[Let's Talk] What is it like being a OnePlus fan in your country?

  1. The_Unkown
    Jelly Bean Mar 20, 2018

    The_Unkown , Mar 20, 2018 :
    In India , I really hope OnePlus has the largest user base .

    and still being a fan of OnePlus really excite . I mean just look at the device you keep in your pocket.

    it will either look like a " dabba" or it is either a crap which is going to fail you when you most needed it.( if you have not spended a lot of money over your device)

    but when it come to OnePlus , I mean just look at it. how good it feel, how good it look , how good it performs and trust me it never fail you.

    I mean whenever you take your device out of pocket for any thing either for paying , or calling or texting anything. it amazes you .
    OnePlus devices are now known for better performance , better battery life and better camera and everything.

    everything is like wow.

    the dual camera setup and a slider on side ( in model with different colour) really amazes .

    being a fan of this brand is not less than being a fan of super and less costing hero.[e]1f602[/e]

    the community it has created is really cool. means yes there are few things which are not good but on the whole you have got a international platform to raise your voice or share your feedback. and these things amaze me when talking about being a fan of Oneplus .

    it's just wow to be fan of OnePlus .

    over here you also find the developer team , who ( I think ) watches the feedback and work / develop the things accordingly.

    no other companies yet have been so open to consumers and take such amount of feedback for any new functionalities and devices . this is why being a fan of Oneplus is far better .

    since joining the community , I have just forgot to use Facebook, [e]1f602[/e] I mean most of the time , I am here only ( when free) and look at the thread and if something is there to answer just try to answer the questions.

    a fan helping other fan.

    over all it has been a good experience till now, being a fan of OnePlus, though there are a lot of complaint I have which I shall be sharing in proper thread.

    Never Settle

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  2. Himanshu0000608
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 20, 2018

    Himanshu0000608 , Mar 20, 2018 :
    @Ruby G. i m from India .. oneplus is quite popular here .. I didn't own any 1+ pho e before . 1+5 is my first device . i ordered this in the starting month of sale . and the moment i got this . i was like .this is some phone . The design, build quality , everything is great .. this phone is a perfect blend of everything for a great price .. This is the first lag free phone that i hv used .. I m a big fan of 1+ now . anyone hold a different brand phone .or any flagship i always talk about performance . an they are always surprised to use this.. such a fluid experience .. beign a 1+ fan is always great . amyone having 1+ will definitely fall in love with 1+ .i will definitely buy your 2019 model as i m atech enthusiast so i want a phone with a 7nm processor .. so i can show off even more with my 1+ .

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  3. SamiAlamir
    Froyo Mar 20, 2018

    SamiAlamir , Mar 20, 2018 :
    I'm suffering. I'm living in yemen and my people doesn't know anything about oneplus except it's Chines. They still have a stupid ideas like everything from China doesn't last long [e]1f494[/e][e]1f614[/e]. When i bought OP5T sandstone eddition by 600$ everyone told me to buy Samsung or apple [e]1f62a[/e]. I love OP.
    As a OPX and OP5T user I'm f***** in love with one plus phones . And suffering in my country as well i don't even get a screen protector i have to order from KSA or just take any other phone screen protector and cut it [e]1f62a[/e].

    I start to believe that I'm the only fan and user in my country (Yemen).lol

    Never Settle

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  4. Tomhall
    Eclair Mar 20, 2018

    Tomhall , Mar 20, 2018 :
    In the United Kingdom, there is lots of hype, but very few people who I know actually own a device. I and one other person who I know actually own a device, I think there is still a worry of it being a Chinese manafacturer which people think is a bit dodgy and not mainstream. My experience has been nothing but amazing with oneplus, and I believe that this good customer service and repore with the consumers is the main way that more people will start using Oneplus devices

