Logic of invites roll out explained

  1. debashishsarkar
    Honeycomb Aug 20, 2015

    debashishsarkar , Aug 20, 2015 :
    Even the oldies have to wait dear.... its the company policy...

  2. LostBoyNZ
    Gingerbread Aug 20, 2015

    LostBoyNZ , Aug 20, 2015 :
    Thanks for the insight it helps many of the forum members in terms of waiting for an invite

  3. parth0071
    Eclair Aug 20, 2015

    parth0071 , Aug 20, 2015 :
    I would have loved to get oneplus one but problem was invite system I never resecived an invite I tried to put my name in alot of compition and everything but not invite, and so I went with a different phone. Alot of people wants to get oneplus two but if they don't get an invite then they can't
    i would have bought oneplus one but i couldn't get an invite. tired putting my name in contests asking people but nope and then i received one but it was late i already have bought another phone.
    what i am trying to say is this invite system isnt fair to people whos new who hasnt bought oneplus one or been on forum the longest because most people doesnt even know about it. when they do they want to buy the phone but they cant because of invite and then they get tired and buy something else.
    so even people wants to buy this phone they cant. and i think it will be same thing with this one ill wait and then i might get one but it will to late again.
    thank you

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  4. NeroRS
    KitKat Aug 20, 2015

    NeroRS , Aug 20, 2015 :
    Soon would be before Moto and Nexus take the stage.

  5. kmunir
    Gingerbread Aug 20, 2015

    kmunir , Aug 20, 2015 :
    This is the best explanation which I think should have come a bit earlier than this. but nonetheless, good to know how it works and keep up the hard work guys. I am pretty sure you are doing a really good job

  6. vijaywidluv
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2015

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  7. Ujwal4beri
    Honeycomb Aug 20, 2015

    Ujwal4beri , Aug 20, 2015 :
    Im at 362 from India and dint get mine still...:(

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  8. zaphod-beeblebrox
    KitKat Aug 20, 2015

    zaphod-beeblebrox , Aug 20, 2015 :
    When people get the phone, they will also be provided with distributable invites. Lots will be given away in the forums so dont loose hope. In my opinion the OPO is a much better deal than the OP2 anyhow. Have you considered the OPO? This can be ordered now.

  9. MrFingerIII
    Lollipop Aug 20, 2015

    MrFingerIII , Aug 20, 2015 :
    I hate to Break it to you but people on the reservation list are getting one before early members and OPO owners

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  10. udayan4u
    Cupcake Aug 20, 2015

    udayan4u , Aug 20, 2015 :
    If people have already bought One Plus One, then why do they need invite for One Plus 2. This logic is not great. For new comers like me, the wait is endless :(

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  11. Wwax
    Gingerbread Aug 20, 2015

    Wwax , Aug 20, 2015 :
    To bad we in Stockholm did not get an popup event.
    Great chance for @Carl Pei to visit his "hometown" .)
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  12. zaphod-beeblebrox
    KitKat Aug 20, 2015

    zaphod-beeblebrox , Aug 20, 2015 :
    OPO is a way better deal that the OP2 in my opinion, and because also have one of these, I can recommend it from personal experience, not HYPE.
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  13. reubenreji
    Donut Aug 20, 2015

    reubenreji , Aug 20, 2015 :
    My position is around 6,12,567. And I don't really think I'll get an invite before Oct. :-(

  14. vijaywidluv
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2015

    vijaywidluv , Aug 20, 2015 :
    ya exactly! i don.t understand their algorithm at what basis they are sending invites to the reservation lists..i thought it was like first come first serve basis but now i don't understand their logic

  15. Fhaybhai
    Gingerbread Aug 20, 2015

    Fhaybhai , Aug 20, 2015 :

    holly shit, the batch size too small buddy for invites. Its going to take long. I am going to go with Moto X or nextus or even LG G4. Just need a new phone.

  16. Respen020
    Froyo Aug 20, 2015

    Respen020 , Aug 20, 2015 :
    Can anyone send me an invite please? I bought two OPO's and I'm an active forum member :)

  17. zaphod-beeblebrox
    KitKat Aug 20, 2015

    zaphod-beeblebrox , Aug 20, 2015 :
    This sets other new record for Oneplus. Not even one day since the new rules are announced and OnePlus is already contradicting them. Brilliant. How can anyone ever believe anything this dodgy business says. Lol.
    Ooo Oneplus. What fibbers you are.​
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  18. gendarmee
    Cupcake Aug 20, 2015

  19. Om Kakde
    Cupcake Aug 20, 2015

    Om Kakde , Aug 20, 2015 :
    I want an invite my Galaxy note 2 is down and I know the next phone I want is OnePlus Two

  20. Hemanth42417
    Cupcake Aug 20, 2015