[LINKS] OnePlus One Accessories - Users Reviews and Impressions

  1. bbrenyah
    Eclair Jan 30, 2016

    bbrenyah , Jan 30, 2016 :
    So many options. I guess I have to take my time and gather all the info on compatibility issues before making the actual order

  2. CronosTech
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2016

  3. arnatveit
    Cupcake Feb 14, 2016

    arnatveit , Feb 14, 2016 :
    I'm looking for a OPO-holder for my car - but it must be able to hold OPO with the original flip cover, with the screen facing out.

    Anyone that can recommend something? In theory a flat plate, with some rubber bands (and then slide the flipped front of the flip cover beneath those rubber bands) would do the trick, but I'm hoping for something more elegant..

  4. Pedro Oliveira
    Froyo Feb 29, 2016

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  5. CasperTFG
    KitKat Mar 3, 2016

    CasperTFG , Mar 3, 2016 :
    Did anyone else skip on buying the silk white styleswap cover when a limited amount where on sale because they were sporting a bamboo styleswap at the time?

  6. ronieliav
    Cupcake Mar 4, 2016

  7. oggiy
    Cupcake Apr 4, 2016

    oggiy , Apr 4, 2016 :
    I have had my OP2 for allmost a month now and I must say great phone. What is not so great doe i the Silicone rubber phone case for the OP2. It has really worn down quickly and in a bad way. The soft rubber has started to peel of the edges and the bottom corners of the case has cracked. I was expecting a firstparty phonecase to actully hold. Has anyone else hade the same problem?

  8. ddobric
    Gingerbread Apr 4, 2016

    ddobric , Apr 4, 2016 :
    I had something similar with my OnePlus One white case - premium feel like everything else they make, but this case cracked so quickly that I was shocked - within 1-2 days of normal use, no falls whatsoever, the case started to crack. I also saw on this forum that users were complaining about those cases, so my guess is that something is wrong with the plastic material they chose from their manufacturer. However, their flip cases are very good and durable (https://oneplus.net/hr/oneplus-one-flip-cover). I own one, and I'm very satisfied.

  9. Thap
    Donut Apr 6, 2016

    Thap , Apr 6, 2016 :
    Thanks for this thread, helped out a lot to choose my next accessory.

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