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    dnblds , Nov 23, 2018 :
    Spent several hours between last night and today on the phone to AT&T to resolve the issue with H+ service, then went to the store near my son's house in NJ and got a new SIM card, still had the problem. The rep I called from the store said that he checked the phone by model number and product name and said it should be 4g or 4g lte Did the Ookla speed test at about 6.7 Mbps. I also read what others said about AT&T not recognizing the OnePlus 6t so they limit the phone to H+. I got the call escalated higher and the person said that a phone not certified and sold by them could not be guaranteed to be on 4g network but H+ is very close, although it is 3g technology. she said unlocked phone's will never show 4g or 4g lte but they check the settings and optimize them to get the H+. She said H+ was very close to 4g and J was doing well to have it. H on the other hand was slower 3g. She said 4g was 4 to 40 Mbps. Well I tested at 7 to 11 Mbps
    I had a unique opportunity to test the 4g lte TMobile speeds as that is what my son had. we both had the same phone OnePlus 6t with 8 G RAM and 128 G storage. we tested about the same time in the same place. He had over 32Mbps of data I had less than 4. Other times we were closer. But overall it was much faster. H+ is a early form of 4g. the Ookla speed test always showed my phone had the 3g network. very disappointed with AT&T for that. Will try my luck with Verizon again, since OnePlus 6t is certified there I hope they won't limit my data speed because I didn't buy a phone there.