Looking back before we look ahead

  1. Tuomas L.
    Head of Strategy, OnePlus Europe Staff Member Nov 30, 2020

    Tuomas L. , Nov 30, 2020 :
    Hi Friends!

    As we approach the end of the year, I want to take a moment to reflect on this year, thank you and share some good news, before we look ahead to 2021.

    This year started out with some challenges and now that we look back, I feel they have only made all of us stronger and more resilient. At OnePlus, we remained true to our 'Never Settle' philosophy which helped us unlock some new milestones for the brand across Europe and in some key markets, charting the path for an even more prolific new year.

    This year, we moved further in our mission to share the best technology with the world by making cutting-edge technology accessible to a wider audience, with our most diverse smartphone portfolios with the launch of OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus Nord as well as the recently launched Nord N series. With this, our community in Europe has now access to the widest choice of smartphones, so they can enjoy the same OnePlus experience at every price point.

    In fact, looking at Counterpoint Research's recently announced Market Monitor report for Q3 2020, we have seen some great response from our new growth markets like Finland, Denmark and Netherlands. According to report, OnePlus recorded its highest ever shipments in a quarter (Q3 2020), with the upper mid-tier ($250-399) being a particular area of success, thanks to the love that OnePlus Nord has received from our community. To get you some specific results from this report, for each of these markets:

    ·In Finland, OnePlus is the #1 5G brand with 53% market share

    ·In Denmark, OnePlus is the #2 Android brand in the premium (>$400) segment with 19% market share

    ·In Netherlands, OnePlus recorded highest growth with 412% year-on-year, in a market that declined 8% in the same period

    You can get more details about the Q3 market performance for Finland, Denmark and Netherlands in the recently published blogpost from Counterpoint Research, here.

    Additionally, on Amazon, OnePlus Nord was trending at #1 in Italy, UK, Germany and France and in top 3 in Spain, in the launch month.

    This would not have been possible without your support and involvement at every step, helping us create the most perfect version of our product. I would also like to acknowledge the contributions of our business partners, especially during this challenging year, without whom we would not have seen this growth and momentum.

    We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate together with some exciting offers for our European community, now live on oneplus.com. From today until the 8th of December 2020, a free accessory, e.g. Protective Case, Protective Screen or Type-C Bullets, can be selected with the purchase of a OnePlus Nord, 8 and 8 Pro. For more details, please visit the website.

    Never Settle!


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    afogel , via OnePlus 7T , Nov 30, 2020 :
    Looking back at the 7 series phones. Wait, what? Was there ever any? Not to mention the older flagships... So you, look back, update those old(er) devices, to keep your customers happy and satisfied and then look ahead and release two new phones every second month only if you can cope with the current set of devices.

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    Skyrim is for the Nords!

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    They can play too :p if they want to

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    Congratulations 🎊👏👏👏 Thank you for extending benefits to the community...


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