Looking for Feedback! What are your favorite OxygenOS Oreo Features?

  1. C1511605749882
    Cupcake Aug 6, 2018

    C1511605749882 , Aug 6, 2018 :
    please help in Changing the lockscreen clock position / provide lockscreen modifications. The present on is annoying. thanks in advance

  2. MEET36
    Eclair Aug 6, 2018

  3. fazerboy0_3
    Honeycomb Aug 6, 2018

  4. ajeesh tv
    Cupcake Aug 8, 2018

  5. fazerboy0_3
    Honeycomb Aug 9, 2018

    fazerboy0_3 , Aug 9, 2018 :
    1st switch on OTG (only stays on 10 min so plug in once turned on for security reasons ) then you can use any USB stick I use a 128gb one but you will need a USB to Usb-C converter. Available most places .

  6. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Aug 9, 2018

    Bouncer71 , Aug 9, 2018 :
    My favorite is definitely the pro-mode in stock camera...
    It's clean, intuitive and easy to use...!
    I use it more often lately than other apps...

    All-time favorite is the separation of focus- and exposure metering...!
    And that it doesn't actually lock the exposure values, just defines the point in space where to continue automatic metering.


    Only downside is that the selection resets after a few seconds...
    Sometimes too short to get a proper or changing framing...
    AE and AF regions should be lockable separately...

    e.g. doing multiple shots of a scene with the same exposure point (with constantly changing light conditions) but different focus points...
    A combination of settings could be:
    ISO 100, AE-region-lock, manual focus or selected AF points...
    That way only shutter speed is affected...

    Could you ask the developers if would it be too much of a fuzz to add exposure bracketing and interval...?
    I'm just kidding... ;D
    all good... 8D

  7. ajeesh tv
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2018

    ajeesh tv , Aug 9, 2018 :
    That i know. but i want to know maximum capasity of hard disk that support in one plus 5t.

  8. Prakash4635
    Froyo Aug 9, 2018

  9. fazerboy0_3
    Honeycomb Aug 9, 2018

    fazerboy0_3 , Aug 9, 2018 :
    this guy's using a SSD hard drive so guessing any size. But someone may correct me.

  10. Hemac
    Gingerbread Aug 9, 2018

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  11. orgesi
    Gingerbread Aug 9, 2018

    orgesi , Aug 9, 2018 :
    my favourite: long press over app icons 'exploding' shortcuts to some of the important features of the app

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  12. RamQ
    Froyo Aug 9, 2018

    RamQ , Aug 9, 2018 :
    I think it's about time oneplus devices get AI camera feature,
    at least the oneplus 6, the snapdragon 845 AI chip is simply a waste with this software.

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  13. Vinodmandaar
    Gingerbread Sep 5, 2018

  14. Harry_Broom
    Froyo Sep 8, 2018

    Harry_Broom , Sep 8, 2018 :
    I recollect some of the navigation gestures being available under Nougat (3T) so they're not totally new are they?

  15. Naveen9c
    Donut Sep 11, 2018

    Naveen9c , Sep 11, 2018 :
    please try to bring Google apps than one plus apps such as dailer and contacts

  16. psk7177
    Gingerbread Sep 11, 2018

    psk7177 , Sep 11, 2018 :
    I vote for OP for these 2

  17. Naveen9c
    Donut Sep 11, 2018

    Naveen9c , Sep 11, 2018 :
    Google apps and way simple to use and they get frequent updates also

  18. Dummyxl
    Froyo Sep 11, 2018

    Dummyxl , Sep 11, 2018 :
    Quote :


    Why we don't have Always On Display? Will it be developed in the future?


    This! I home it will come soon i really really mis this.

    Also the structures are really nice but please add last app switch.. (right side swipe up and holt to trigger this for example)

    Not really important but maybe make a toggle to hide or reveal the nodge (i now use an app for that)

    The rest of the phone software is really good.
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  19. Faras ahamed zameel
    Gingerbread Sep 12, 2018

  20. yadwindersingh
    Froyo Sep 12, 2018