[Let's Talk] What are your tips and tricks for keeping your device in good shape?

  1. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Mar 22, 2018

    Ruby G. , Mar 22, 2018 :
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    What are your tips and tricks for keeping your device in good shape?

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  2. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Mar 22, 2018

    Dresa91 , Mar 22, 2018 :
    What are my tips and tricks for keeping my device in good shape?
    Well, that's actually quite simple. In any case, I try to protect and use my device in such a way that it will last at least two years and that it will then be in very good condition from the outside.
    I always order a silicone case during the ordering process of the new device. I just find that a silicone case fits tightly and, if the device falls off, absorbs this energy so that the device is hardly damaged. Just recently, my silicone case protected and saved my OnePlus 3.
    I also try to leave the protective film installed at the factory on the display for as long as possible. Then I replace it with a protective glass. This protective glass covers the entire display and does not interfere with the silicone case. So with this, I have protection that works from every side.

    I also make sure that my device has the latest firmware (be it official OS or beta OS for OnePlus). I also regularly clean the cache of the apps and the system. I have never had problems like this (none of the problems reported by many users in the community). I also don't install a huge amount of apps. For example I am using browser to access Amazon or Facebook, because the apps are cosuming too much battery. Positive effect: I can switch to desktop version of a side ;)
    I have no malware or tools such as Clean Master or any virus app installed. The most important app I use every day is "Brain" from the user ;-).
    In addition, I regularly clean up my device, which means that I copy my data (pictures, etc.) to my computer and then delete it from my device. So I also backed up the data.

    In general it can be said: I take care that the device is not exposed to heat or extreme cold. I also carry the device in my jacket or backpack pocket because I think the device is too big for my jeans and I don't want to put extra pressure on the case.

    I've treated every one of my smartphones and I've never had any problems and it's always been worth it.

    Feel free to follow my tips and tricks:) ;)
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  3. Shivang Joshi
    Starting Point Expert Mar 22, 2018

    Shivang Joshi , Mar 22, 2018 :
    My gadgets are one of the most important things in my life. And yes, that includes my smartphone, OnePlus 5. So, what are the things I do to keep my device in good shape? Let’s find that out in this post.

    Use a dbrand skin: No, I am not sponsored by the robots at dbrand. I have their skin installed on my OnePlus 5, and damn son, that looks awesome. I have a Hyperblack Titanium skin installed on my device, and there a ton of other options available for customization. Do check them out, if you haven’t already. (I am suggesting only dbrand, as I have used their skins personally. Please don’t kill me for not suggesting any other skin manufacturer.)

    Use a tempered glass: Yes, this might not seem to much, but it’s helpful. Instead of breaking off my screen, I would prefer breaking my tempered glass, as that can be replaced easily and is cheaper than getting a screen replaced.

    Using a good quality protective case: I know this would add a little bulk to the device, but it is worth it to protect the device. So, which all cases would I recommend? Well, I have Sandstone Case and the Karbon Bumper Case for my device (OnePlus 5)! Also, I have all the cases which are sold by Spigen, for OnePlus 5. And, then I have an Orzly Fusion Bumper Case. Ans at last, I have three more cheap cases, just for looks. So, now the question would be, “Which case would I recommend after testing so many cases?” Well, every case other than those three cheap cases and the Sandstone Case, offers a good amount of protection. But, currently, I am using Orzly Fusion Bumper Case, so that I can show off the looks of my device, customized with the dbrand skin. (I am awaiting the shipment of my dbrand GRIP. Seem amazing but can’t comment until I get my own.)

    Use microfiber cloth: So, is this important? Maybe, not so much. But, you would have fingerprints all over the screen or the tempered glass, which doesn’t look good. So, cleaning the screen/tempered glass occasionally, would be great. Also, that case (the one I am using) can attract a ton of fingerprints. So, keeping that clean is a good idea.

    Keep the phone clean: This means to remove the case (about once in a week) you are using and clean the dust inside the case. Yes, the dust even gets in between the case and the device. So, it would be a great idea to clean that dust often. (Especially, when you are not using a skin, as that dust will result into paint chipping in the form of dots.)

    That’s everything I wanted to say about the things I do to keep my device in good shape.

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  4. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Mar 22, 2018

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Mar 22, 2018 :

    Less is More.jpg

    There are 2 very important (and often ignored) life lessons in the above two quotes.

