Loosing connection via OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. Bennism
    Cupcake Aug 2, 2020

    Bennism , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Aug 2, 2020 :

    I experience connection loss of my cellular data frequently.
    The intervals range from hours to minutes and sometimes even happen within 30 seconds.

    There is no warning and no obvious reason. I only notice it when actually using data like streaming videos or just googling. Both connections drop out at the same time (the icons displaying signal strength in the status bar are empty with an "X" at the bottom right corner, and the app I am using shows some kind of "no signal" error).
    They usually reconnect within seconds.
    This also happens when "tethering over usb" is activated and the phone is just sitting still on the table.


    I reset my connections (Bluetooth and cellular).
    I removed the SIM cards and cleaned them.
    I restarted the phone several times.
    I updated everything i could.
    But nothing helped.


    I use dual SIM (one from "Yess" (connecting to the network of "A1") and one from "Hot" (connecting to the network of "Magenta")).

    When I only used one SIM card, I did not notice this behavior.

    Build number:

    I look forward hearing from you since this bug is very frustrating. It effects core functions of the phone and is therefore untolerable.


  2. Artemus.
    Nougat Aug 2, 2020

    Artemus. , Aug 2, 2020 :
    Beta problems belong in the beta thread, no exceptions.