Looking back at all 2020 online OEFs

  1. Crystal Z.
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    Crystal Z. , Dec 30, 2020 :
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    Hey everyone,

    We're now just a couple of days away from 2021, and I hope that you, like me, are brimming with hope towards the next year. 2020 wasn't easy, and social distancing didn't make it any better, but our online Open Ears Forums allowed us to have contact with more users than ever before. Your professional knowledge in certain areas – design, software development, and others – surprised our wildest expectations.

    We made co-creation a real thing, and everything we achieved, we did so together. We simply cannot thank you enough. Today, as the year comes to an end, we want to highlight the results from your presence in our online OEFs.

    After hosting 10 online OEFs in 2020, we've collected hundreds of individual pieces of feedback about OxygenOS, camera, accessory, service, and even the community itself. Let's check some of the progress together.
    • OxygenOS – in April, the OS team had been working on OOS11's new UI/UX for a few months, and they were eager to know your thoughts about the new UI before rolling it out officially. Some of the feedback we collected has already been merged into OxygenOS11, have you noticed them?
      • Refresh the visual of shelf design – Done
      • Add more filter and music in stock Video Editor – Done
      • Display recent contacts and call records while entering numbers on the keyboard – Done
      • Automatic theme switching (Automatically switch themes based on time and usage habits) – Done
      • Some other features/functions are still under development
    • Camera – in May, being anxious about how the OnePlus 8 Series' camera performed in the real world, the camera team talked with over 20 shutterbugs that had been using the device for the past month and discussed a few new features
      • AE lock design – Supporting direct touch and long press to lock the viewfinder screen directly – Done
      • Optimize inconsistency between lens and AWB – Continuously working on it
      • Fix HDR portrait halo – Done (Need to upgrade to HDR4.0)
      • Display the tripod icon when using a tripod – Done (In Nightscape mode, the tripod mode is turned on manually)
      • Smart capture when shooting kids – Already under closed beta testing
    • Digital Self - July brought an OEF focused on the digital you. Unfortunately, it's something that the team isn't quite ready to share, but they are busy implementing some of the discussed features in a future OS update. Thanks to the participants who've helped us lock down our direction.
    • Audio & Accessories – In this OEF we secretly gathered the feedback that made the new OnePlus Urban Traveler backpack possible. We also had a fruitful discussion around audio:
      • More options for sound tweaking – already offer better physical noise reduction in OnePlus Buds Z and will keep optimizing
      • Release richer colors and special edition – OnePlus Buds Z Steve Harrington edition. A side note: If you want to know more about the man and the artist who made this collaboration possible, You can read his own words in this interview for our very own Addition Magazine.
      • Active noise reduction – under internal evaluation
    • OnePlus Support – OEFs started with Customer Support, and in September we held our second OEF dedicated to this topic. Here are the 2020 Updates:
    • Gaming – Some of the features discussed in this OEF are still under internal discussion and we're not ready to share them right now, but below are some of the things coming in 2021 H1. Stay tuned.
      • Add additional IM apps to quick reply gaming tool feature
      • Work to bring high-refresh-rate and haptic feedback to other community-favorite games
      • Bring FPS rate and other stats to Game Space while gaming
    • Ecosystem – This OEF was the only event we didn't have an open selection to, as it was tailored for our Accessory Testers. Some under-development items were shared with the attendees, including the final prototype for the Urban Traveler Backpack. Through your design preferences and function requests, the accessory team was able to finetune the backpack, so all positive feedback on this new gear is also yours.
    • For Privacy Matters, Community, and OS design, the feedback are still under internal investigation and we'll happily share the changes with you soon.
    This is just a sample of what we achieved together in 2020, and there's even more coming in 2021. We look forward to your active participation in our upcoming co-creation events.

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    YRJ , Dec 30, 2020 :
    Thanks Crystal and the entire community team for coming up with online OEFs this year! It did give a lot of us an opportunity to be a part of the co-creation initiative despite the situation created by the virus.

    Congratulations on a successful year, and I hope that these will only increase in number in 2021.


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    asishgrwl , Dec 30, 2020 :
    Thanks for the recap @Crystal Z. and also for hosting so many online OEFs this year.
    Looking forward to many more amazing OEFs in 2021 both online and hopefully offline too. :)

  6. Cakepips
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    Cakepips , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Dec 30, 2020 :
    Cheers for the recap @Crystal Z. !

    Awesome to see some of the OEF feedback being implemented so far. Even through this restrictions, you've still managed to do these virtually through online events so congrats for this year's 10 OEF's!

    To 2021 OEF's - Fingers crossed for the return of offline once safe to do so... But if not, onwards and upwards via online!

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    OALEXANDER , Dec 30, 2020 :
    Thank you @Crystal Z. for the recap of OEF 2020.
    Though many missed having the offline OEF, online OEF was new experience too and feedback were implemented , improved.

    Looking forward for more OEF in 2021 as part of the co-creation.

    Thank you and to all and have a great year 2021 ahead.

  9. Subhadip aich
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    Starcommander , Dec 30, 2020 :
    Its was very fun participating in online OEF. Thank you 😊

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    Nipu_1998 , Dec 30, 2020 :
    Thank you @Crystal Z. ,the entire OnePlus team members for conducting the Online OEF. It was an awesome experience to become a part of the OEF. It was one of the best experiences that i had in2020.
    Eagerly waiting for to be a part of more online amd offline OEFs.

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    Overzee , Dec 30, 2020 :
    Thanks @Crystal Z. for this great OEF recap. Looking forward for attenting (one of) the 2021 OEF editions. 'See' you next year!

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