List of software support / features we need in OnePlus TV update via OnePlus 5 Midnight Black

  1. pratikg88 , via OnePlus 5 Midnight Black , Oct 24, 2019 :
    Hi Team,

    I would like to use this platform to convey my and every OnePlus TV owners expectations from upcoming updates :

    Plan is to have every wish / expections at one place.

    What we are missing :
    1. Good web browser like chrome ( Here OnePlus have opportunity to build it's very own browser which supports almost everything. Name suggestion : Browser One / Browser +)
    2. Netflix ( which is coming at Nov end - tentative)
    3. Option for video quality for all the videos available via any application in settings ( idea here is if we select video quality as 4k in settings of OnePlus TV, then it will run all possible videos in 4k directly in prime video or youtube or any other app else it will by default select highest quality available for that video)
    4. Mute option for physical remote ( by pressing or holding any particular button)
    5. Support for Jio TV app / airtel xstream app / Tata sky TV app

    please add your thoughts/ suggestions in the comment to make it a exhaustive list for developers to work on next update.

    Never Settle

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  4. Venky61
    Jelly Bean Oct 25, 2019

    Venky61 , Oct 25, 2019 :
    Hey nice suggestions... :)
    1. What you meant by support everything? Puffin TV Browser is the best optimized browser for a TV. What do you think OnePlus can do different in that. I mean there's so much scope in development of other things that I feel there's no point in utilizing resources to develop a browser. This is just my opinion.

    3. That's a nice idea but I doubt the individual apps allow that. As they deliberately remove the selection to choose the best depending on the available bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming. Just like for Dolby or HDR, the app should support it from their side, this would also require permission. One alternative option is to give feedback to the individual app on twitter so hopefully they provide option to choose video quality.

    4. Fingers Crossed :D

    5. Even this won't be happening as everyone wants to sell their own Android Boxes. Jio TV was working till they launched the Jio Fibre plans in August. Same with Airtel and others.

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  5. the_o2
    Marshmallow Oct 25, 2019

    the_o2 , Oct 25, 2019 :
    This is a community forum most of us are users like me and you, mostly no OnePlus developers gonna see your features requesting threads, So try to leave your feedback and requests here also


  6. pratikg88 , via OnePlus 5 Midnight Black , Oct 25, 2019 :
    1. On Puffin TV if i open airtelxstream it says... content not available in your country.
    2. Plus it's little slower to navigate

  7. Arunangshu1226 , via OnePlus Community App , Oct 26, 2019 :
    1 Try to remember the last input method or atleast provide a shortcut input-switch panel up-front so that for set-top box users there is no need to always switch inputs on boot. It would be also great if there is integration of one plus play with the cable/dth service providers.
    2. Introduce a data saver mode on TV, which is already a feature of android TV operating system right now.
    3. If possible integration of Apple TV for Apple TV+ and Airplay support.
    4. Have a smart home device panel for easy visualisation and actions on smart home devices.
    5. Introduce Netflix ASAP and make Amazon Prime Video more fast w.r.t opening time & loading times.
    6. Better calibration of the color profiles.

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  10. willsU
    Eclair Oct 30, 2019

    willsU , Oct 30, 2019 :
    1、we have recorded it ,thanks for your feedback
    2、netflix suported we are still working on it
    3、it depend on the app you are using
    4、Mute option we are working on it already,Maybe it appear in the form of a combined button.
    5、we have add Jiocinema App, but airtel xstream app / Tata sky TV app needs the Set top box at present.

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  11. pratikg88 , via OnePlus 5 Midnight Black , Oct 30, 2019 :
    Thanks for the reply.

    Please consider support for bose soundbar 500/700.

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  12. Leon J.
    OnePlus TV Software Engineer Staff Member Oct 30, 2019

    Leon J. , Oct 30, 2019 :
    Video looks pinkish has been resolved and will be released on the new version
    Thank you for your feedback

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  13. pratikg88 , via OnePlus 5 Midnight Black , Oct 30, 2019 :
    Thanks for the reply and quick turnaround in the issue. I will keep updating this post with feedback and suggestions.

  14. pratikg88 , via OnePlus 5 Midnight Black , Oct 31, 2019 :
    Hi Leon,

    We would like to see "recent" button functionality on Connect app as well as on physical remote.
    "recent" means if we open one app and then jump to next app then there should be provision to go back on privious app like we have in mobile.

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  15. willsU
    Eclair Oct 31, 2019

    willsU , Oct 31, 2019 :
    the remote interface of connect,when you open the "Quick switch betwwen TV apps",the apps are sorted by frequency of use.and your suggestion we have recorded.

  16. willsU
    Eclair Oct 31, 2019

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  17. Venky61
    Jelly Bean Nov 1, 2019

    Venky61 , Nov 1, 2019 :
    Yea... the Quick Switch on the Connect App is similar to recent option. On the physical remote it would be a great Add-on... Fingers Crossed :)

  18. pranav11super
    Cupcake Nov 3, 2019

  19. Leon J.
    OnePlus TV Software Engineer Staff Member Nov 4, 2019

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  20. OPstaff
    Cupcake Nov 5, 2019

    OPstaff , Nov 5, 2019 :
    1. For your first question, I tested the issue of Airtel Xstream webpage copyright.
    (1) Are you sure that the area you use for this app is India?
    (2) The use of Airtel Xstream is required to enter the mobile phone number. Are you sure you can't watch it in the Indian region after logging in?

    2. The second question, do you mean the navigation bar of Oneplus, which refers to the left navigation bar of the google launcher homepage?