[Let's Talk] What do you do to improve your digital well-being?

  1. johneebee
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Aug 1, 2018

    johneebee , Aug 1, 2018 :
    Digital well being and what I try to do to improve my own:

    To be honest this subject didn't really came to mind until yesterday evening. A friend saw that one of my friends was still using an old phone and asked him how many hours of SOT he was getting on it, and after hearing that he gets 5 hours of SOT, he was super worried as to how he comes through the day with only spending less than 5 hours of checking his screen. He then said he gets about 8 hours and that's just enough for him which made me actually kinda worried about how much time he spends looking at digital screens in general and how unhealthy that must be.

    I read up a bit on the subject. The studies done on the amount of social media use for example conclude that digital well-being is not as simple as monitoring time of use, it is in how social media is used. They surveyed over a 30.000 students across the globe and saw that the ones who spend more time on social media often didn't necessarily spend less time studying. Furthermore, students who use social media to engage about education may actually have better grades.

    What I personally do:
    A few years back I my self was once worried about my time management after receiving some less than ideal grades and felt that I had to take control of my life (my digital wellbeing in itself wasn't even in my mind back then). My eyes are already not the best and I sometimes notice myself just losing hours of my day because I was zoned out checking my phone/ laptop not being productive at all. So at first I gave myself time limits and told to myself by the next round number I'm setting aside my phone and I'll go study... But then I look back at the clock and I would have past that exact time so I give myself a new deadline:oops: I know this is horrible behaviour. But nowadays I put myself actual alarms and this works allot better to notify me how long I gave myself to take a break and enjoy some "mindless internet".
    I myself usually don't post anything on facebook unless it's in our university's facebook study group and I sometimes feel bad about people posting tons of selfies just to get likes, thinking " I wish that person didn't feel the need of getting other people's approval to feel good about themselves". But I would be lying to myself if I didn't accept that in a way I also feel that little bit of dopamine release whenever I see I get a like for something funny I posted and have to watch out not to get addicted to it.
    Like recommended by many I also turn off notifications about an hour before I go to bed in order to properly relax (usually just reading a book).

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