    Having used smartphones since 2012, and having both read extensively and used (experimented with) many popular apps on the Google Play Store, this is what I have realised:

    A lean and light-weight system is an efficient, and therefore, most effective system. Such a system significantly enhances user experience.


    1. Installing apps unnecessarily or keeping an app installed when it isn’t being used is a hog on system resources. Uninstall apps that you don't use.

    2. Apps that have to constantly run in the background (read antivirus, boosters, battery savers, etc.) trying to monitor other apps or system functions are the worst category. They drain battery, occupy RAM, use CPU cycles and eventually contribute to slowing the system down. And all these for no real benefits (except for a false sense of security and performance). The smartphone performs best without any of these apps.

    3. Think of the software in a phone as a house with lots of stuff. It is not as if the house cannot be kept clean. But the amount of effort required to keep it clean is much more. Eventually the efforts required to keep the house clean takes a toll on your health and mood, and slowly the house begins to get less clean, and eventually dirty. In other words, more apps and features packed in the OS or installed on your device has a similar effect on the device performance, which leads to poor user experience.

    4. Let the OS handle everything. Do not interfere with system design and functions. The more you tinker with it (unless you are an expert and know exactly what you are doing), the more negatively it hampers user experience.

    5. Reboot your device atleast once every week. This will clear temporary glitches and delete unnecessary temp files as determined by the OS. Do NOT use 3rd party apps for these functions.

    6. Reboot to recovery and wipe system cache once every month. This is like a panacea for all evils as far as smartphone performance is concerned.

    7. Keep the OS and all apps up-to-date always. They often contain important security patches and bug-fixes that boost performance.

    8. Practice safe online behaviour. Here are some tips: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/online-security-good-practices.741974/

    9. Before installing apps, check its reputation (number of downloads and user reviews can act as a guide, although they can be manipulated) and be very careful of the source. Sticking to Google Play Store alone is often sufficient and recommended.

    10.Remove all unnecessary permissions from apps. (If you like an app and use it, it is always a good idea to support the developer and also support future development by purchasing the paid version of the app.)


    1. Do not expose your device to extreme temperatures/ humidity/ dust.

    2. Use a good quality case and a screen protector.

    3. Use original or good quality branded accessories (charger, cables, etc.)

    4. Avoid dropping, bumping or otherwise subjecting your device to external shocks.

    Remember, your smartphone is just an object to be used for your own comfort and convenience. Take care of it but don’t fall in love with it (in the true sense).

    With the above basic tips, your device will remain in good shape and more importantly, you will have a satisfactory user experience.

    @Ruby G. - Thanks for the opportunity.
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  5. idkwhoiam322
    Nougat Mar 22, 2018

  6. MKT_IRFAN3735
    Jelly Bean Mar 22, 2018

    MKT_IRFAN3735 , Mar 22, 2018 :
    good evening to everyone I'm using OnePlus 5 [e]1f618[/e] when i bought the Oneplus I'm very happy to use the beast , before buying I analysed the OnePlus 5 but it went to peak's a BEST budget killer and also Flagship killer of 2017 till OnePlus 5t released when using the OnePlus 5 I feel very happy and very comfortable like 3fingers screenshot 2 finger music player and V flash and double tap and ULTIMATELY FACE LOCK[e]1f60d[/e] like a lightning speed until today no phone is equal to OnePlus phones ANIMATIONS it's very fast and mainly the Dash charge [e]1f618[/e][e]1f618[/e][e]1f618[/e][e]1f618[/e][e]1f618[/e] luv yew OnePlus [e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e]

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  7. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Mar 22, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Mar 22, 2018 :
    Purchase Protection Plan:
    Device protection plan comes handy in case of physical or water damage and even in case of theft. Buy one soon after purchasing mobile.

    Select the duration keeping in view how long you intend to use it.

    Buy a case:
    Case protects mobile from short height falls, dust, pocket suffocation and minor scratches.

    Select a case that covers all sides and offers bumper protection. Few cases even offer dust plugs. Take advantage of the dust plug to save headphone jack and charging port.

    While selecting case be aware that transparent cases are prone to discoloration. Choose one based on reviews. Cleaning it time to time can reduce the effect to certain extent. Sodium bicarbonate popularly known as Baking soda works like charm to clean transparent cases.

