[Let's Talk] What's your first memory of cell phones?

  1. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Staff Member Jul 23, 2018

    Ruby G. , Jul 23, 2018 :
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    What's your first memory of cell phones?

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  2. MKT_IRFAN3735
    Jelly Bean Jul 23, 2018

    MKT_IRFAN3735 , Jul 23, 2018 :
    My first memory on cell phone was in 2003 I'd seen the nokia 1100 which my uncle bought which was very expensive in that period and I love that Nokia and I'm very eager to know all the things in the Mobile and without knowing of my uncle I'd taken the phone and I secretly play the snake game which was top most at that time[e]1f60d[/e] and it's was useful for calling purpose [e]1f44d[/e]

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  3. Dresa91
    Android Q Jul 23, 2018

    Dresa91 , Jul 23, 2018 :
    What's your first memory of cell phones? Good question @Ruby G. :)

    My first memory. Well, it actually came up in my childhood. My twin sister and I each got a mobile phone for our birthday - I think this must have been the 6th (1997, or 7th, then 1998)) -> schooling.

    I got one from Ericsson. I can't say the exact name of the "bone" any more - I definitely liked it, because I could change the front and adjust my mobile phone with different colors.

    One feature was the mini antenna, which was still installed at that time. Also the black.white display.

    That was great having a device like this as a kid. Then I got a prepaid SIM card. Remember: minute and SMS prices were very expensive :D

    It was actually just supposed to be some kind of emergency cell phone. If anything was on its way to school or we went on a trip so you could call my parents if you had to.

    All these technical things, like listening to music, taking photos, being online, didn't happen at the end of the 90s.

    But one thing to emphasize positively: the mobile phones have lasted at least a week :D

    Otherwise one was relatively independent of the mobile phone. Costs were too expensive, as a child you didn't think about taking the device with you everywhere. Because I have the feeling that my generation was much freer at the time, so I could go wherever I could. I went to friends, rang the bell and asked if he had time - or had called quickly before - minute prices were also expensive by landline. I think we could do more with ourselves and our free time, were not as trapped and "dependent" as children today are on technology.

    So my first memory of mobile phones was actually positive: you knew that you had something with you in case of an emergency without having to go to a phone booth and hoping that you had a phone card or enough change at hand.

    Ok, found my first device:
    Then I have to correct my memory: it was 1999 with 8. birthday :)
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  4. the_o2
    Marshmallow Jul 23, 2018

    the_o2 , Jul 23, 2018 :
    As I'm a 90's Kid :cool:, I seen almost all the revolution in cell phones, from the landline phone to the smartphone..

    We have a landline connection in our home and our family don't want any mobile phone that time, but my elder brother always had the intrest in mobile phone since his childhood, So he brought Nokia 1100 and Man when I saw the phone I fallen love with it, just walk around it, always run to catch the phone when I heard the Nokia Ringtone.I always beg to my brother to allow me to play the Snake game, I allowed me buy after doing his all the home works ;)

    And after that I buy colourful Nokia 1600 and got addicted to the Cricket Cup game:D, I proudly say that no modern game can beat those Old classic games:)

    Thanks @Ruby G. for reminding me the Old beautiful Memories :blush:

  5. johneebee
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Jul 23, 2018

    johneebee , Jul 23, 2018 :
    My first memory of cell phones?

    Not really a cell phone but the very first phone memory I got is my dad having this pager on his belt way before he got one of those big black brick phones with an antenna. (We actually still have those museum pieces :p ) So whenever he got a call, he had to write down the number and call that person with our landline once he got home.

