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    michaelliao07 , Nov 26, 2016 :
    Firstly, I would like to thank each one at OnePlus for making this trip dream trip come true. It was on the day of Diwali when I was with my family lighting firecrackers from my terrace when I received a call from one of my friends asking if I had checked the winner of the OnePlus Diwali Dash Contest. "No" was the pat reply that came from my end. I didn’t think luck would strike me in this instance. But again, he called back after 20 mins asking the same question? So this time, I finally decided to go online and check who the winner was. As soon as I logged onto the OnePlus Facebook page, the live video started playing in which Pete lifted a piece of paper from the red box and as soon as he opened the paper, I was shocked to see my name on it. At that moment, I could not believe my eyes. Was this a dream? I started to call my family members to show them the video, and they were ecstatic, ”You won!”, "You are going to London to have dinner with Carl & Pete", and “You even get a brand new OnePlus 3!".
    I finally completed all formalities and received my visa for the U.K. I was ready to fly. I reached London at about 12 pm where I met OnePlus’ representative, Chirag. Boy!! I was so glad to meet him! He was such an awesome guy and made me feel at home. When he asked me whether I wanted to go to the hotel or OnePlus Office first, I was quick to respond and say OnePlus Office, because that's the reason I was there. So within an hour, we reached the OnePlus office. I finally met David and Carl and the rest of the team, we had a quick chat and then headed back to the hotel.
    The next day David from OnePlus messaged me telling me that I will be meeting Carl and Pete. Woah! This was big! Believe me; I know the feeling!
    Finally at 8:30 pm, I reached the restaurant where I saw Carl and Pete sitting and waiting for me. I shook hands with Carl and Pete (It doesn’t get better than this) while we had dinner we spoke about everything OnePlus, yes I repeat, everything OnePlus. From how I started as a fan to my journey up until that day. Carl even asked me for suggestions on the Oxygen OS ROM and how they could improve it in the future!! And here I was, still finding it hard to believe that this was happening.
    After dinner, we went for a walk and talked about the OnePlus forum and how they go through each and everyone's feedback, complaints and suggestions. It's not possible to respond to everyone but believe me, they are listening. And you will notice that in every update of the Oxygen OS. We ended our walk with a photograph for me to cherish and remember this day.
    And about my stay in London, of course, I enjoyed every bit of it. I left no stones unturned. I visited The London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, London Eye, City of Westminister, Stratford, Croydon and many more places.
    It was truly an experience I will not forget, and it would not have been possible without OnePlus. #NeverSettle

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