    Screen Protector:
    Company supplied screen protector can serve in maximum instances but applying tempered glass can give it an added advantage of protection from minor physical contacts.

    With rounded edges or 2.5D glass, tempered glass cannot cover screen completely. Make sure of selecting one that does.

    Cleaning it:
    Keep cleaning the device once in a while. All those fingerprints, fine dust and greasy marks make it look spoiled. Keep it clean. Use only microfiber cloth to clean the device. Other substances might leave scratches.

    Use a skin:
    Cases can cause spots on metal backs. To prevent this, place a microfiber cloth or a tissue between case and device.

    Better option to preserve the look and even improve it is to apply a skin. While there are lot of skins available, I personally recommend dBrand.

    This has multiple advantages - gives better grip, protects device from dust and scratches.

    Use Original Accessories:
    Always use original accessories when it comes to charging the battery. Low quality charging blocks damages battery, cables damage ports. Even low quality headphones damage headphone port.

    Device security:
    Lock - Use a secure pin or password, though convenient, face unlock isn't a safe measure.

    Security Updates - Keep your device up to date as security patches fix vulnerabilities.

    Connecting to Networks - Using public networks may leave the device vulnerable to attacks. Even unidentified Bluetooth can cause harm.

    Downloads - Beware of what you download. It might be a sneaky script that can bug your device and lead to information leaks.

    Encryption - Encrypting data can save us from data thefts. Even in case of bypassing security measures, data remains inaccessible.

    Find my Device - Turn this on. Google provides device tracking measure. This helps us to track the device (in very rare situations) and gives us ability to remotely wipe data so that our passwords, data are safe now.

    Software maintenance:
    Clear cache and unwanted files at least once a month. Maintenance is not restricted to looks and hardware but should be aiming at device performance as well.

    We constantly see users complaining of lags, heating, battery issues.

    Do not do:
    Don't use the device while charging. Do not overcharge. Dash charge does it's job in just under 100 minutes so keep track of it.

    Don't keep it near magnets or hot devices.

    If the outside temperature is high and body gets hot, don't immediately cool it. Just remove the case and let it cool gradually.

    Mobiles are not water resistant irrespective of several certifications. Keep the device wet at all times and in case of splash or dunk in water, use rice / silica gel packs to dry the device

    Always choose Authorised service centres and Original spares even a bit costly.
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  8. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Mar 22, 2018

    Cheetosdust , Mar 22, 2018 :
    There are a few factors that can keep your phone in good shape. One of the most important is one nobody can control, and that’s luck. Sometimes a phone can drop in the most stupid way and sometimes you can avoid an identical drop in the most miraculous way. That said, I actually think you can try and influence that luck.

    I never broken a screen and all my phones are in mint condition - the OnePlus 3 has a little scuff on the bottom, but actually need to search for it. Some people say to me they are unlucky; say that their phones - or other piece of tech - just break on their hands. And then I actually watch how they treat their equipment.

    On my OnePlus devices, the 3 and the 5T, I left the pre-applied screen protector. It’s not the best in the world, but it’s actually really well applied - I couldn’t do that even if I tried a hundred times. It works rather well, if you have in mind that its purpose is a first line of defense and that having that doesn’t mean you can throw the phone to a table and hope for the best.

    That’s my first advice: if you buy a OnePlus device, just leave that as it is. Other than that, treat your phone thinking about the long run, not the next hour, day or week. Clean the damn thing, try to keep the earpiece without any speck of dust, use a toothpick to remove it as soon as it’s there. Use a cue tip to clean the edges that may be exposed by its cover - you may not notice, but your hand is always touching those parts.

    And maybe even more important: clean the parts that are easily forgotten. Take off the cover of the phone and check if there’s anything stuck there, clean the back of the phone and the actual cover. Fun Fact - I actually like to take of the cover and just admire it. When, like me, you use a cover for the most part, you tend to forget how the phone actually looks.

    Keeping the phone in a good shape it’s not a scientific method, but actually common sense. You pay for it, might as well don't treat it like trash. Phones are so fragile these days, that it’s the least you can do. The covers sold by OnePlus may not be the most protective, but for me, especially the Silicon one, gets the job done. I like to keep my devices brand new, but I’m not in the market to buy a bulky and rugged case, so OnePlus seem to nail that middle ground.