    Way later when I was 12 years old my awesome brother bought me this nokia 3100. I remember feeling so happy with such a big present! Before that I remember always begging my other friends for their phones so I could play snake on it and we would all be trying to beat each other's record, those were some awesome times! And now I could finally use my own phone. And oh my god I really miss being able to charge my phone only once a week! Is this ever going to come back? Even when you forgot to charge and with one bar of battery you could still easily go through the day and still have that same 1 bar when you get home! Oh and it had this glow in the dark feature if you exposed it to light for a bit so you could easily find it in the dark.
    And this phone didn't need any kind of cover or protection at all and it could still handle being dropped a 100 times!!! It would just fly into 5 pieces when it hit the ground and then you just had to reassemble it. I remember some friends having some duct tape around there phone because the hinges keeping the parts together broke. You could actually fix your phone with duct tape xD
    Makes me almost wonder why we use the phones we use today.. but yea.. we do like our smartphones. If only smartphones could be as durable and have the amazing battery life one day like they used to have, that would be awesome! (the glow in the dark feature isn't 100% necessary.. but hey, I wouldn't complain :p )
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  6. GopalB.
    Nougat Jul 23, 2018

    GopalB. , Jul 23, 2018 :
    Another trip down the memory lane... [​IMG]
    So my uncle came home after a trip one day... I was in 5th grade... So it was 2002~3 I guess... [​IMG]
    It wasn't a nokia or anything that I remember... But it had one game called Banana... And a scroll wheel on the side...
    Then when I was in 8th grade, My father bought a CDMA phone (Reliance was giving cheep phones back then...) And we used that as a family phone for an year and then it broke down, so my father bought another CDMA phone... That was the time when we used to pay for incoming calls as well!!!
    And then I was in junior college (11th grade) and my father bought a Nokia phone and gave that CDMA phone to me...
    I used that for 1.5 years and then got myself one of the Virgin Mobile Phone!!! (It was a bright red, rubbery finish slide phone...)
    So yeah, That was my journey towards having a cell phone for the first time to my own 1st cell phone... [​IMG]

  7. NeverGiveUpOnUrDreams
    Lollipop Jul 23, 2018

    NeverGiveUpOnUrDreams , Jul 23, 2018 :
    What's your first memory of cell phones? Good question @Ruby G.

    It has to be the Nokia 3310.My mom owned one and as I was much much younger back then, I tried to find every opportunity to use her phone.
    It looked like a machine from the future !
    Also I were addicted to the snake game.Whenever there was opputunity to play it, I went for it !
    Soon it became a dream to own a Nokia3310 myself.

    It took a few months for me to get a one.I was over the moon when I turned it on for first time.I couldn't actually believe it and I even got a case for it !
    Ah good times, good times...
    Nokia 3310 still brings smile to my face though now it has become a meme( for it's durability)

    Phones back then only had a one purpose, to call others, but soon the developers saw the potential to make phones more addicting, so they had to make those more practical and time consuming.Steve Jobs was the first to make big steps in that area...

    Technology has advanced so quickly in the last 20 years or so.Kids nowadays would think that these phones were boring and unpractical, but in my eyes those phones were a true symbol of the early 2000-s

    I can't actually remember a earlier memory of cell phones in my head, because Nokia, atleast in here Europe was a true dominator in the phone market.
    I remember that everyone owned or atleast wanted to own a Nokia...

    I just wish that kids nowdays would be appreciate their phones more, you might say that 90% of the world is addicted to their smartphones, but people don't seem to care about their phones as much as people did in the past...

    Hope you enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks @RubyG. for this thread

  8. Loveit
    KitKat Jul 23, 2018

    Loveit , Jul 23, 2018 :
    I was molested as a young teenager. He gave me a pager and a mobile phone before they were mainstream.

    Sad part is it's no joke :(

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  9. manuel19
    KitKat Jul 23, 2018

    manuel19 , Jul 23, 2018 :
    My first personal experience was, when I won a cell phone in 2008. I won it in a raffle that my school class made, to collect money for a trip.

