Lost my images from camera gallery without deleting any need help via OnePlus 8 Pro

  1. O1597488181291
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2021

    O1597488181291 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jun 13, 2021 :
    So recently I noticed that a few of my camera images are just vanishing out of no where withy even deleting them.
    And I this has happened recently atleast 3 times now. Please help.

  2. Moka69
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 14, 2021

    Moka69 , Jun 14, 2021 :
    Please check them in "Recently deleted" or "Bin" section in case someone has deleted it.
    If it isn't deleted, then it must be saved to cloud and removed from local storage on device. So, Check both Google Photos and OnePlus Cloud or any other services you have active.

  3. Q1577114512461
    Cupcake Jan 17, 2022

    Q1577114512461 , Jan 17, 2022 :
    The above said issue happened to me today. We all take pictures to have memories but OnePlus has failed in this case. I took many pictures of my 10-month old daughter and was happy to see the pics coming out really nice but that happiness didn't last not even for a day. This is very frustrating!!
    I've been with Oneplus since years and used 3 models (now OnePlus 8 Pro).
    I'm extremely unhappy.

    After the issue was raised in August 2021, why didn't the latest releases couldn't fix this? This is unacceptable.