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  5. magnumous
    Eclair Mar 20, 2018

    magnumous , Mar 20, 2018 :
    amazing, feel unique, better than the rest and very satisfied with this brand. I would love to always want every product that you guys make, I WOULD love!!! I just really hope that for the next flagship you guys don't include a notch, basing from the rumours I am hearing and images I am seeing, it would really be ridiculous of you guys to include that on the next flagship. If you don't have enough technology for full screen then please don't try and copy Apple because that will be blatantly copying. For a Brand that I am proud of it would really make me proud to go through a flagship that doesn't look like flavourless copy of the iPhone. At the moment if you ask me, it is such a pain to be a fan of OnePlus in my country because of the next flagship rumours are terrifying. So as a Fan, who is proud of such an outstanding phone and is prepared to acquire the next flagship in all its Glory... please please please please please please don't put any notch at the top and even worse a chin at the bottom, you will definitely lose customers... this is what it is like being a OnePlus fan at the moment, be unique guys be different. my opinion and how I feel as a fan in Zim

  6. luxuskamel
    Lollipop Mar 20, 2018

    luxuskamel , Mar 20, 2018 :
    I am from Germany but I can "only" speak about being a OnePlus fan there from end 2014 to summer 2017 as i am currently not living there. Its kind of sad/(great?) that i missed some community meetups already in that short time that i'm not there. When i left Germany @Duci was quite new and I only had the chance to meet her once at the OnePlus 5 popup, which was with the OP3 popup the only community "events" i ever attended. I always wanted to see a strong German community but it feels like the German people are sleeping all day long (except a few, great guys on the forums). For the amount of Germans with oneplus devices it, i feel like there are too less people here. For me COMMUNITY IS THE FORUM, not "simple social media follower". For me OnePlus is more than just a smartphone company. Although there where phases when i didn't like oneplus a lot*. But stilll I am probably one of the more brand-loyal fans, because when I was at the OP3 popup i think there was a third of all people using iPhones and few people that are using the forums. A fun thing i remember, when we waited in the queue some other people came along and asked what we were waiting for and a guy (like expected, there were only very few women) answered that there is free underwear for men. I always wanted to be at a OnePlus event, but they were really rare back in time. I definitely noticed that more and more people know about OnePlus. In 2014 nobody has heard about it and in 2017 it was not unknown to many people i have talked with. Looking back I knew more than 10 people with the OPO, at least four with the OP2, two with a OPX, two with a OP3 and three with a OP3T, three with a OP5, but none yet with a OP5T.
    My new home in a not supported country: Well, I am the only one. I know that there are at least two local people in the whole country with oneplus devices... Oh wait, I was sitting in a bus and we drove next to a phone shop that had a big OnePlus sign on the entrance. Maybe there are some few more people. By far dominating are Samsung, Xiaomi and iPhone. I don't understand what's the problem of OnePlus to not support worldwide, as whey even almost promised:
    That's it. I'm tired. It's probably hard to read, give me your questions then. Good night everyone

    *some reasons:
    - FM radio in the OnePlus One, was promissed
    - OPO Styleswap cover
    - Bad quality of flipcase
    - NFC, Laserfocus
    - OPX
    - MHL/Slimport
    - Community involvement for OP2
    - No invite system (has it's good and bad)
    - Community is not only the forums
    - Software support for "older" devices
    - the quote above

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  7. Sixuan
    Cupcake Mar 21, 2018

  8. fdroko
    Jelly Bean Mar 21, 2018

    fdroko , Mar 21, 2018 :
    What is it like being a OnePlus fan in your country?

    Totally a difficult experience, I mean ...

    By not having a physical store is extramademtne complicated to buy a phone or accessories, always catching the importers.
    But it has a positive side ... the original and unique being. See people asking "what phone is that?" When you say it is Oneplus they look at you with astonishment and dehorning because they do not know the company.

    I hope your good pricing and updates policies are maintained to remain a big Oneplus fan. Of course a great deployment to Latin America so that it becomes known even more.