    The phone itself was complete shit, if anybody wants to look it up, a 'Kandy mobile'. It was completely child restricted and you couldn't really do anything.
    Here's a picture of it:


    My parents didn't want to buy me a cell phone, as just a few kids had an own cell phone and they didn't thought that it'd be necessary to have one in my age, back then.
    (Today I am very thankful that they thought like that! )

    So this was the only chance for me to get one, but after a week with this brick, I completely lost interest in this thing and it was only there to collect dust. :/

    After that, I took a loong break from cell phones. Every female friend I had told me I should get one because 'Oh ma goood how can you still live without a smartphone?'. And at the age of 14 I finally bought a decent one and became a little smartphone enthusiast with this.

    And now, I really love what I once disregarded so much. Back when everybody told me I should a smartphone. It's kinda awkward to me how much I changed, from before having a smartphone, to now.

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  10. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Staff Member Jul 24, 2018

    Ruby G. , Jul 24, 2018 :
    Ah I'm sorry this is a sad memory for you. I hope you have found healing since. <3

  11. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Jul 24, 2018

    MentalDraco , Jul 24, 2018 :
    My first memory was my first mobile phone that I got from Nokia back when they wore like the only decent option on the market and everyone had them. Now I don't recall exactly when but it was when I went to high school, until then my parents did not let me have a cell phone.

    My first phone was a Nokia 5300


    And it was my first music device. I loved having music buttons. Now what I recall about it was on day while coming back from high school and getting off the bus I snagged my earphones wire at the bus door, it pulled my phone out of my pocket it hit the concrete from about chest height and the person behind me coming out of the bus stepped on it.

    These days that would be a broken phone, but all I had to do is pick it up, dust of of and be on my way with only a minor scratch on the plastic :3 but after that I upgraded to my second Nokia phone the 6500, that was the most solid and heavy phone I ever used.

    Now that I remembered these phones I want to get them ^w^ and keep them on my shelf.

  12. viking_vp3
    Gingerbread Jul 24, 2018

    viking_vp3 , Jul 24, 2018 :
    What's your first memory of cell phones?

    That depends on what is your definition of memory in the first place!

    As I born in 87 I remember the whole phone and computer evolution and I saw it with my own eyes.

    I remember old big phones with visible antenna like Motorola DynaTAC 8000X or Nokia 1011. But I did not touch one till my older brother went to college and my father bought him Nokia 3310 with all its’ glory.
    mo.jpg no10.jpg 3310.jpg

    But the best memory and complete experience with cell phone for me was when I bought Nokia 3220 my first phone ever. I was second year in BSc and gosh that phone was amazing. Cool lights with color panel. I played many many games on it. I install many apps and it even could draw a graph with java calculator! and it was hell of the phone extremely durable and I still have it but sadly its’ body is not in a good shape. It lights were adorable, four lights around the phone and it was blinks when you had a miss call or message, it was eye catching.

    A year later I manage to buy my Beloved Nokia N81 8G, true beast back then. Powerful, fast, great output both on headphone jack and speakers, great camera, beautiful big color display, I watch many movies on that and enjoy Symbian world with its’ games and apps. It was a golden era of Nokia! That phone was a master piece, great quality with precise engineering, big battery. It was my main device for about 5 or 6 years till its’ USB port broke and it was not repairable so I bought my first android device HTC One M7 which It is whole story for itself.

    I still have the Nokia N81, its’ body is in a good shape but sadly motherboard is acting weird and the phone is going to die soon.
    That was my story so tell me yours. What was your history with the phones?!
    Thank you @Ruby G. for starting this Thread

