Loop VR Opinions/Hacks/Controllers?

  1. Markus214
    Honeycomb Jun 6, 2016

    Markus214 , Jun 6, 2016 :
    Hi everybody.

    Apologize if this was posted somewhere else. I did check and not showing this and if it is please feel free to remove or move and apologize to the mods.

    Just want to get a thread together to see how peoples opinions of the Loop VR has been so far (if received)

    I been playing around with mine today and it's really cool a little blurry with the QR codes I been playing around with trying to find the best one.

    It's also odd that on the side of the VR there is + sign on both sides but still no button hidden in there :(

    Has anyone tried to use a bluetooth controller with the headset yet? I'm going to try to pair one up and see how it is and see if it interacts well.

    Loop VR code that honestly works best for me on OnePlus One stock


    Loop VR code thanks to @Andre Nguyen


    Loop VR Code thanks to @Faktzi



    This is the one I have had most success with my OnePlus One

    Added another QR Code that was made by @dreamcore and he has written out exactly how it works perfectly

    Blurry Fix/Double Vision Non Rooted Devices

    Step-by-step instructions for changing DPI
    *note I did not make these instructions and I cannot take credit for them they were found in this forum as well as other places*


    This guide will help windows and mac users

    Also found this from @ritz905

    1. Download and Extract this zip file to a desired location
    2. Navigate through the extraction to "platform-tools" folder
    3. [SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK] anywhere inside this folder and click "open command window here"
    4. Make sure you have the correct drivers for your phone
    5. Turn on USB Debugging and plug your phone into the computer
    6. Tell your phone to trust the computer
    7. In the command window, run the following command but replace *** with the desired DPI
    • Adb shell wm density ***
    8. Reboot phone to have changes fully take effect.

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  2. n0ize
    Gingerbread Jun 6, 2016

    n0ize , Jun 6, 2016 :
    You already received your Loop VR?
    Mine is still "Pending Shipment" for two weeks...
    I thought shipping would start today, or am I wrong?

  3. Aiik
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2016

    Aiik , Jun 6, 2016 :
    Shipping should have started today, but some the early birds already received their headsets.
    You shouldn't worry though, you still have plenty of time to play with it before the OP3 launch.

  4. Aiik
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2016

    Aiik , Jun 6, 2016 :
    I haven't received mine yet. I am thinking about buying a nice bluetooth controller, but I think I want to see if I am going to use the VR headset more often. I don't think its worth it if I am only going to use the headset 2 or 3 times.

    Have you found a QR code that works best for you? If you have, would you mind sharing it? Saves me the tussle and hussle of finding that QR code :p

  5. marinobiagio
    KitKat Jun 6, 2016

    marinobiagio , Jun 6, 2016 :
    My Loop VR has been shipped out.. My opinion? In italy we say "a caval donato non si guarda in bocca!" the meaning is like "beggars can't be choosers" :p

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  6. Sera69
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2016

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  7. jpswer
    Jelly Bean Jun 6, 2016

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  8. Radeon962
    KitKat Jun 6, 2016

    Radeon962 , Jun 6, 2016 :
    Mine arrived Saturday and if I had paid anything for it more than shipping then I would be disappointed as it really is only good for watching a video or something like that.

    There is no way to natively interact with anything so Google Cardboard is actually easier to use as you can just flip the cardboard open and make your selection.

    With the AntVR you need to slide the phone out, make your selection and then slide it back in.

    For essentially free, I can't complain but I really don't see that it is anything to get excited about. Just pick up a cheap cardboard, add a strap if you need to and you will have a very similar experience.

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  9. 9852
    Froyo Jun 6, 2016

    9852 , Jun 6, 2016 :
    I received my loop vr few hours ago. I'm very disappointed with it. There are no buttons and not even a qr code.
    OnePlus, what's the point of this if we can't use Google cardboard properly?:(

  10. Andre Nguyen
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2016

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  11. Andre Nguyen
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2016

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  12. Markus214
    Honeycomb Jun 6, 2016

    Markus214 , Jun 6, 2016 :
    Added to post as well. I think I'm using that one for my VR. Still playing around with it a little blurry but some videos are good. Using OnePlus One

  13. Rahuvich
    Honeycomb Jun 6, 2016

    Rahuvich , Jun 6, 2016 :
    You should try to connect your PS3 or PS4 controller to your android.

    PS4: Just connecting it via bluetooth its enough (See some ytb videos)
    PS3: You need ROOT, if you got it, then search on youtube how to connect it.

  14. Faktzi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2016

    Faktzi , Jun 6, 2016 :
    Try these

  15. Ankit 07
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2016

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  16. aronsld
    Froyo Jun 6, 2016

    aronsld , Jun 6, 2016 :
    So are the they all supposed to ship today or just the first ones?

  17. Faktzi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2016

    Faktzi , Jun 6, 2016 :
    Can you post some pictures?

  18. Faktzi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2016

    Faktzi , Jun 6, 2016 :
    Today and tomorrow

  19. ic3m4n
    Eclair Jun 6, 2016

    ic3m4n , Jun 6, 2016 :
    I don't think that it is mandatory to have a button, many apps can be used by fixing sight for about one second on the controls, no?

  20. Markus214
    Honeycomb Jun 6, 2016

    Markus214 , Jun 6, 2016 :

    Which one have you had most success with? 1St one or 2ND one