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  9. brian.sedore
    Honeycomb Mar 22, 2018

    brian.sedore , Mar 22, 2018 :
    I first got a glimpse of a OnePlus phone two years ago. Living in Canada where there are no OnePlus facilities, I never got to see one in person. So getting a look at a real OnePlus in the wild was surprising and exciting. After asking the owner about their phone, they said “I’m sure you never heard of it before.” To their surprise, I had heard about it and had my usually monotone voice raise unexpectedly. That just made me want to get one even more.

    Because of an unfortunate situation, I had to spend a lot of time with some coworkers. No problem with that and I got to know some fun facts about them. One coworker had [another phone]. They said at one point “Man I hate this phone. I miss my OnePlus!” They had a OP2. Jealousy rose.

    I was always hoping to get a hold of one through various contests, but was never lucky enough to win. Unfortunately, I also had to wait for my contract to end with the phone company here. The contract situation here isn’t the greatest and I was always a little skeptical of ordering things online, especially something that expensive. After my previous phone was struggling because it was about four years old, I took the plunge.

    Loved the design when it first came and couldn’t wait to take it for a test drive. However, my years old phone did not have the right size SIM. Took a short drive to the phone provider where they cut the SIM to the right size, they asked “What kind of phone is this?” I replied proudly that it was a OnePlus 5T. They replied with about the same enthusiasm as I did a couple of years ago. “This is a OnePlus?! I’ve heard great things about these.” So did I. I had to try it for myself. Apart from one detail, love the phone.

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  10. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Mar 23, 2018

    Cheetosdust , Mar 23, 2018 :
    It always start with a double take. When I saw another person on the street with a OnePlus phone, I have to double check.

    “Is that a..?” my brain asks to confirm what the eyes already saw.

    I’m from Porto, Portugal. It’s the second biggest city in a small country, so we don’t have a lot of OnePlus fans around, we certainly don’t have as many as India, for example. I’m sure the company want to sell more phones in every single market they are present, but I like it this way. For me, it’s like a secret club, like there’s only a few that got the key.

    The first time I saw a person holding one was near Trindade (no, not like that @dsmonteiro ). It was a OnePlus 2 and at the time I already owned a OnePlus 3. It was such a strange feeling to recognize the phone he was holding. I was not using a cover in mine, so I showed him the back of the OnePlus 3. We nod and smiled. Every time I think about that, it was literally like a secret society where we bonded for 4-5 seconds and never saw each other again.

    I don’t really care about what other people think of the phone I’m using and I certainly don’t go and smile to every single people I see using a Galaxy or an iPhone. However, with OnePlus is different. I don’t know if that’s because the company's deep roots in its community or if my brain, used to check a bunch of people discussing the phones online, just think of this as a briefly extension of that part. I felt like I knew that person already from somewhere, I felt like he had an username attached.

    Being a OnePlus fan in Portugal feels like the streets are a continuation of the forums, where customers can be someone from around here - seeing a OnePlus phone in the hands of another person gives you the sense of unity. After that, I saw maybe two or three strangers with a phone. It was always a surreal experience.

    I’m not the only one. I have someone in the family who owns a OnePlus 5 and every time he sees another person with a OnePlus he has the exact same reaction as me. “Today, I saw a man with a OnePlus One”; “Yesterday, I saw a OnePlus 5T”. It’s always a moment to remember or at least a moment that deserves a comment.

    But maybe the most bizarre moment happened at a Fnac store. I was playing with the new iPad to check the new 120hz screen and in front of me was the iPhone X. A couple went there and started playing with the phone and the man said something like “it’s the first iPhone in years that’s different”, adding, “But I just wish OnePlus open a store here”.

    It was such a weird and fuzzy feeling to hear this. I had my 5T with me at the time and I regret to this day not coming up to him and say “hey, I have one”. But yeah, I don’t think it was my place, especially since he was with, I imagine, his wife or girlfriend. Point is: this is the feeling of hearing or seeing "OnePlus" being mentioned here in Portugal. At least for me.

