Limitless Referrals with OnePlus Care

  1. Joel Jacob
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    Joel Jacob , Oct 18, 2019 :

    Earn ₹1000 and help your friend save ₹2000 for every referral with the new Limitless Referral program.

    Hey everyone,

    We’re glad to see the response to the new added OnePlus Care benefits. Our motive behind OnePlus Care was to help our community make the most of their OnePlus device, be it the OnePlus One or our latest product series. And now, with this festive season, as we move forward in our effort to bring the best experience to our community, we’re excited to introduce the Limitless Referrals program with OnePlus Care.

    The reason we named this program “Limitless Referrals”, is because there is no limit to what you can earn as a referrer. Simply put, you can earn benefits in the form of points, discounts and more, simply by sharing referral links. So while your earnings are limitless, your friends and family also save big.

    Know more on: oneplus.in/referral

    Key Details
    You earn ₹1000 on every successful referral while your friend saves ₹2000 on the purchase of a new OnePlus 7 Pro or a OnePlus 7T Series device.

    The program is valid from 20th October to 16th November 2019 to OnePlus users.

    Being a part of Limitless Referrals program


    Step 1: Download OnePlus Care, sign up and verify your device's IMEI.

    Step 2: Login to oneplus.in with the same account, head to Referral Program page, enter your IMEI number and generate a unique referral link that can be shared with your friend.​


    Step 3: Your friend will then use the referral link, log in to oneplus.in and select ‘Get Coupons’. Following this, your friend will get a OnePlus gift voucher / Amazon referral code worth ₹2000 on his/her OnePlus account and via email.

    • OnePlus coupons will be added to your OnePlus account. This can be used on oneplus.in and OnePlus stores
    • Amazon coupons will be sent via email and SMS (to the phone number linked to your OnePlus account) and can be used on Amazon.in
    Step 4: Your friend then installs OnePlus Care on his/her new device and verifies IMEI.

    Step 5: After verification, you will get 200 points credited in your OnePlus account within 30 days. You can use it to redeem against OnePlus products or for an Amazon voucher worth ₹1000​
    This takes us one step further in giving back to the OnePlus community. We hope you have a great experience with Limitless Referrals and OnePlus Care.

    Never Settle

    For those of you who already got the referral codes and want to avail the referral benefits on purchasing the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition, we have specific codes for you.

    All you need to do is call customer care on this hotline: 18001028411.
    Pre-booking starts tomorrow.


    Is the offer applicable for OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition?
    Yes, it is applicable, Amazon.in will have a flash sale on 25th Oct, 12PM;

    How many friends can I refer?
    No limits. Referral link can be shared with any number of friends/relatives, and each person will get a different voucher code after they register & login to OnePlus.in

    What will be the validity of referrer’s link/ voucher codes?
    Limitless Referral program is valid from 20th Oct, 2019 to 16th Nov, 2019. The voucher codes will only be active during this period.

    How can a referrer earn and redeem points?
    OnePlus users after generating their referral link can earn 200 points if a friend clicks on their referred link and uses the voucher to purchase OnePlus 7 Pro/7T/7T Pro, and verifies the new device IMEI on OnePlus Care app. Please note that if the new device IMEI is not verified, the points will not be credited to Referrer.

    How does the referral program benefit new buyers?
    There is an instant discount of Rs.2000 on using the referral link. This Rs.2000 instant discount only applies to phones – OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro.

    Is there a deadline for referee to verify the IMEI on OnePlus Care?
    Yes, persons making use of referral codes need to complete verification within 30 days of purchasing their device.

    How can the Rs.2000 OnePlus Gift Voucher be redeemed in OnePlus Exclusive stores or partner stores like Croma?
    Visit OnePlus Exclusive stores or select partner stores with your phone, verify and present the OnePlus gift voucher code to store staff who will then attach the code into the bill as proof. You will be eligible for Rs. 2000 instant discount.

    If I already have points accumulated from before, will the new points get added to that?
    Yes, the previously accumulated points will not get affected. The newly accumulated points will get added to your previous points, which can be used to redeem against OnePlus products or Amazon voucher.

    Can I redeem points on a device?
    Yes you can.

    Does my friend have to buy the smartphone for me to receive points?
    Yes. A referral is only successful when the friend purchases the phone, downloads OnePlus care and verifies IMEI.

    How can I redeem Amazon voucher via OnePlus points?
    One can purchase an Amazon gift card from oneplus.in using OnePlus points. 200 points will be credited to the referrers account after a successful referral which can be used to purchase an Amazon gift card worth Rs. 1000

    All these referral benefits are over and above existing sales offers.

    Also, note that making posts or threads related to asking or giving your referral link is against the terms and rules of the forum. You may, however, keep the referral link in the signature and anyone who wants a referral link may use it by looking at the user signature.

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    suhantm , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Oct 18, 2019 :
    Wow. This is epic! Glad to see the Referral system evolving for the better! wouldn't be surprised to see referrals becoming a lot more effective all of a sudden :)

    Thanks to the OnePlus India Team, you rock!

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    camohan , Oct 18, 2019 :
    No, you can use that for spending it on accessories and gears only.

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    camohan , Oct 18, 2019 :
    I may be wrong, the above posts say "You can use it to redeem against OnePlus products or for an Amazon voucher worth ₹1000" so products could include devices, accessories and gears.

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    Joel Jacob , via OnePlus 5T , Oct 18, 2019 :
    Referral points are redeemable on devices as well.

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    camohan , Oct 18, 2019 :
    Cool..thanks for the confirmation. Probably the referral page needs to be updated with the revised information on how many points are required for various stuffs.

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    Starcommander , Oct 18, 2019 :
    Whenever I ask my friends to use my referral, they say they will pay 2000 and rest on me:sweat::sob:

    So no referrals:p

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