Long wait for support

  1. Rel_s
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

    Rel_s , Oct 6, 2015 :
    [​IMG] Recently a lot of users on forums complaining about the lack of response . Here is a small example of this. Waiting periods of a week or more , can not be accepted . It's time to improve . If there are other users who have that issue please upload your pictures.

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  2. Rel_s
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

  3. The Joker
    Marshmallow Oct 6, 2015

  4. Rel_s
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

  5. littlemiss88
    Cupcake Oct 6, 2015

  6. The Joker
    Marshmallow Oct 6, 2015

  7. Henessy
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

    Henessy , Oct 6, 2015 :
    No support... Customer care does not answer the calls and Ticket system I guess is a Joke... Not even acknowledged....
    Donno what to do with my handset... I am not able to access 3rd party applications when I am on SIM Data... Can access when I am WiFi... Checked every settings and reset the phone to factory settings like 100 times... @OnePlus please answer,,Tix: 433932

  8. scrivz69
    Jelly Bean Oct 6, 2015

  9. 0utblast
    Jelly Bean Oct 6, 2015

    0utblast , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Even if it wasn't holiday in china I doubt you will get a reply here...

  10. Deactivated User
    Oct 6, 2015

  11. Jupeeeeee
    Jelly Bean Oct 6, 2015

    Jupeeeeee , Oct 6, 2015 :
    flash a new rom.

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  12. Henessy
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

    Henessy , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Flash a new rom? what does that mean and how to do it?

  13. Jupeeeeee
    Jelly Bean Oct 6, 2015

    Jupeeeeee , Oct 6, 2015 :
    uhh. why'd you buy a phone from oneplus if you dont generally know anything about playing around with your phone? Please.
    And use google for that. "OnePlus 2 how to flash a new rom XDA"

    Cupcake Oct 6, 2015

    EDEMENDOZA , Oct 6, 2015 :
    I am trying to solve a problem with the dual SIM. I have 2 SIM cards settings and select which number you prefer to use by default. I indicated that "always ask" but does not function. It unsettles single brand and where it wishes. In addition to the latest update no longer it tells me that line are calling me, making my life complicated instead of easier. It happen to you this problem ??

  15. SimonFullerImagery
    Jelly Bean Oct 6, 2015

    SimonFullerImagery , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Should still at the very least work out of the box though right? He paid his money regardless his level of experience.

  16. SimonFullerImagery
    Jelly Bean Oct 6, 2015

  17. Jupeeeeee
    Jelly Bean Oct 6, 2015

    Jupeeeeee , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Yeah, exactly, you know which part of android users OPO was made for? Developers. The same with OP2. Now again comes the question, why'd he buy the phone if he has NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL about, haha, flashing. And i'm not saying that the phone shouldn't work straight out of the box (of course you should charge the battery first) and get what he paid for, but seriously. why'd he buy it?

  18. mwayner
    Lollipop Oct 6, 2015

  19. Widiar
    Eclair Oct 6, 2015

    Widiar , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Please, fellow Finn. Don't make us look that bad with your attitude. OPO and OP2 are rather hipster phones for people who want "something different". MOST OPO/2 users aren't any sort of developers, even if MANY of them know how to flash a ROM or do some slight tweaking. With the current software available, flashing has been made so easy (compared to early years), it's something anyone can learn and do within an hour, with or without skills and knowledge.

    Next time maybe offer some links to sites that advice what is flashing, ROMs and how they work. Or just a "how to do it"-tutorial video - or something similar. That way the user learns how to do it and also why it's done.

    I really don't think Oneplus users/forum needs elitism that makes people afraid to ask things and learn.

    Lämpimin terveisin, Widiar..

  20. Jupeeeeee
    Jelly Bean Oct 6, 2015

    Jupeeeeee , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Just because someone can flash a rom, root their phone, unlock bootloader, etc, doesn't mean they're developers. I never ment that if you thought that that was what I ment.
    And well, heres guide for beginners:
    XDA, OP2
    XDA, OPO
    Its not so hard to use google.
    Guides for how to unlock bootloader, install custom recovery, do a nand via twrp, install a custom kernel, root stock rom, root custom rom, how to flash stock kernel via fastboot, etc.
    And lol, if someone judges the whole godd*mn country by one annoying little f*ck that pisses off everybody, then that someone needs some serious godd*mn help.
    And sorry, no video.

    Parahin terveisin, Jupe.