    I don’t know if the brand is selling more phones in Lisbon or if there’s a small city that can be used as a case study. But here, where I live, it’s just like that. I imagine that there are people using OnePlus devices that are really bad persons - I mean, they are everywhere -, but I feel that above all it’s a happy family; we are all part of a small happy family. I just hope that if the family gets bigger one day, this sense isn’t diluted.

    Thanks @Ruby G. for providing me a space where I can write about from where I’m from.

  11. Arne Hermansen
    Honeycomb Mar 23, 2018

    Arne Hermansen , Mar 23, 2018 :
    Here in Norway it lonely, not so knowen brand, but I tray to make it that. When I tell them about the spes the phone have they say woww. So may be I can turn one over....

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  12. dalmia09
    Jelly Bean Mar 23, 2018

    dalmia09 , Mar 23, 2018 :
    I first heard about OnePlus when I was 13 and the One had just come out, through an article in the newspaper. I knew quite a bit about phones and was very curious about the tech inside them. Upon reading the rave review, I was amazed at how this new company had come out with a ''flagship killer". As a kid, I dreamt of owning this phone back then, but was under the impression that it would not make to India, and even if it did, I could, by no means, manage to get my hands on an invite.

    Almost a year later, when an older cousin was visiting me, he was rocking on him the OnePlus 2. I knew it the moment I saw the words "Never Settle" on his wallpaper. It piqued my interest! When I asked him if it was a OnePlus phone, he was shocked to know that a 14yr old kid was aware of it at a time not many knew about its existence in India. It was the very first time that I actually got to use a OnePlus device! It was snappy and felt amazing, and I was totally blown away by the customisations that CyanogenMod had to offer!! I was very keen on getting one, and he even sent me an invite for the OnePlus X. But I could not actually buy one..

    Sadly I've never been able to own a OnePlus till date and have only been able to marvel at the fantastic devices ever since. I never came across another OnePlus user since then, and have not since seen a OnePlus device in person, but have nevertheless only fallen more in love with it! I had heard that OnePlus has a great community, but it was only recently that I signed up and had a first hand experience of this wonderful place.

    Being a OnePlus fan in India, I'm looked upon as cool by the tech savvy, while the normies who think of OnePlus as just another cheap Chinese brand think I'm a stupid fanboy.

    I'm really looking forward to owning my first ever 'flagship killer' in the form of the upcoming OnePlus!

    Thanks @Ruby G. for this thread.
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  13. Maiden
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 23, 2018

    Maiden , Mar 23, 2018 :
    When I had my Oneplus One only one person recognized the phone.
    He was Asian, did that matter? Lol I dunno but he was darned excited about it.
    Other than my son, no one in my world has ever heard of it....I'm waiting impatiently for the 5T to restock so I can show it off like the first one.
    From Canada

  14. Maiden
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 23, 2018

    Maiden , Mar 23, 2018 :
    Was that 500 words 'cause, wow.

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  15. kuverti
    Gingerbread Apr 1, 2018

    kuverti , Apr 1, 2018 :
    What does it mean to be a OnePlus fan? Is it a member of the community? An owner of the device? I remember not long ago when I got the OnePlus backpack. It was the second day I wore it when someone approached me just to compliment it. So… everyone with a OnePlus backpack?

    After I broke my Galaxy S3 mini I knew it was the time to upgrade. I have been following the OnePlus brand for a while and there have been great reviews about at that time new OnePlus 2. I took the risk and paid the most I paid for any phone. This was the first time I had a “flagship” phone. A phone that was powerful enough to rival the newest Galaxy and a phone that took the best photos I ever took. And people started noticing. Already then, I knew that this was different. I was apart of something bigger. A community that was slowly growing.

