love this phone but i keep getting hacked via OnePlus Nord N10 5G Metro

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  2. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 Apr 22, 2021

    Mr. BG , Apr 22, 2021 :
    Hi there, could you be more specific as to what is going on exactly?

    Who are they, what did they hack, your accounts?

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  3. Jeremyengelhart , via OnePlus Nord N10 5G Metro , Apr 24, 2021 :
    some people near me are control my phone remotely they send malware through blue tooth then it like they can do what ever they want even filter what i see on the web it started a couple of years ago when i started developing on amazon now i can never get into my accounts my emails get deleted right in front of me before i can read then they have sent me death threat videos and the list goes on

  4. rhyd1am
    KitKat Apr 24, 2021

    rhyd1am , Apr 24, 2021 :
    Sounds to me like you should be talking to the authorities rather than posting here.

    For the security issues with your device though. It is quite unlikely that your device itself has malware unless you yourself have opened a downloaded file or downloaded something yourself. Far more likely that someone had gained access to your accounts rather than the device.

    I would suggest the first thing to do would be to change every single password that you use (using a different password for each account).

    I would enable 2 factor authentication for any accounts that offer that as an option. Try using a VPN when browsing in future (mine is almost always on).

    As well as the above, I would factory reset your device, and set it up from scratch as a new device.



  5. gabriele
    Eclair Apr 25, 2021

    gabriele , via OnePlus Nord N10 5G , Apr 25, 2021 :
    Sounds like this is not directly related to the phone but your bad security practice: for example non protected wifi, using insecure passwords and more likely always the same ones, falling for fishing emails, not limiting devices connected to your network by properly configuring your router, pressing allow on everything without checking what, installing untrusted apps from untrusted sources and so on.
    Don't blame the phone, blame the fact that the weakest link in security is the human factor: yourself.
    Learn a bit about security and apply what you've learned.

  6. DaSadie
    Cupcake May 6, 2021

    DaSadie , May 6, 2021 :
    Experiencing the same. I guess we both have poor security practice.s, huh?! Literally just bought this phone.

  7. gabriele
    Eclair May 15, 2021

    gabriele , via OnePlus Nord N10 5G , May 15, 2021 :
    Exactly: you have poor security practices, please review them and you'll find out it's your fault.
    Change password, use different ones for different services, don't use stupid ones, never share them, don't save them in unsafe places, use 2FA, don't connect to untrusted networks, check your router firewall, check to have all the software updates, check the source of your software, don't download and install from untrusted sources, don't leave your tech stuff unattended, use a valid lock, check also if you're using proper USB cables and chargers (some shady 3rd market ones can install trojan horses), don't go around sharing your USB key with every PC or connecting your phone to untrusted PCs, I can go on forever...
    Account security and phone security are two different things, if your account has been breached then using the same in a new phone can give control over it, no matter which brand/model.

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  8. QuintonClark
    Froyo May 20, 2021

    QuintonClark , May 20, 2021 :
    Using a random password generator and two-factor authentication would prevent the mass majority of these problems. People still get hacked? At this point you will need to start with a fresh clean slate. Delete your Google Account, delete your Amazon account, and start fresh. And replace your WiFi with a more secure setup.