    Maybe you think differently, but it drives me crazy knowing I have something with visible damage, like it’s a dead pixel and I can’t look away. Maybe a small scuff is perfectly fine for you and that’s not a problem, it certainly is not my problem. But keep your phone cleaned and mind how you actually use it.

    Nurture the phone, nurture what you paid for. Sometimes, luck can run out, sure, but when that happens, try and have a clear consciousness about how you took care of it. This is even more clear to me with a phone that I fell in love with. Like I mentioned, I really like the OP3 and I keep taking care of it, even if it’s not my primary phone at the moment.

    It doesn’t matter if it cost you 100€ or 1000€. When you buy something, you’re actually in a “relationship” with the product. If you want to keep it clean, working and looking nice, you have to do the basics and hope luck don’t run out. It’s common sense, it’s not slapping a cover on it and leave it there for three years, it’s not going to the beach and just throw it in the towel, it’s not “forgetting” about it on your backpack.

    Bottom line is: try and take care of your devices today like you did when you unboxed them.

  9. G_plusone
    Marshmallow Mar 22, 2018

    G_plusone , Mar 22, 2018 :
    As soon as you narrow down the phone you want to buy look for good screen protectors, cases and a protection plan. It doesn't matter if you have never dropped phones in the past but that won't help when your phone hits the pavement, though these protectors don't guarantee 100 % protection, they can save Your time, money and your phone. Don't go jaywalking with your eyes and hands on the phone.

    Only use Original accessories for your phone and buy accessories only from authorized brands. Don't use cheap knockoffs, you may end up spending more than you save with them if something goes wrong.

    As soon as you switch your phone on don't go all out on it and play Mortal Combat or Asphalt 8 for a couple of hours straight away. Feel the phone's performance for a few days before putting it to those tests. DON'T RUN BENCHMARKS on your phone, they will only make your phone unbearably hot.

    Don't install Antivirus applications, Storage Cleaners and Applications from Untrusted sources. Don't clear cache too often as your phone will build it again using additional Mobile/WiFi data and battery.

    Before updating take a look at the feedback on the latest update before downloading it. This will help you avoid the unnecessary trouble with possible bugs.

    Disable system applications/google applications which you don't want to have. Disable App auto start for Apps which doesn't need it. Don't give Apps unnecessary permissions, for example your browser may ask for Contacts permission, your browser need not have access to your contacts to function properly so you can disable that.

    Don't let your Storage become full if so your phone may start to become sluggish. Always backup important data (files, photos, videos etc...). Don't worry about Your RAM usage as android manages to do that well.

    Have fun with your phone. You don't have to worry much if You are careful of what you put in your phone
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  10. GopalB.
    Nougat Mar 22, 2018

    GopalB. , Mar 22, 2018 :
    So another one!!!

    What are your tips and tricks for keeping your device in good shape?

    Good Question... [​IMG]

    Lets do this one properly with pointers and from very beginning... [​IMG]
    1. Don't drop it while un-boxing!!! [​IMG] You would look stupid and will always be "that guy" who broke his phone on its 1st day... [​IMG]
    2. Try not to put much pressure on your phone, on the very 1st startup and setup... Try keeping it as simple as possible with bare minimum apps... This will give you a better idea on the base performance of your new phone...
    3. After a week you can download all the necessary apps and then start going all crazy with the customization... [​IMG]
    4. Are you someone who finds your phone very slippery??? Are you someone who keeps dropping your phone??? If yes, then you can either go with Skin and Plastic screen protector (for normal people), Strong case and glass screen protectors (for clumsy people) or full naked (for daredevils)... [​IMG]
    5. Battery... try not to trust any of the old myths and just keep it healthy!!! Its not that hard, and you can't stop aging!!!
    6. Stay away from apps, from outside untrustworthy sources...
    7. Always monitor your apps and the background usage of those apps... Can't trust anyone these days!!! [​IMG]
    8. Don't install any useless/unwanted app...
    9. If any app is using too much of battery or background data, find an alternative app and test that out...
    10. Don't use any anti-virus or RAM manager or storage management apps...
    11. Keep it updated... (from OS till every single apps... and if any app is not getting an update from long, try searching for an alternative or contact the developers of that app and confirm if its still being developed...)
    12. Clear the system cache on regular basis and do that before and after any OS update!!!
    13. Don't overdo anything, you can uninstall the apps you are not using from more then a month or so!!! You know you don't need those anymore...[​IMG]
    Well these are the tips that I follow... [​IMG]

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  11. NeVeR_SeTTLe
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Mar 22, 2018

    NeVeR_SeTTLe , Mar 22, 2018 :
    @Ruby G. thanks for the thread and thanks for giving me another opportunity to stack up on my "mad writing skilzz" :D

    When my newly phone arrives at my doorsteps, I unpack it. What follows after that is a sequence of events that I hard coded in my brain with a sledge hammer that keeps my phone protected and performance wise - fast.

