Love it or hate it, what do you think about the iPhone 6? 6 Plus?

  1. Cat H
    Honeycomb Jul 14, 2015

    Cat H , Jul 14, 2015 :
    Ask anyone about the iPhone and the answers usually fall into one of two camps: adoration or abomination. But, for the sake of discussion, what does Apple get right? Where do they miss the mark?

    The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus continue to build upon Apple’s eye for design and details. The iPhone 6 packs a great display, camera, and quick OS. The 6 Plus, while essentially the same, was an applaudable foray into the phablet category, although this came with its own set of build problems.

    But where they come out on top for design, does their OS bring any major innovation to the table? Or have they perfected the “it just works” credo? Apple still seems to be grappling with getting good battery life on their devices, which is by far the biggest complaint from iPhone users.

    Have you ever used the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?

  2. wtfhsf
    KitKat Jul 14, 2015

    wtfhsf , Jul 14, 2015 :
    Hate it! I've never been a fan of apple products. I really don't like the fact that the Iphone isn't as customizable as android. It's way over priced. As most people I know say "The Iphone is a 2 year old flagship android phone." But the did get the camera right, and a ton of accessories.
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  3. NisseCool
    Honeycomb Jul 14, 2015

    NisseCool , Jul 14, 2015 :
    No, if i would have to choose between a nokia from the 90's or a iPhone 6 / 6 Plus i would choose nokia

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  4. Asuka299
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 14, 2015

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  5. NobodyE
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  6. abechung
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 14, 2015

    abechung , Jul 14, 2015 :
    They focus all their attention onto one phone, which allows them to fine-tune issues rather than catering to a multitude of different phones.

    Their OS, is really nothing special. Also, their battery life is whatever too. However, what I did notice about their phone is that they don't leak battery as badly as Android. Once, I turned off my iphone 5s for a week at full charge. I turned it back on and it was down to 97%. Wow. Amaze.

    If Android focus on camera, battery life, and user interface smoothness, that would the trifecta for me.

  7. EpicSwirly
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  8. RedDragon22
    Honeycomb Jul 14, 2015

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  9. lutti
    KitKat Jul 14, 2015

    lutti , Jul 14, 2015 :
    Too expensive so i hate it. Oh and let's not get confused. I don't like the OS either ...or the looks ...but if i had no phone at all i would take one.

  10. Martin Hotmann
    Community Veteran Jul 14, 2015

    Martin Hotmann , Jul 14, 2015 :
    Baaah not using iPhones :)
    My sister owns an iPhone 5S and I tested it many times, the Camera was quite good, speakers also good and also the touche is good if the Phone is not to hot, but it wasn't customisable and much to expensive!

    So what does Apple do right:

    - since the 4S iPhones are made of Aluminium, which is very great!
    - even a 3GS still costs about 100€ never see a 6 years old Phone which is still so expensive.
    - I personally don't used iPhones for longer that 5 min, but I have never every seen a iPhone lagging, the style of the OS is modern.
    - Camera.. its great!
    - it fits in one hand
    - some of the first Phones which supported USB-Type C (this is what a good companys have to do: beeing brave and offering Features at first!)
    - flexibility at 100%
    Good for making selfies from any angle of view! ;)

    Where they have missed the market:

    - the Phone itself is pretty expensive, but even if you bought one most of the Aps also costs.
    - IOS is just not customisable, and you can't just Root or Un-Lock a iPhone without voiding your warranty. Also it's more uncomfirtable to develop something for IOS then for Android.
    - Batterylife is < 1 Day
    - No SD-Card Slot
    - Not compatible to most Android Devices (and other "Non Apple" Products)

  11. JohnnyB
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 14, 2015

    JohnnyB , Jul 14, 2015 :
    I like it for its simplicity in use and because it just looks like a more fluid experience. The price is the only thing thats bad for me because there are good alternatives for less.

    So good phone, not-so-good pricing. Can't hate devices I didnt use daily anyways :p

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  12. Cuerex
    KitKat Jul 14, 2015

  13. MNX1024
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 14, 2015

    MNX1024 , Jul 14, 2015 :
    I believe this discussion/question would be very skew on this forum. As most that come here are Android fans, for a variety of different reasons, you'll most likely get the hate it part.

    As for my personal opinion, the iPhone is a great device if you just want something that simply works and don't plan on doing anything complicated on it. In my case, that doesn't suit my need as I treat my mobile device almost like a full blown computer.

  14. kwanzee
    Gingerbread Jul 14, 2015

  15. Schlumi
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  16. TeamValor91
    Community Veteran Jul 14, 2015

    TeamValor91 , Jul 14, 2015 :
    I am a fan of their camera. I have used my friends iPhone 6+ and applaud their rear camera with OIS and 2 tone flash. If the OnePlus 2 had an upgraded camera with OIS, more megapixels and either dual tone flash or Xenon flash, it would be an absolute winner, even though no matter what, the OnePlus 2 will be a killer anyway.

  17. vijaywidluv
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 14, 2015

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  18. johnnymartz3
    Jelly Bean Jul 14, 2015

    johnnymartz3 , Jul 14, 2015 :
    I think the price is ridiculous. Also I think the camera sticking out is stupid. If I were ever going to buy an iPhone, I would much rather have a thicker phone, make the camera flush against the battery and throw in as much battery as u can cram into the extra space

  19. rorikk
    Gingerbread Jul 14, 2015

  20. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Jul 14, 2015