Low call volume (OnePlus 7)

  1. J1563539976082
    Cupcake Jul 25, 2019

    J1563539976082 , Jul 25, 2019 :
    Hi I'm having the same issue: low earpiece volume. I've got my new OP7 a few days ago. My wife's OP3 works wonderfully. May I ask where the earpiece speaker is placed? Thanks

  2. adarshmj2
    Donut Jul 25, 2019

    adarshmj2 , Jul 25, 2019 :
    It's above the notch in horizontal slot..

  3. Michael Angelo Caruana
    Cupcake Jul 25, 2019

    Michael Angelo Caruana , Jul 25, 2019 :
    This is happening to me when using messenger. Even if I turn the volume full on, I have to put me ears against the speaker to hear the sound
    Does not happen when making normal phone calls

  4. sumitbhanot14
    Cupcake Jul 30, 2019

    sumitbhanot14 , Jul 30, 2019 :
    I have one plus 7...I am also facing this problem of low earpiece volume..voice of other person to whom you are talking is very less audible even if the call volume is turned maximum....
    request one plus team to fix asap..

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  5. toyopl
    Eclair Aug 3, 2019

    toyopl , Aug 3, 2019 :
    Same issue here, extremely low volume, was a bit shocked how quiet it was.
    Can't really get a phone these days that seems to have everything working as it should be, sigh.

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  6. W1564999124536
    Cupcake Aug 5, 2019

    W1564999124536 , Aug 5, 2019 :
    I'm having the same issue. I can't make or receive phone calls on the street or any noisy places, because I won't be able to hear anything clearly. The volume is maxed out, yet it is too low. On multimedia the speakers are working fine.

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  7. garvitjain314
    Cupcake Aug 7, 2019

    garvitjain314 , Aug 7, 2019 :
    You're likely to face this issue if you're a right-handed person. The right half of the grill is louder than the left half. Try using the phone on the left ear and tell if it is better. If yes, you have the same issue as many people (inclusing myself) are facing. Will wait for your response.

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  8. adarshmj2
    Donut Aug 7, 2019

    adarshmj2 , Aug 7, 2019 :
    Yeah, You are right. But, I don't think it's a hardware issue. This is common with all OP 7 users, I believe.

  9. vr46wobblybox
    Cupcake Aug 10, 2019

    vr46wobblybox , Aug 10, 2019 :
    Any sign of a fix for this? Just got the op 7 pro and struggle to hear during calls. The mediocre camera and poor in call earpiece are really going against this phone... The earpiece volume needs an urgent fix folks!

  10. tomfuegue
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2019

  11. Skulcar
    Cupcake Sep 15, 2019

  12. fadr
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    fadr , Sep 18, 2019 :
    On my OP7 Pro I don't have any issues with sound volume but the quality is rather low and distorted. This is on Android Pie (most recent version to date).
    I find myself switching to the bottom speaker quite often. Hopefully Android 10 will get this solved.