    1. Unpack - Check if the phone is physically damaged (chipped, scratched, doesn't start). After checking, I put it away in the box and leave it.
    2. Protection - Case and Tempered Glass. I search long and hard to find the right case that offers protection, is stylish and fits my preferences. The Tempered Glass has to also fit with the case because some cases push the Tempered Glass out. Again research is a necessity. Lastly, I slap a dbrand skin on the back to make it look more stylish ;)
    3. Setup - Once my case and Tempered Glass are on my power horse, I then set up my system. On the setup screen, I don't connect to any Wi-Fi and don't turn on my mobile Internet. I untick every option there is that "Sends anonymous information to either Google, OnePlus" because I love my privacy. ;)
    4. Setup Part 2 - Once I get into the OS, I do these in order:

    A.) Check for any updates to the system and install them. After each update, I wipe cache from Recovery before and after the update.
    B.) Install all my programs that I need (some programs are heavy so I use light weight alternatives). Do not install any antivirus apps, junk cleaners because they only slow down your OS and do nothing beneficial. NO need for Antivirus or junk cleaning as Android is optimized very well.
    C.) Sync with my Google Account (If I have a Custom ROM, I don't install any Google Apps)
    D.) Charge my phone (I charge it from 30% to 80%)
    E.) Wipe cached data by going into Settings --> Storage & Memory --> Cached Data (I do this once every 3 months)

    5. Transfer - I take photos, play games and have apps installed. In order to keep my phone's performance in top notch, every 3 months I transfer my photos to my computer, uninstall games that I stopped playing, uninstall apps that I no longer use.
    6. Physical Cleaning - After using the device for some months, I clean my device physically. I take off the Tempered Glass and clean the screen with alcohol and wipe it dry. I turn over my Tempered Glass and with a lint roller I roll that baby up and down :D until it gets most of the dust particles. With a needle, I delicately get the junk and gunk out of my ear piece and then wipe the ear piece with alcohol. When all this is done, I reapply my Glass Protector and put on my case again.

    That is it. Pretty simple, right? ;)


    - Do not leave your phone in hot or cold temperatures
    - If your phone is broken, do not try to attempt to fix it by yourself (if you know what you are doing then go ahead)
    - If you drop your phone in water (for those telephones that aren't waterproof), do not turn on your phone after getting it out of water. Leave it for a day in a bag of rice (better is 2 days) and then after that, unscrew it (if you can) and see if there is still water inside. If you can't unscrew it because it's like a Samsung (glass sandwich) then just hope for the best. Screw it back on and turn it on. If the device is not powering on, then don't force it, again repeat the same exact steps above and then try it again. If after that it still won't power on, then call Customer Support.
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  12. RogerF81
    Honeycomb Mar 22, 2018

    RogerF81 , Mar 22, 2018 :
    This one is a good and interesting question. I would say there are many things which one can do, surely from software side and from hardware side. I'll start with the hardware side:

