.

    When I am done with tweaking my Settings, the last thing I do is install the apps and games I need to function on a regular basis. That’s pretty much it. :D

    Anticipation. Anxiousness. Adorable. Giggles. Babble. Walk. Words associated with babies! From the moment they open their eyes, to the moment they make their first poop – parents want to protect and give as much care as needed. Heck! We were babies once too. We googoo gaagaa’d all over. Parents have a tough job raising us. When we were babies, parents had to keep their eyes all the time on us not for us to wander off. When we were adolescents, they kept us fed, gave us a home, clothed us and punished us when we did something wrong. As life progressed further on, we became teenagers and that is where life became a little tricky. Parents did realize this as we brought home our troubles and even happiness sometimes (but mostly the troubles) :D

    I remember when I was 15 years old bringing home bad grades and saw my Mom’s face. She was so pissed that I didn’t know whether to run away or hide?! I deserved on whatever I got that day but the next day my Mom sat down with me and gave me some advice on life. Are you ready to hear what is was? Of course you do! So here it is: “You can have friends. You can party. You can have free time but remember, your first priority is YOU. You are the one responsible for where your life will go – to the right, to the left, to the bottom or to the top. If you go right, you choose a life of pity and self-regret. If you go to the left, you choose a life where everything else will be more important than YOU. If you go to the bottom, you will go down with the narcotics, drunk, criminals and will end up in prison. If you go to the top, you will choose a life where you will make something out of yourself and know your rights from wrongs. You will help others and your family and friends. You will be the person in control and in charge of you, yourself and your life. So, choose your path.”

    When I had the chat with my Mom, I saw on my Mom’s face pain and sorrow. I think it was a time where my Mom realized that she could do only so much with me and the only way she could make me realize what am I doing is by having this chat with her. After that, I took life by its horns and pulled those horns in what direction I wanted them to be pulled. This life advice I will remember forever in my heart. It made me the man I am today. The man that I was supposed to be. The man that realized his own self-destruction. The man that stood up tall to all these things and conquered.

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    Excellent , Beautifully written , Love it... Great pics , thanks for tips & tricks , Wishing you the best of luck in all life has to offer you....

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    NeVeR_SeTTLe , Jun 4, 2018 :
    Thank you Bunty :) Wishing you lots of success and love :) Keep taking those beautiful pictures. Can't wait what you have in store for us in the photography thread ;)

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    No you didn't. Your here :p

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    Hi mate, nicely written, interesting and well explained.
    You have talent for this.

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    Thank you. :)

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    I'm not gonna quote about your pics as they are implied to be adorable ;) Haven't gone with an in-depth read of this thread but on the whole it's just mind blowing @NeVeR_SeTTLe :)

    The life advice impressed me alot, and water proof case for a splash proof device ? Didn't know that. The next time lemme buy one for my Op 5 along with the tempered glass (sub. to replacements in case of any defects :p)

    Thank you once again hunk ;)

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    Somehow i missed this compilation :(

    And also today i was searching something else. I found this unplanned thanks to bad search functionality :D

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    We shall praise bad functionality of OnePlus search :D

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    I'm the next who sees this today for the first time, haha. Will read. Soon.

    Thx ns

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