  13. 71854
    Cupcake Jul 24, 2018

    71854 , Jul 24, 2018 :
    I suppose my first experience with a mobile phone was when I started secondary school and my dad gave me his old Nokia 6300. Sure, I'd played games on my dad's Galaxy S2 and before that, his HTC Desire, but this was mine.
    It was a 'candy bar' phone, and must have been about 5 years old when I got it. It was a bit underwhelming, to be honest, as many people I knew had early iPhones or Blackberrys. It had expandable storage, which could go up to 2GB (!). I enjoyed playing the snake game and this tower building game it had pre-installed. It had a 2MP camera, which I remembered as being quite good, turned out this wasn't quite the case though, as I got it working several months ago and was somewhat disappointed with the camera. Mind you, it's now 10 years old and I'm just pleased it still works. It had a Mini-USB port on the bottom, for transferring data (not for charging though) and a 2.5mm headphone jack, which only worked with the awful supplied headphones. It did pretty well though, as the battery still holds charge pretty well today and it survived getting full of sand when I foolishly took it to the beach, left it in my pocket and sat in the sand. My first smartphone was a BlackBerry 9800 Torch, which I still love today, as I'm a sucker for a physical QWERTY keyboard. This lasted me about 8 months, as unfortunately succumbed to a non stop cycle of battery drains and crashes. Oddly enough, it still works today, although I don't know how long it would last under prolonged use. I'm now a proud user of a OnePlus 5 and the Moto G3 it replaced, which I use for satisfying my urge to 'tinker' with Android.
    I'd like to keep the BlackBerry and the Nokia as mementos, to remind me how much has changed.

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  14. cdnfarmer
    KitKat Jul 26, 2018

    cdnfarmer , Jul 26, 2018 :
    What a good walk through memory lane. Thanks for the good thread @Ruby G.

    Recently, I was thinking of how communication technologies evolved in the past twenty years. Cell phones existed but they were expensive and not yet mainstream. Landlines and pay phones were everywhere. However, landlines where still expensive in Canada and most plans would limit the times when you could make long distance calls across the country.

    Eventually, I was often on the road and decided that a cell phone would be helpful in case of emergencies. My first cell phone was a LG flip phone with a pull out antenna that had basic functions: make calls, take pictures (poor quality compared to today’s phones),and send SMS. Wait, it’s not like the SMS of today. You had to click on one number anywhere from 1 to 4 times to get the right letter. It was very tedious to write a text message... In fact, I opted to call more often than text people. There was no internet surfing or downloading games... I kept that phone over 3 years. And it was used irregularly and more as a convenience or “just-in-case.”

    The next phone was an improvement or so I thought based on the experience at the time... It had a full QWERTY keyboard accessible when the screen was pushed sideways. It was nice. The SMS became easier and a bigger part of the communication medium used. There was not much for internet, yet....

    Fast forward a few more years, smartphones entered my life.... I remember being at conferences with CEOs and managers and they were all on their BlackBerry phones receiving and sending emails and working on documents. I remember them using the scrolling button in the middle of the phone. Now, I thought that doing all that work on a phone was neat.

    WOW! Smartphones were a huge change. Almost everything was available at my fingertips... SMS easy to type or wait dictate!!! That was a novel concept. Searching for information on the web... right there in the palm of my hands... simple. Sending emails from my phone was really good. Taking pictures and sending them via SMS. There were games (I like the old classic one) and some productivity software that were also useful.

    Incredible. It seemed like such a short time but there were so many changes. Along with the hardware changes, cell phone plans also changed. The priced dropped and more options were available. By this point, you could not get a cell phone plan in Canada without data. Today, you can get unlimited calls, SMS and various levels of data for a lot less money than even 5 years ago. Within the last 7 months, all smartphones sold in Canada must be unlocked. This law allows for more non mainstream phones (like OnePlus) to be used within this country. Even the term used to describe mobile phones changed. Here in Canada, we use to call them cell phones 15 years ago. Now, they are commonly referred to as smartphones with everything that they can do.

    My expectations of a cell phone, and now smartphone, have evolved along with the evolution of the phones. Not only do I want the phone for emergency calls, I need it for everyday life and business operations. There are many apps that allows us to do anything from recording calls, videoconferencing, accounting, taking a picture and identifying a plants, listening to music to taking professional like photos. Now, I have an android device, the OnePlus 6 device with great specs and software. I love it... It has become a central point in everyday life. We no longer need a landline and lots can be done through the device. Just imagine what phones (if any) will look like in 20 years.