    • Keeping the device clean and keep it away from dust and water.
    • Using your brain and don't do silly things. Be careful with it, it's still a device which costs ~500€/$, so don't complain if you throw it against a wall and the device is broken afterwards :p And on top, it's not made of Titanium or Kevlar or such, so don't wonder if it breaks when you're doing silly things. Again: Turn on your brain, it's not that hard.
    • Using a screen protector. At the moment, I'm using the plastic screen protector from Ultimate Shield, I also ordered the plastic screen protector from Skinomi, but I haven't tried this one yet. I hope this isn't considered as some kind of advertisement, but I really can recommend the plastic screen protector from Ultimate Shield, as it is easy to apply, covers the full screen and adds a nice feeling, too, as its coating reduces finger prints. I also have the glass screen protector from Ultimate Shield, but this broke after one week of usage. But therefore, I got a new one for free from Ultimate Shield, as it seems that I just had rough luck with the first one.
    • Using a case. Currently, I'm using the original Sandstone case from OnePlus. I also own the Karbon case and the Karbon bumper (which I will use when I'm going on holidays or so :p ) I really like it, as it is the slimmest case I ever had and just feels awesome. Besides, I'm sure that one can recommend Spigen cases as well without any doubt, but they are thicker for sure.
    • Don't charge the phone too much (espacially don't charge it over night, that's not healthy for your battery). Dash charge is fast enough to charge your phone in the morning, too :p
    Software side:
    • Don't install apps which you don't use.
    • Don't use "Ram tweaks" or "Clean up" or "Battery wonder: up to 1000 hours of SOT" apps. They won't do what you expect them to do ;)
    • I mean, OnePlus allows you to unlock the bootloader and root the phone without any issues, thankfully. Well, then do this!! You can remove any app you don't want and free up more space on your phone. More space + less junk = faster, lighter and better working phone, simple as that.
    • Don't install viruses, warez or any other shit which could harm your phone.
    • But don't use anit-virus apps as well: They are nearly completely useless on Android.
    • Use your brain. Come on, it's possible, others can do it, so you can do it.
    • From time to time, a clean flash can help as well and do wonders.
    • Update your phone once an update is available.
    • Try a different kernel and find the one which fits you best.
    • Don't install too many mods, if you don't really need them.
    I guess, these things should to the trick :)

  13. idkwhoiam322
    Nougat Mar 22, 2018

    idkwhoiam322 , Mar 22, 2018 :
    Going to shamelessly go back on my words :(
    Taking care of my device hmm… that’s quite an interesting topic.


    Let’s start with me showing off a bit: I’ve never broken a device, well not intentionally anyways(more information later). Moving back to the beginning of time, as you grab a knife and start to eagerly tear up that box! Do it slowly! It’s one of the best moments of getting the phone, cherish it! Don’t let it end in regret as you realize after removing the plastic that you were holding the box upside down! Before you do anything else, take the entire setup to a table, or even better, a bed. Understand that the phone is a fragile beast and needs to be taken care of if it is not to be tamed.

    When setting up your device for the first time, do it slowly. There’s no need to rush in all 150 apps and games right at the beginning. Let it (never) settle, do it over a few hours. Don’t simultaneously download all apps as well as transfer 10 gigs of music!

    Grab a case or a skin! Yes, you want to hold that piece beauty naked, but spending a fraction of the price on a case can ensure it stays that way! Skins don’t provide nearly as much protection as a case, but it helps you grip your device better, and ultimately a smaller chance of dropping the phone. As phones move to being made of Glass and Aluminum and not Plastic, it costs a fortune to fix the damage, sometimes quite a large percentage of the money you spend to buy it, sometimes over half the cost! *cough* Apple iPhone X *cough*

    Okay great! Now you got a case! It’s not enough! Crazy right!? Let me remind you again, it’s a piece of aluminum (or glass, depending on the device), so it’s scratched or peeled off easily by dust particles (or diamonds in your pockets @Android450 :rolleyes:). Sometimes, even the case is partially responsible. So, when buying a case, choose one carefully. Take it off once a week and simply wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth. Barely takes two minutes but keeps it shiny!

    Moving on to software! Take my advice, and don’t use apps like Clean Master. All they do is clear your cache for the most part, you can do that easily yourself from recovery. They take up unnecessary space and power on your device and do more harm than good. Clear the cache right after a software update to clear up any niggling old files that may interfere with newer software and apps, it helps a ton and fixes more than 50% of issues.

    This one’s a bit tricky, and you can never be sure about this yourself, but, take care of the phone’s surroundings just like you take care of yourself. Remember, your phone is always crossing the road. It can’t look left or right for itself, you have to do it in its stead. My LG G2 met an unfortunate end due to my carelessness. All I did was get out of a van, and my pocket rubbed against the door and it bounces over 5 times and, and man, those spiderwebs :(

    If you want to keep the device in good shape, you need to take care of the accessories too! When you want to plug in your phone, take that extra second to see and do it! Yes, it has USB-C, yes, it is right at the center, but it also has dash charge! That extra second you take to plug in your phone avoids wear and tear of the wire as well as the port, dash charge takes care of all the extra time you take to charge it ;)

    You bought this phone and were filled with happiness when the two of you were united for the first time! Relationships need to be taken care of by all parties. While the software part is taken care of by devs, you need to do your part too. It doesn’t matter how much it cost, you bought the phone like the love of your life! Take care of it now as you did the first day!

