[Let's Talk Response] How do you customize your device for perfect form and function?

  1. Shivang Joshi
    Starting Point Expert Apr 23, 2018

    Shivang Joshi , Apr 23, 2018 :
    How do you customize your device for perfect form and function?

    So, Android lets you customize your software experience in a ton of ways and that’s the reason I like it a lot. Also, there are a few ways to customize our device externally as well.

    So, let me first start with my external customization options for perfect form and function.

    External Customizations:
    dbrand Grip/Bumper Case: So, recently I received my dbrand Grip and I have to say that it does its job perfectly. As the name suggests, it has a better Grip than any other case I have ever used. Being a bumper case, it does not hide the beauty of my device. Also, the normal function of a case is to provide protection to our device and it would be able to do that. I haven’t drop tested my device with the Grip, but I am pretty sure it would be protecting my device from normal drops. For my complete review of this, you should click here :)

    Skins: Skins are one of the best ways to customize your device externally as per your liking. They do the job of protecting our devices from minor scratches as well as allows us to get a better hold of our device. I chose dbrand Grip over regular cases as it won’t hide the look of my skin, and my device would be protected as well.

    Software Customizations:
    Every android device manufacturer has their own UI. Several UI have a ton of features, but it ends up compromising on the performance. This is where I feel OnePlus has done it well. Also, if you want to have much more customizations, you can always root your device and install custom ROMs and modules. Now, let me share a few of my software customizations here.

    Display Theme: I have this set to Dark since the day I received my device. The dark theme looks much better than light theme, imho. I would set the theme to dark even to those applications, which allows me to set the theme. I always have a dark wallpaper on my device as well :D

    Screen Calibration: I have this set to sRGB mode. sRGB mode is supposed to provide accurate sRGB colours, which allows me to edit my photos accurately. Even if you are using any vibrant colour mode on your device, I would recommend you switching to sRBG mode when you edit photos.

    System Gestures: Currently, I have flip to mute, three-finger screenshot and double-tap to wake turned on, on my device. I have tried switching on the rest of the gestures but ended up not using them. But, personal preference is the key here, and you can customize them as per your liking. For those owning OnePlus 5T, you can turn on those swiping gestures for better experience.

    Developer Options: This is one last thing I have turned on. In these, I just have a few tweaks going on for myself. Let’s go through them one by one.

    Advanced Reboot: This option allows me to enter the recovery or bootloader straightaway without remembering to hold specific buttons for them.

    Disable Absolute Volume: This option allows me to have a better control of volume while listening to music on my headsets. I have separate controls for the volume on my headset and on my device. This creates more levels of volume for a better listening experience.

    Transition scale: Even though this is the last thing mentioned here, this is the first thing I do on receiving a new device. I always change Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale to 0.5x. This makes the device feel snappier.
    That's all what I had to say.

    @Ruby G. Here's my response :)

  2. macemoneta
    Honeycomb Apr 24, 2018

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  3. Shivang Joshi
    Starting Point Expert Apr 24, 2018

    Shivang Joshi , Apr 24, 2018 :
    Yeah, ring is a good option for those who don't want to use the case but I don't like to have a ring sticking on the back of my device.

    Nova launcher is a good option as well, and I do have the Nova Launcher Prime, but ended up not using that due to the simplicity of the OnePlus Launcher :)

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    Donut Jul 24, 2018

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