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  15. Vakil75
    Froyo Jul 26, 2018

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  16. Gowri17
    Honeycomb Jul 26, 2018

    Gowri17 , Jul 26, 2018 :
    ahhh... thanks ruby. for opening like these kind of threads. my first mobile was 2600 which was gifted by my uncle. the joy were no match for million dollars at that time. I had many colourful memories with this mobile.
    I have this mobile from 2006 till now and yesss it's working and it's polyphonic ringtone sound has no match to nowadays ringing sound. its ring sound for 0.5 kilometre. I miss those days very badly. I wish once again born and I feel this nostalgic moments. life is beautiful.

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  17. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Jul 27, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Jul 27, 2018 :
    Thinking about past gives us a lots of emotions. I've had mixed experiences with mobile communications since childhood.

    Mobile communications started with pagers as far as I could remember when I started school. I think they were costly as my family never owned one. We couldn't even afford a fixed line that time. Pagers always used to amaze me, those little things that beeps on the belt and people used to feel like they're playing 'Mr.Bond', smirk at others and read out a message. From my memories, I remember "Motolola pagel" but never knew how it should be used.


    Then there were mobiles which operated within the city. Best I remember is looking at it from a 2 feet distance. With huge bulky body, black, a long antenna on top and some buttons, it was locked in a glass showcase. That moment was awesome as I got a chance to look at it but also felt bad as they denied me touching it. Well, I remember getting a candy instead :yum: (It should probably be this)

    Later that day I cried for getting one as my childish ego didn't satisfy with a candy. So my grand dad came up with a deal. Either buy the mobile and lock it up in our showcase or donate INR 500 to the 'Gujarat earthquake relief fund' I was collecting on behalf of my school. So the little financial planner got active and the calculations made me opt to donate. Damn, mine was the highest collection and I got called during school prayer meet and whole school applauded. (Worth the sacrifice I felt)

    2002 was a big year when Reliance launched CDMA mobile which was quite costly and few of our relatives bought it. The call charges were comparatively cheaper those days. It was the smallest mobile I've seen that time. They were white with a notification light blinking red and blue. I so wished to have one but our financials were still not strong to afford them.

    My family moved to a smaller town and no one actually knew what a mobile phone was. many didn't even see it except in news paper. I felt superior and there after not much thoughts about mobiles except few relatives showing-off their Motorola occasionally but I never get to touch one. There was news that Reliance Communications was selling mobile phones for INR 500 but I don't know why my family restrained from getting it.

    Then came this beautiful Nokia, when my dad gifted it to my sister upon completing her PG.
    Nokia 1100. I was proud, we finally have a cell phone at home. Buttons were soft & clickety, phone was light but strong. Sissyy told me those two hands are mine and hers. I used to curse network goes flat while she was on call with her friends so that I can play the snake game.

    Then they introduced camera cell phones and the first time I ever saw one was the Nokia 6600 and it even has a colour display. My neighbour gave it to me to to click some pics and It did an amazing job. I felt it heavy, bulky but the feel to hold a camera mobile was amazing.

    About the same time, mom bought a flip phone and it gave me "WoW we're rich" feel :tongueclosed:. I had a wonderful time with the flip phone listening to music, playing games, flip open it and feel like having some Bond gadget.

    I got to use a slider phone from Sony Ericsson when my close friend bought it in 2010. The black - Orange combination gave it killer looks and we were heroes in the class. We got attitude and went a bit off the track yet scored good marks though people used to move away from us.

    I entered my professional course and that was my first huge victory. So I got an HTC as a gift which was INR 10k after some cash back and the first ever 3G phone in my circle. It had an amazing 3MP camera. Now I have internet on mobile! Even my professors didn't have it and only I knew how to google in a mobile. This gave me bad friends who used to stick with me just for internet but eventually I knew how to get back to good company. Speaking of the device, it was sturdy and hard but felt light in hands. It always served my purpose without hiccups. It once survived a fall from 2nd floor of my college. I've sold it for 2k after 1Year 4 Months to buy Samsung Galaxy Y.