    Thanks to everyone for reading, and @Ruby G. and the rest of the team for the opportunity! :)
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  14. Lancelot_69
    Lollipop Mar 22, 2018

    Lancelot_69 , Mar 22, 2018 :
    Thank you @Ruby G. for this opportunity to share what I have learned here, from my own personal experience researching issues with android.
    IMHO the number one mistake people do is right from the beginning, setting up their phone! I have written a topic about this on this forum as well as a respected member of this community @Mr.BG (not that I am respected)
    When you receive a brand new android phone or flash a custom rom you should always start fresh, not from previous device! You have no reason to bring your tattered luggage with you! In the initial set up you should not enter ANYTHING! Bypass as much as you possibly can, do not have your sim card installed, enter email address, location, name or anything else! Go straight to your device is ready. Anything that you could enter in the set up process is also available in the device OS.
    I know, you're thinking what about my pictures, my apps, my documents?? This is the beauty of Android! First your pictures, there is a wonderful app called Google photos, it automatically backs up your pictures! So on your new device you download Google photos, enter your email and presto, your photos from previous device!
    I know you hate Google photos? Then before you do anything to your old device back your photos on your computer, a stick, anything! Then transfer manually to your new device!
    What about documents? Honestly if they are that important shouldn't they be backed up as well, on some cloud, on your computer?? For you music lovers such as myself, I know you have your music on your computer or in a cloud stored somewhere, you didn't trust any device to store it. You have it stored somewhere, manually transfer that as well. Some of you might know that I possess an extensive library of over 60gb of music.
    Then there is your apps! I personally get all my apps from Google play store, they actually memorize all the apps you have ever used! Download them again on your wifi! Every time I get a new phone or flash a rom I start fresh like I am discussing here. Currently I have 52 apps on my phone. It takes me approximately 30 minutes to download all my apps and login to them all!
    So you are passed the set up and you are staring at your fresh device, so let's get started!
    First got to settings - display - begin by setting that up how you like. Then sounds and notifications again set up your preferences. Continue on with all the settings until you're done!
    Ok now you have completed the settings it's time to enter your wifi, go to settings - wifi - find yours and enter your password. Now off to Google play store, enter your email, set it up and start downloading all your apps! Then go through the process of starting each app up, logging in and making sure everything is working properly!
    Ok you got all that done? Turn off your phone and go into recovery (volume down and power button same time) wipe cache and reboot your device! Everything still working? Excellent!! Now you can put your sim card in your device and get rocking with it!
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  15. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Mar 22, 2018

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Mar 22, 2018 :
    point 3 - unpossible.

    point 7 - innecessary.

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  16. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Mar 22, 2018

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Mar 22, 2018 :
    I too always prefer a brand new setup and don't restore apps or data using an app or a service (unless it is a Nandroid/ Titanium backup which is used only under specific circumstances). a clean start is always a preferred choice.

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  17. GopalB.
    Nougat Mar 22, 2018

    GopalB. , Mar 22, 2018 :
    But... But... :(

  18. Lancelot_69
    Lollipop Mar 22, 2018

    Lancelot_69 , Mar 22, 2018 :
    I currently use my Oneplus X, Oneplus 2 and Oneplus One (rotation) that I purchased. I also own a Samsung note 3, LG G3 that were given to me. Plus I have a Moto G3 that my brother found, I hacked into bypassing the email verification (never found the owner). All these phones are set up with the same method. Not one suffers from battery drain, over heating etc etc etc. I honestly believe (I could be wrong) it is because I set them using my method.

  19. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Mar 22, 2018

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Mar 22, 2018 :
    that is true only. because restoring data from an old system will also bring the existing trash with it.

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  20. Lancelot_69
    Lollipop Mar 22, 2018

    Lancelot_69 , Mar 22, 2018 :
    I agree with a lot of what you say, one point I disagree with is the downloading of apps. I need this day and age of instant gratification no one has the patience to wait a week to download something. This is the NOW AGE! All the phones I used I downloaded everything right out of the gate.