    There is a certain feeling when having a OnePlus device. The brand is still not that well-known. You can not buy it in any shop and still rarely see any ad for it. Yet I am still blown away by how many people I see carrying it. We are not a big country. Slovenia is relatively small compared to other European countries. We don’t have a subcategory on the forum and no real-life events have been organized. But then again, I see the phone everywhere. I know at least three people who still carry OnePlus 2 around. A lot more that have upgraded to 3 or 5. When I asked them, not many know there is a whole forum community behind the logo.

    Still, everyone knows there is a certain feeling behind it – a magic if you will. And me running around every day with the backpack, will if nothing else spark new conversations with people I haven’t met before. So… what does it mean to be a fan in my country? I would say meeting new people and sharing experiences with them and that for me is just what it is supposed to be.
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  16. stephanejap
    Froyo Apr 3, 2018

    stephanejap , Apr 3, 2018 :
    Coming from Windows Phone, I have always been the kind of guy who likes to forge his own path, not be part of "the pack", a lone wolf kind of guy. Everything I own has to be unique, so when the decision to leave Windows Phone was made for me last year by Microsoft (I've owned every possible model since the days of HP IPAQ PDAs, Pocket PCs, and all the subsequent HTC models) it was a project to find the most unique Android phone possible.

    I always swore that if the day ever came that I'd have to own something other than Windows Phone it would never be an iphone, so I began my research into the best, most unique Android device out there. I vaguely remember reading something about a planned partnership between Cyanogen OS and Microsoft and that's where my OnePlus adventure began. I started reading about OnePlus devices, stumbled upon the Community and its members and read about the soon to be released OnePlus 5 (the specs were extremely appealing). I decided to give it a try and purchased one a week after launch. I was HOOKED! A few weeks later, I purchased a OnePlus 3T for the wife and I can still hear her voice telling me that this was the best phone she's ever had, and why I was keeping the family on Windows Phone when devices like this were available!!!

    So now when I pull out my phone, people ask me what model it is and I answer OnePlus 5T, they repeat OnePlus?!?!?! Who makes it??? Same goes for my wife but, guess what? That the price I pay for being "unique" and I'm not complaining!

    Happy OnePlus 5T owner and loving the "unique" life...

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  17. Laslas19
    Froyo Apr 7, 2018

    Laslas19 , Apr 7, 2018 :
    I live in Lebanon. Here, I'd say about 80% of people of wealth similar to mine get the latest iPhone. I am not particularly wealthy, and neither are they, but appearing rich is one of the most important things in Lebanese mentality.
    Those who don't have the latest iPhone have the latest Samsung, which is a tad bit better, and a select few people actually use other brands. The question I get asked the most when using my 5T is "what Samsung is this?", or sometimes some more tech-savvy people ask what phone it is, and when I answer OnePlus they will ask something in the likes of "Yeah but what brand? HTC?".
    I've actually introduced this phone (and had trouble to explain that OnePlus was a standalone brand a lot of times) to many people, and many loved it, with some considering buying a OnePlus phone for their next daily driver, which brightens my day a little, as does anything that fights off Apple. Problem is, OnePlus doesn't deliver here. There is no customer support either, and if you break something in your phone, good luck repairing it. I got mine by delivering it to a friend who's studying in the US, who then brought it back here during the holidays. Most people aren't willing to go through that hassle to get a phone they won't even be able to repair, others just flat out don't know the freedoms of having any phone that is not an iPhone, but it's always fun to see people looking at my phone, puzzled, trying to wonder what it is.

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  18. RomeHGIC
    Eclair Apr 9, 2018

    RomeHGIC , Apr 9, 2018 :

  19. RomeHGIC
    Eclair Apr 9, 2018

    RomeHGIC , Apr 9, 2018 :

  20. austin5771
    Donut Apr 9, 2018

    austin5771 , Apr 9, 2018 :
    I live in the United States and went to Guatemala for a month. The OnePlus seems to be a rare phone for I have never soon someone with one other than me. I love having it because of its speed, RAM, and camera. Personally I hate iPhone. All iPhone users do I boast about how great there phones are and my OP5T really shows them true speed, and power. thank you OnePlus!!!

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