    Samsung Galaxy Y was my first ever Android. I felt the shift gave me more power with all those apps available for Android. Camera was a disappointment moving from HTC. Nothing much to be excited about this except it's build quality and Android. I had it till May 2018 when I finally sent it for recycling. I kept it as a backup phone even after I moved back to HTC.

    Used HTC 816, 826 year each and then came the huge leap - OnePlus 3T which is the most powerful one of the lot and longest I've ever stuck to 1Year 7 Months and counting.

    I had to dig into the history of my memories as they were only bits of my experience until I owned one in 2011.
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  18. D1532687570856
    Cupcake Jul 27, 2018

    D1532687570856 , Jul 27, 2018 :
    I had a navy blue Nokia 5160, which I didn't get until I was in college. It had an 84-by-48-pixel monochrome LCD, and the fact that the screen also had a backlight for reading it in the dark was a pretty big deal. It had both Tetris and Snake on it, which was the height of phone-based gaming at the time. I may have had it through T-Mobile (or was it AT&T?), but I remember that I got a sweet deal on it thanks to a AAA discount. It also lasted more than week on a single charge (only a couple hours of actual call time), but only charging it once a week was awesome.
    CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC

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  19. pafo26
    Froyo Jul 30, 2018

    pafo26 , Jul 30, 2018 :
    my first own phone was Motorola Micro Tac2 in 1996
    then many Nokia phones like 2110,6110,3510,7110,3520,N70,N95,N900,N7, Samsung S2,S4 Honor7 and now finally OP6 ny favorite phone at all time.

  20. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Jul 31, 2018

    Venky61 , Jul 31, 2018 :
    Thanks @Ruby G. for giving an opportunity to recall funny but embarrassing memories of my first mobile phone. :D

    This was in 2007. Back in the days when my friends in college were using Nokia N-gage and Sony Walkman Series.
    We did not have a Landline. So my uncle presented us their Nokia 5160 as they upgraded themselves to better phones. I was super excited to play Snake. What is the point of doing under graduation without even playing Snake. I realized how bad I was at the game and I blamed the keypad for that :p.
    The phone had lime color back light and it reminded me of the radium stickers I used to stick on the pencil box. We took a sim card for the phone with minimal balance. Now the call rates were high during that time so we invented a morse code to talk to my Dad. The code is termed as Missed call. Me and my brother used to give a pattern of missed calls to my dad's office landline to get a callback from him. Ohhh and the nostalgic ringtone. One can hear that tone even if he is at the opposite end of the house. So loud and squeaky:D. There were hardly 10 ringtones if i remember properly, it was so much exciting to changed one per day. Now we have no limit and am stuck to one from years :confused:
    All was good till I made a terrible decision of taking it to the college. The model was antique already by that time, so thought of making a style statement with the Antique... I was talking to a girl and to show off, I asked her "Can I have your number". She said "sure". I thought this is my day. I took out my phone to enter her number. Now everyone has few friends whose job is to just focus on you and turn your plan into a failure. I too have such lovely friends. They were just waiting for me to take the phone out. They shouted "Abey, ye toh cordless phone leke aa gaya" which translates to "Look, He got a cordless phone here". I totally forgot the point that it looks exactly like a cordless phone. Let me share the picture of the phone to correlate.

    They say Nokia- Connecting People.. But it didn't for me :mad:. It was an embarrassing moment. I decided that I need a good phone now. I showed my grades and fought with my dad for new phone and decided I shall not do the mistake of showing off an antique again ;).
    I got a Sony Ericson phone from dad. It was my first personal phone. Had FM in it :p. From then till now, looks were a major factor for me to chose a phone. :)
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